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Khamoshi Episode 29 Review-Atif Got Levelled!

I know when it is the 29th episode of a drama and things are still at a place where they were in the 16th or 17th episode, no one can be happy. But I have decided to be happy with this episode because as you read the title, Atif got levelled by Arsala. If you couldn’t believe it the first time, here I write it again in capital letters: ATIF GOT LEVELLED BY ARSALA! It was a surprise to see the Khamosh larki finally using her tongue, an organ she had sworn she would never use. She insulted him the way he deserved to get insulted and threw him out of her office. A good scene to watch which made the other useless and some horrible scenes of the episode tolerable. Now, let’s talk about stuff which was difficult to handle:

I am not able to understand one thing, Shahram is a billionaire, he is humble and handsome. He knows how to run the world then why he could never figure out how to get a girl and everyone in the city is busy searching a perfect dulhan for him. First, it was Nasreen who was worried for his dulhan. Then Bee Jaan was setting him up with Arsala after she found out about his slight interest and now Tahseen is yelling ke woh Shahram ke liye achi larki nahin hai. Why do these ladies not let him on his own? That’s how maybe he starts using his senses which have gone missing since his meeting with Arsala.

The other thing that REALLY bothered me was Bee Jaan’s track. They have filmed it in such a horrible way and the repetition of the track, again and again, is not helping. The constant BED NUMBER 4!!! She is in an old-age home not in a prison. Yes, these places are not really homy always and many of the people experience very hard times but still, it is not like the whole administration just keeps standing on your head calling you bed number 4 and saying bad stuff about you.

Iqra Aziz’s track has gotten lost in the drama somewhere. She just comes repeat the old scenes and goes back to do some other of her project. Her character is not even moving towards a conclusion and same is the case with the mother. It is episode 29 and there is no change in her behaviour either. The next episode is going to be the repetition of this episode with of course not a single new scene as is depicted by the preview.

Let’s wait and maybe we could see Naima’s devastation in 2019!