Khamoshi Episode 21 Review-Cringe And Sweetness!

Khamoshi Episode 21 Review-Cringe And Sweetness!

MERI TAREEF KARO! KAHO MAIN LAKHON MAIN AIK HOON! CRINGE! CRINGE! Uff…Okay, so this is what Naima’s character will be if we describe it in two and a half lines. Yes, there are people who are obsessive psychopaths, who touch the ultimate heights of selfishness and never care an ounce about the living beings around them. But the cringiness level attached to Naima has reached another level. Why the hell are you plastering yourself against Atif and asking him in psychopathic voice and expressions to call you pretty? Naima is the same girl who manipulated the hell out of everyone to get Atif and now she wants the Miss World crown. Iqra Aziz deserves an applause on this performance. She must have been cringing herself at this point of shoots when all her scenes and dialogues were involved about her trying to express Naima’s new-found obsession with Miss World crown. Moreover, her constant rift with her khala is also not understandable. Why are you making things difficult for yourself girl? Looks like in order to make people hate Naima’s character, the writer took it to a level that it has lost a touch to reality. Because now she is not evil, she looks like a patient who needs some psychiatric help which is not making her look like a vamp but just a simple patient of obsession.

Khamoshi Episode 21 Review-Cringe And Sweetness!

Atif’s relationship with Naima has gone up in flames and the thing which was super annoying about him is back again. He was asking his mother that she should have stopped him from marrying Naima. The super confused is back with no knowledge of his surroundings as he was not able to comprehend Naima’s games and couldn’t comprehend the source of dowry either. Why did he think the money belonged to Sabir when Arsala was the sole bread-winner which everyone in the city knows about. The only right thing he did was he took the leftover money back which he will return to Sabir and Shehnaz.

Moving on, its spring season for Arsala and love is in the air. Yes, she was still shooting down Shahram’s sweet gestures with annoying stuff but still, she is falling in line. Her and Bee Jaan’s relationship is very sweet and it was good to watch that Bee Jaan was still defending her son like a normal mother who loves her children would. Shahram is hopeful that Arsala might accept his love but again we know there are still episodes left.

It was a balanced episode with cringiness of Atif and Naima’s relationship balanced out by Arsala and Shahram’s (mainly Shahram as Arsala was still being annoying) sweetness.

The previews are making me think that Atif might ultimately divorce Naima. What are your thoughts?

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