Khud Parast Episode 21 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Slow But Done Well:

Ohkay so, nothing much actually happened in this episode of Khud Parast but then again, I didn’t have a hard time watching it because even such a slow episode was done well. This episode focused more on the reactions of each & every character & how they all were trying to move on from the dark phase that just took over their lives recently.

Uswa Gets Pressurized Again:

Uswa finally started to feel like herself again. She was free & she could do what she wanted – this is what she believed but then the reality hit her & she once again was faced with the concerns & pressures of her family. Uswa thinks that after painting such a horrific picture of her marital life in front of her family, she will be able to breathe & live life as per her wishes but she has no idea that her family is very rooted & are not going to entertain her the way she wants. Uswa obviously does not have a conventional thinking, she is selfish to an extent that she doesn’t think or feel for anyone but when it comes to others, she expects them to do be mindful of her likes & dislikes but gradually she will start learning that no one is going to babysit her anymore.

Zoha started pressurizing Zarina to get Uswa married & this is what Zarina thinks too. It is a deeply rooted problem in our society that as soon as a girl gets divorced, people want to see her married the next day & Uswa’s family is no different. Zarina obviously is scared regarding the extent Uswa can go to therefore she also thinks Uswa should settle down & stop ruining her life just like that. Everyone knows that Uswa & Adeel are very good friends that is why they think Adeel is the right choice but Uswa has yet to make up her mind.

Uswa is trying hard to find her happiness & she likes spending time with Adeel but now he has started to get under her skin too because he is proposing & Uswa does not want to get married. Adeel obviously being a shady person that he is, is after Uswa’s money but she would never know. Adeel has informed his parents too but his father knows what exactly is running through Adeel’s mind whereas his mother is too busy pampering her only son.

As much as I sympathize with Beenish, I just couldn’t sit through her crying. I actually want to see what Beenish is going to make out of her life. So far, we do know that she has no idea how things rolls & she is not capable of doing much on her own but some decision, some baby step that she takes for herself & her daughter? Hanan is shattered & broken & he has no idea what he wants from life as of now. Bakhatwar was struggling without Hanan & she was doing everything to be able to persuade him to come back but Hanan has made it obvious that he will not come back.

Closing Thoughts – The Story Should Make A Progress Now:

Overall, this episode did not offer much but it still was a pretty decent episode. However, I do hope that the story starts progressing from next week. I must say it is commendable how the writer has kept the story on track & has not added any such tracks that deviate away from the main plot. I am keen to see the ending all these characters will meet but yes, there’s one thing which I don’t want to see, that is Beenish & Hanan together, let’s see. Direction, editing, acting remains amazing so far. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast.

Kewp Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

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