Visaal Episode 6 Review – Excellent!

Ohkay so, this episode of Visaal was very impressive because all the emotions were conveyed in a very convincing manner. Visaal is well & truly becoming my favorite drama & also the one that I have started looking forward to every week because I know I will not only have a good time but also because the drama has a proper story which is being told in a very nice manner!

Naheed did what she had decided but I liked that Pari didn’t beat around the bush & she quickly & clearly talked Taimur out of the misunderstanding he had about getting an invitation from her.┬áIt was good that Taimur also respected everything that Pari said & immediately decided to go back while still being apologetic for getting too excited without giving everything a second thought. Even though both Pari & Taimur had a clear cut conversation, the fact that they were locked inside the house was a reason enough for everyone to misconstrue to entire situation. No one thought of giving Pari benefit of the doubt because everyone was too busy believing what they saw in stead of thinking about getting to the crux of the situation to find out the reality.

Pari’s life turned upside down, everything just changed, her relationship with her father, her image, her reputation, each & everything was stained & there was no way for Pari to prove her innocence. Naheed felt guilty, she did, that is why she came back to unlock the door but it was too late. Naheed immediately realized that what she did was wrong but because she saw everyone’s wrath, she couldn’t even imagine speaking out the truth to let everyone know that Pari wasn’t guilty of anything wrong.

Naheed knew she made a mistake & that is why she not only cursed herself but she just couldn’t be at ease, both mentally & emotionally. Everything that Naheed’s mother said about Pari when Ghufran told her about the expected visit of Akram & his family went to show that despite wanting to, Naheed will have to stay quiet because she could see what her confession would do to her & her family!

I must say I really really like Molvi Ghufran’s character in this drama. He not only tried to rationalize Shabbir’s behavior, he also advocated Pari in front of everyone when they started making assumptions about her character. Even though Ghufran is a side character, I really like that the writer has made him rational, positive & worthy of the respect people extend towards him because of his demeanor & good character. Such a refreshing change seeing a religious character in a positive light.

It was not only Pari who was struggling, Shabbir was finding hard to come to terms with whatever happened as well. Even his trust on all the relationships shattered & that is why he had a lot of malign in his heart against Jumman Bua too, someone who has raised & taken care of Pari like her own child.

Taimur was being pressurized to put the entire blame on Shabbir & Pari to which he immediately said no but not sure if he will be able to hold his ground & not do what the authorities were demanding. Obviously, Taimur wouldn’t want a dent in his image or his career but he respected Pari enough as well to do as what he was being told to. I really hoped that after receiving a random meaningless phone call from Naheed before, at least Taimur had suspected her but he didn’t, at least I feel he didn’t have the reason to not think on those lines but he just ignored it completely. Well Akram arrived with his false family to leave an impression on Ghufran’s family, let’s see if he will be able to find out that Naheed is Ghufran’s daughter & not Pari?

Overall, this episode was excellent. Everything that happened & the way the entire scenario unfolded was brilliant. The director for sure is doing complete justice to the script & Hashim Nadeem has done it once again. All the actors are just in their element when it comes to acting & I love the overall chemistry between all of them, it makes them come across very real. Please share your thoughts.

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