Khaas Episode 9 Story Review – Job

Opening Thoughts – Job:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas didn’t take the story forward but it still showed how Saba’s character was evolving. This episode mainly focused on Saba’s job & Ammar’s stance on Saba’s job as well as everyone else’s opinion on her job. Did I remind you guys enough that this episode was about Saba’s job? If not then let me do that again, Saba is keen for a job & now we will get to see what she will have to do in order to get & do a job.


Saba’s GPA has made Ammar insecure. It is obvious that Ammar is finding it hard to accept that his wife has it in her to draw attention towards her. Ammar is the kind of person who wants to be the front runner & can not tolerate if anyone diverts the attention away from him & ever since he & Saba have gotten married, Ammar is finding it hard to treat Saba as an equal. Ammar has his own ways of pleasing Saba but that does not include uplifting, encouraging or supporting her or her dreams. Ammar just wants Saba to spend her entire life living the way Ammar desires but he is unable to realize that it is getting suffocating for Saba & she is a human being with her own dreams & now her dream revolves around her job. I think I didn’t mention job enough in this paragraph so trying my level best. Job!

In this episode, it was shown brilliantly that even though no one saw any problems with Ammar before, just because of his treatment with Saba, everyone has slow & steadily started to realize that he is a narcissist & an eccentric person who only gives Saba a hard time. Sonia, out of all the people has now started to be vocal about it but no one else sees the problem in him. Yes, Ammar’s sister Nida also joked about Ammar’s insecurity but then, since everyone is so used to babysitting Ammar, they don’t even want to hear any complains about Ammar or his behaviour. Sonia has started sympathizing with Saba but then there’s not much that she can do apart from supporting or encouraging Saba. Sonia, Farah, Ammar’s friends & even Ammar & Saba’s parents feel that Saba should do a job but then Ammar is openly speaking against it. Ammar can obviously not tell everyone his actual reasons that is why he puts Saba down trying to convince everyone that she is not capable of doing a job. Oh, did I mention this episode was about Saba’s job?

The highlight of this episode for me was the change in Saba’s attitude & her behaviour. Saba did promise herself that she will do what it takes to find herself a job only to prove it to Ammar that she is not less capable or beneath him. Saba obviously knows the reality behind Ammar’s opposition, it is purely his insecurity & jealousy but Saba obviously is not going to sit back & watch him rule her because of his petty reasons. Saba has also slowly started giving it back to Ammar & when she can not do that, she just walks away as if she is not allowing Ammar to insult her because this is what he enjoys the most. Saba’s promise of finding a job showed that she wanted to change the way things were rolling out in her life, which was good!

Saba’s father Faraz contacted Ammar to help him find a solution about his property dispute, which Ammar promised to help him about. This was obviously Ammar’s way of trying to burden Saba with another favour of his. The way Faraz’s tune changed & he started speaking against his own daughter was the worst scene of this episode. He of all the people should know Saba enough to not fall for Ammar’s lies but then, it seemed as if his property meant a lot to him, a little more than Saba as well.

Closing Thoughts – Job:

Overall, this episode of Khaas was good. This drama does not have something super new or unique to share but it seems that everything has settled & the execution has started to make a lot of sense. I think the first thing Sanam Baloch should do is fix her voice because at times she sounds like a chalk on a blackboard. The entire cast is performing really well but there isn’t anyone who is like extraordinarily outstanding. I wish there was more to the character that Anam Gohar is playing because she has been literally used as a filler in this drama which is a shame because after Yeh Raha Dil, she has proved that she can act well. Anyways, this drama surely has improved over the last few episodes but I wish I could say that about the dialogues because they continue to be quite mediocre. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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Ps: Anyone who counts the amount of time word job has been mentioned in the review will find a good job in the future, Insha Allah.

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