Khasara Episode 3 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Khasara took the story forward but still there is nothing new or refreshing about this drama. Yes, they are trying hard to show something huge but the overall feel of the drama isn’t too appealing but having said that, I will mention that the direction of this drama is definitely good, despite such a been-there-seen-that story, the director has done his part well!

Sila finally blackmailed her husband Moanis to take her & the kids to Karachi & he obliged. Obviously, Sila played a good trick on him & because Moanis is a loving husband, he couldn’t say no. Sila prepared some gifts for Linta but it is sad that during her stay, Sila couldn’t see Linta’s cold attitude. Sila went out of the way to arrange something for her to make her happy but she is mistaken. Well, Moanis contacted Mohtasim & he welcomed him wholeheartedly!

Well, Linta finally caught Arzoo & Mohtasim red-handed. Linta had her informer in the office who let her know what was going on. That entire scene of Linta walking in to see Mohtasim & Arzoo in such condition was cringe-worthy & a bit too bold to grasp! Well, Linta created a mayhem but then it looks like she just took Mohtasim with her in order to give him a chance again because she is either too weak or loves him unconditionally to let go of him despite knowing ths truth that he is a cheater.

Sila & Co. reached Mohtasim’s place & I am sure Sila will only be disappointed because the timing isn’t right & Linta’s world has turned upside down. I think seeing Linta’s behavior, Sila will mistakenly start seeing Mohtasim as a victim & will sympathize with him, which will take the story forward from that note. I will see for a couple of weeks more, if there is nothing that further grabs my attention then I will probably stop reviewing this drama. Anyways, please share your thoughts!

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