Khud Parast Episode 18 Story Review – Intense

Opening Thoughts – Diverse Dynamics:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khud Parast was again intense & very well done. It showed the perspective of every single character which I liked – those who were in the favour of what Uswa was doing & also those who were not. It is quite interesting to see how the writer has shown how usually & realistically diverse the dynamics are where every single person has their own approach as well as agenda behind a certain situation. This is what I enjoy the most while watching Khud Parast that every single character has a part to play in every single situation because it adds so much depth & dimension to all the scenarios.

Who Will Uswa Destroy – Hanan or Herself?

Uswa has made up her mind & what’s unfortunate is that she is not just walking out of Hanan’s life quietly minding her own business, she is out to destroy his entire family & their ties with each other that too without having any regrets. Uswa thinks all that she endured while being married to Hanan has to be returned but unfortunately, she is not directing her wrath on Hanan or Bakhtawar, in fact she is using Beenish as an excuse without even paying heed to the fact that Beenish is not only innocent but she has a daughter too who will lose her father, her family & her house because of what Uswa is doing!

My favourite scene of tonight’s episode was Zarina & Uswa’s conversation where Zarina tried to warn & prevent her from causing so much of destruction. It was quite interesting to see that Zarina still had so much of compassion & humanity in her that she tried to make Uswa see the consequences before taking such a huge step. Zarina has always supported Uswa like any mother does & all the things that she said also showcased how a mother feels when she can clearly foresee that the path her child is going to walk on will only be filled with thornes. Zarina knew that what Uswa is doing now will definitely come to bite her back & even then, as a mother Zarina will hurt the most seeing her daughter in such a condition. Yes, Zarina always supported & encouraged Uswa to make some wrong decisions but it used to be confined to Uswa getting back at Bakhtawar as Zarina could see that she used to mistreat Uswa but now her main concern was Beenish because like she said, Beenish is actually innocent & what Uswa is doing is unforgiveable & unacceptable.

Adeel can totally see himself getting closer to Uswa slowly & steadily. Uswa did make it very clear to him that for now she only needed him by her side as a friend but then considering how chummy he generally is, Uswa won’t be able to stop him especially after her divorce. Adeel didn’t stop from crossing the line when Uswa was married so after her divorce it is going to be a completely different story.

Another thing worth noticing is how it has been shown that so much of undeserving wealth earned without doing anything can cause rift & drift the families apart. Ever since Saad got the investment from Hanan, him & Omar have only become distant. Even though at this moment Saad does think he has everything under control because he has fooled his mother & brother & has given his wife what she wanted but I am sure later in life he will be full of regrets too as what he is doing is not going to guarantee him a peace of mind & ease of heart. Moeez made a deal with Saad & unfortunately by accepting it, Saad also signed up to play a part in ruining Beenish & Hoorain’s life. I am keen to see how will Saad pay the price for wronging innocent people like this!

So, it was the time for a final decision. While watching Bakhtawar in that entire situation, all I was thinking whether the thought had ever crossed Bakhtawar’s mind that whatever she was facing now could be a result of her wrongdoings & injustce too? Very easily & conveniently Bakhtawar was putting the entire blame on Uswa but why didn’t she ever once hold herself responsible for what she & her sons were going through? Uswa continued to fabricate one lie after another & Moeez indirectly supported her claims, Saad too & Bakhtawar had already made up her mind about Beenish but as well but she only wanted to protect Hanan. It was an unfortunate situation for Beenish as well as Hanan but who is going to believe them? Also, any guesses on who the witness could be? I have my bets on Khatoon Bibi, may be Uswa & Saad gave her a hefty amount to testify against Hanan & Beenish? Let’s see!

Closing Thoughts – Simply Amazing:

Overall, this episode exceeded my expectations once again. Watching Khud Parast is a treat in itself & props to the entire team for giving out such a well-made drama. The director here definitely deserves a special mention for doing justice to such a complex script like Khud Parast & shedding a light on every angle. All the actors are doing a commendable job. Just amazing. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast.

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  • I think Uswa was forced to do what she did, because the B threaten her family and for her, she would do anything to get her freedom. In my opinion Hanan is to be blamed for everything. And yes, Uswa is not thinking about anyone except herself, but given that situation who wouldn’t? And look at Moiz, his mother and Hanan? I guess whatever she is doing is best for the Beenish as well…in the long term…. Hoorain is not losing a father she never had one

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