Khamoshi Episode 1 Review-Steady Start!

Khamoshi Episode 1 Review-Steady Start!

Writer: Aliya Bukhari

Producer: Momina Duraid Productions

Director: Ilyas Kashmiri

Cast: Affan Waheed, Bilal Khan, Iqra Aziz, Zara Noor Abbas, Syed Mohsin Raza Gilani, Tauqeer Nasir, Zehra Shah, Sajida Syed, Maryam Mirza, Fazal, Rashida Tabassum, Azra Mansoor, Saife Hasan, Nida Mumtaz.

Khamoshi’s first episode aired last night and the start was pretty decent. More than half of the main characters were introduced in this episode. The story revolves around the life and family of Arsala played by Zara Noor Abbas. She is a very responsible girl and wants to help with the poor financial condition of her family. She works at home as a tailor and helps her family meet ends. The other main and probably evil character is Naeema (Iqra Aziz) who is Arsala’s sister and she is irresponsible and shallow. All she wants in her life is to style herself and get people notice her. She even dances in the rain like old film heroines. Both girls have a brother who is still a student and is also whinny about the family’s condition and not having enough money for his new shirt or farewell party. The other evil probably and frustrated surely character is that of Sabir played by Tauqeer Nasir who is the father and is always busy belittling his family that how much he works hard and they don’t do anything to help him. He is greedy to an extreme extent and is always busy eyeing how other people’s daughters are helping them; not considering or acknowledging Arsala’s hard work.

The other family is of Arsala’s khala and Atif aka Affan Waheed is the cousin Arsala is interested in and was betrothed to since childhood. Atif is also dying to marry Arsala while as you all have expected Naeema is interested in Atif too. Atif on the other hand bully her and treats her like Arsala’s little sister and a little cousin though she is not little at all. The way Arsala keeps saying bacchi hai on her tantrums is extremely annoying and Naeema will soon show her how grown up she is. Sabir hates Atif because he is jobless and still wants to marry Arsala and Sabir is sure he wants her for her money. Arsala is too naive and bechari to even say what she thinks and Naeema on the other hand has the audacity to play a self proclaimed bahu to her khala in her home and ask Atif to talk about her instead of Arsala and people; this family still thinks ke woh bacchi hai! The way Sabir acted on seeing Atif holding his daughter’s hand was shown as something very wrong though I think that was the only right thing the character did in the whole episode since they are not even officially engaged.

Zara and Affan did a good job and Iqra was over acting a bit specially the expressions with her eyes were too stressed upon. Tauqeer Nasir knows his craft and made me hate him from the very start. All and all the drama looks nice and from the first episode it looks like a mixture of Thakkan and Maat. Other characters have not been introduced yet but director did a great job by introducing the theme and basic characters in one episode since everyone hates dragging. Khamoshi looks promising and will show a side of society we come in contact with each day where family’s leave their girls as maids due to financial issues and this drama may help show us the emotional turmoil those girls go through. Lets see how the story folds up next.

How did you people find the first episode? Share in comments and yes I loved the OST!