Pukaar Episode 13 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Pukaar took the story forward but even in this episode, Sarang didn’t step inside Sultan’s house, which means we’d have to wait another week to see that happening. The pace of this drama is very very slow even though despite the story not being new, viewers are still tuning to it to see how Samra’s life will unfold, so I think they should speed things up now as along with the slow pace, everything has become quite monotonous!

Samra finally found out that her father was no more, thanks to Zulekha but then the poor soul had to go through so much of torture because she told the truth to Samra. One thing is for sure that there’s not going to be an end to Laali’s tyranny so I wish to see Samra standing upto her, now that she knows what she has lost & how they kept the truth from her. I wish Samra sets Laali straight too the way she is with Zamani & rightly so.

Sultan met Amna & apologized but then it is only because he has his sights on Sarang as he wants him as his successor to show the world & also further his agenda in politics. I am pretty sure Sultan faked his disease only to emotionally blackmail Sarang & Amna, because we have seen how cold-hearted as well as ambitious he is that he wanted to use Fahad’s death & through Samra wanted to turn it into an opportunity for his victory in the elections. Obviously when Sultan saw that Samra wasn’t interested he immediately contacted Sarang & played the father card. I don’t know what is with the Sultan Family servants that they all seem like such creeps, first Zamani & now Toqeer too. Good that Zulekha is the sane & the normal one in the lot though!

Well, Samra met Sarang & Amna & pleaded in front of them. Sarang who already knew Samra through her parents’ reference couldn’t help feeling bad for her. So looking forward to see how he will help & rescue her. I am glad that Amna also accompanied Sarang, because he will definitely help Samra through his mother. Please share your thoughts!

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