Khasara Episode 4 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Khasara was just average. There is nothing about this play that is exciting or interesting. All the characters in their individuality have been-there-seen-that written all over them that even now when we are getting to see them in a new setting, it still doesn’t feel new.

Sila came to Linta’s place with a lot of expectations but she kept on getting disappointed again & again. Sila assumed that Linta will jump with joy at her sight but when that didn’t happen, the series of Sila’s disappointment began from there onward. Moanis kept on reminding Sila that she shouldn’t expect too much as he could see that his wife was hurt but Sila like always didn’t pay heed to her what her husband was saying.

I just can not believe that after Linta caught Mohtasim red handed, she not only brought him home but was still married to him. Mohtassim continued to make a fool out of her & she kept on pleading her love to him? Initially, I did feel for Linta but now I don’t because she is responsible for putting herself in this situation so if her husband continues to cheat on her, she is also wrong for not doing anything about it. Linta thinks spying on her husband is enough but then what more evidence is she in search of? Now that she herself is an eye witness of Mohtassim’s disloyalty then I just don’t get why she was telling one of the employees to keep an eye on Mohtassim, only to later beg him for his love!

Mohtassim spent some time with Moanis & Sila & Sila couldn’t be happier but then again, she continued to complain about Linta not being over-joyed. In stead of finding Sila innocent, I found her annoying. Well, Sila & Mohtassim had a brief encounter which obviously made them uncomfortable, Sila backtracked but I am sure Mohtassim will take it forward.

Azhar & Areeba’s story is quite boring too. Also, I was quite disappointed to hear what Azhar said about Sila & how he compared Areeba with her. Their track seems forced & unnecessarily wrong, making me wonder if there is any normal relationship in this drama that will be depicted? Anyways, please share your thoughts.

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