Khasara Episode 7 Review – Below Average!

Ohkay so, another week, another average episode of Khasara. I for once do not understand the unnecessary focus, did I say unnecessary, focus on Sila’s beauty because I really rub my eyes, blink hard but still fail to see what they want me to!

Sila has not only succeeded in having Mohtasim’s sights on her but it seems Linta’s unmarried cousin who was hopelessly in love with her just a couple of episodes ago also started picturing himself with Sila, despite knowing that she is a mum of 2. It was funny that Sila turned out to be the reason why that cousin got excited for moving back to Pakistan? Desperate alert!

Mohtasim started playing mind games with Linta only to have her appoint Moanis as his secretary, so that he can keep his sights on Sila & often meet her as she seems to mindlessly open the doors of her home for him. Linta despite having issues agreed because she could see that her husband was so-called struggling with the work load. I must say I couldn’t really believe that Mohtasim, after being caught with Arzoo at her place was still casually taking her name in front of his wife, that she shouldn’t have fired her in haste? Matlab dhitai to khatam hai in pe! & what was even more bizarre was that Linta didn’t seem to mind at all?

Ahzar happened be another predator who tried his luck on Sila, the beauty queen!?!?!?!?! Moanis’ reaction was natural & justified, he served Azhar what he deserved but I was shocked seeing Sila’s calm after going through something so disgusting. Yes, she was upset but she bounced back pretty quickly & went back to being her usual, normal, stupid self & she was once again being chummy with Mohtasim, the guy who has already held her hand indecently once or may be twice. At least they should have shown that Sila grew a little uncomfortable around men after what just happened. The way Azhar treated Sila, it should have come as such a huge shock for her to at least take some time to recover but it looked like she forgot all about it the next day.

Sila’s rants & incessant nagging about wanting a better lifestyle has become monotonous to the point of being annoying. Also, the dialogues coming from Sila suggested that she wouldn’t mind playing with the fire as she might then name it as something she did out of curiosity for it. Areeba said the right thing, Sila is lucky to have a husband like Moanis but she wouldn’t understand, obviously Areeba does because she has to deal with a loser like Azhar who is good for nothing but has a huge ego!

I must say, the way these ladies rub their husband’s egoes is weird. Areeba continues to blame herself for not being able to have a child while completely ignoring the fact that her husband is not an ideal man to have a child with because he won’t change even after becoming a father. Simiarly, Linta thinks being overly affectionate to the point of being clingy to Mohtasim will keep him away from cheating on her whereas she doesn’t know that he has moved on from Arzoo pretty quickly & is now stuck at Sila. Very average story & the characters are below average! Please share your thoughts.

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