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Aangan Episode 27 Review – Fireworks!

Ohkay so, just like all the episodes of Aagan, this one was perfect too because it just had so much going on – from drama to emotions to comedy, everything rolled into one, making this episode quite loud & happening which I thoroughly enjoyed watching!

Sadaan brought Afrah home but then even though he mustered up a lot of courage, seeing the elders of his family especially Hajra made him tongue tied. Sadaan did what he was supposed to but then he didn’t get the chance to speak because everyone like a loud family that they are, blew things rightfully out of proportion. The best reaction came from Abba Jee who just by hook or by crook wanted to hold Allauddin responsible but despite his continuous attempts, failed to do so. I loved how in such a serious situation, Zaitoon & Abba Jee detracked & made it all about Allauddin for a brief moment.

Hajra’s reaction was totally expected. She continued to blame Afrah & her mother but later when Sajjad, Asim & Zahid explained the entire situation, she was even more hurt because now she learnt that it was not only Sadaan who shattered her trust, it was her husband as well as her brothers in law too. Abba Jee was also upset that they didn’t bother informing him, which I am sure he would’ve loved only to be able to be a part of Sadaan’s Nikkah!

Well, Laila & Rubina met Haseena & all the ladies left quite an impression on each other. I loved the way Laila gave Rubina some how-to-be-a-good-wife tips because she sympathized with Rubina whereas she had no idea that a few moments later, the truth will shake her ground.

I loved the way the misunderstanding was carried out where everyone was blaming everyone, Rubina pleaded her case whereas Hajra was looking for some support too. Laila tried to play the advocate too but all the men were clueless as to what was so upsetting for Rubina. That entire scene was hilarious as well as mind boggling because so much was being conveyed that too with perfect timing. Finally, Asim revealed the truth & Laila just couldn’t believe what she heard. The way everyone seemed shocked at Asim’s reaction basically highlighted the fact that they never ever imagined seeing Asim raising his voice at Laila. There’s obviously more to this marriage & there does seem like a solid reason behind it too but seeing Asim’s reaction does make me wonder what Haseena actually means to him that he couldn’t hear negative terms being associated with her? Haseena also hinted that may be both Asim & Zahid were doing heavy-lifting on someone’s behalf, let’s see what it is.

I loved how Faiza Iftikhar didn’t omit the comedy factor in such a serious situation because that is what made things enjoyable for me even when the screaming got a little out of control. I will say Uzma Hassan played her part phenomenally but Irsa Ghazal was loud, to an extent that I had to mute the TV for a while. Abba Jee calling Allauddin Dehshatgard & telling Zahid to stop his Khutba, Zaitoon saying ‘meri to puri tokri hi kharab hai’ made me laugh out loud. There were so many amazing dialogues that I feel I will need to watch this episode again to enjoy even more. Loved this episode & looking forward to more. Please share your thoughts.

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Aangan Episode 27
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