Khasara Episode 6 – Review!

Ohkay so, this was yet another average episode of Khasara with Sila on the loop about wanting the best for her boys & Mohtasim scoring brownie points in front of Sila Bhabhi while having weird thoughts about her as well!

Sila & Moanis are not on the same page anymore. Moanis has tried to make Sila understand that they have everything to lead a decently comfortable life but Sila doesn’t buy that. Sila uses her kids’ name to convince Moanis that whatever he does is just not enough for them but in reality, it is Sila herself who isn’t happy or satisfied. If she was, she would’ve been thankful for all that Moanis does but she just wants more & more.

I fail to understand how come a mother of two grown up kids is such a dim-wit that she couldn’t decipher the subtle hints of Ahzar. Again, I couldn’t help but notice how much effort was put into making Sila look like a hoor pari that every other guy around her is going bonkers for her despite the fact that she is a mother of 2 kids!?!?!?! I really believe these guys need to book an appointment with an optician. Anyways, Areeba continued to rub Azhar’s ego & I still fail to see the importance of their track let alone their characters. Just a forced bechari & forced zalim shohar!

Mohtasim has really made an impression on Sila that is why more than relying on her husband, she is relying on Mohtasim, be it for her husband’s better future or her kid’s medical condition. Sila’s rants about her gaaon wali life & raves about sheher wali life are monotonous & torturous!

I thought Linta will draw some lines & teach Mohtasim some lifelong lessons but the best she could come up with was an idea that she will hire a male secretary for her tharki husband? Lol! Anyways, we all know that place will be filled by Moanis which will give Mohtasim a fair chance to stay in touch with Sila, plus his Sila bhabhi also wouldn’t mind since she is in such an awe of his perfection! Linta also decided to pay Arzoo so that she stays away from Mohtasim, is it just me or the ladies in this drama are mentally challenged? Both Sila & Linta? Surprised to see such a writing from a female herself! Anyways, please share your thoughts!

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