Noor ul Ain Episode 3 Review – Simple Yet Interesting!

Ohkay so, this episode of Noor ul Ain was interesting. It is a fact that the story of this drama is pretty straight forward & simple, even the characters are not what we haven’t seen before but the way it has been directed & the story is being carried out makes it a good watch!

So, even though Noor ul Ain conveyed to Khizar what she wanted to but because she couldn’t tell him that she appreciated his honesty, she started feeling restless. It all started from there & then unconsciously Noor found herself missing Khizar. Noor obviously liked his attention & when she saw that he actually kept his word, it gave her all the more reason to fall for him. I liked how Noor kept things to herself but because her behavior had changed, everyone around her felt that she wasn’t behaving like her usual self.

Ghazala obviously convinced Noor to bring herself to admit that she likes Khizar & wants to be with him but Noor on her own was still pretty skeptical. Even after Noor’s father told him what her parents were thinking, she decided to keep things to herself as she was unsure at that stage too.

Noor got to see Khizar for a brief moment but because he walked past her & didn’t really stop to have a conversation with her, that’s when Noor realized that he was actually keeping his word & that made her miss him even more, enough to get mentioned in her personal diary!

Well, the way Noor approached Khizar & said what had been bothering her was quite interesting. I like how their conversations are carried out, where Khizar wants to hear more but Noor only says what she wants to. Noor clearly made a point that she missed him & had been thinking about him but because all this was so sudden & unexpected for Khizar, he couldn’t even wrap his head around what she was saying. Well, Noor became at least that much comfortable with Khizar that she took a ride with him & because her friend told her to, she decided to ask him for an official proposal. Noor is still a bit unsure & it seemed like she wanted to see if Khizar backs his promise, that is why without even informing her parents, she spoke to Khizar first.

Well, even though Khizar’s mother will not be overjoyed with his choice but I think after meeting Noor & finding some similarities to herself in her, she will agree. I am sure Khizar’s mother would want Khizar to get married to a girl like Noor who has her own personality, who is indepedent, who is not after Khizar for his money & most importantly, someone who will motivate Khizar to do better. Let’s see!

Overall, it was another interesting episode of Noor ul Ain. I really like the chemistry of Sajal Ali & Imran Abbas. Iffat Omar was in her element as usual & made Ghazala’s scenes pretty interesting & intense, though she might look a bit negative at times, she immediately makes her perspective understood, obviously she has a tough life so one can not expect her to be all positive all the time. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Noor ul Ain.

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