Khud Parast Episode 23 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Build Up:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khud Parast didn’t show any developments in the story but then again, it did have some kind of build up to the climax. Even though last few episodes have not given much but the drama still is interesting to tune to & that definitely is a success of Team Khud Parast.

Uswa’s Committing Another Mistake:

Uswa has finally made up her mind that she will get married to Adeel. Even though Uswa has had a bad experience with her marriage but she has no idea what she is getting into because after marrying Adeel she will not only be betrayed but her trust will be shattered too. Uswa will land herself in such a trouble that she would’ve never even imagined. Adeel has lied to Uswa right from the beginning but because Uswa wants to believe him, she thinks he is different than any other guy out there, especially Hanan. Yes, I do feel for Uswa every time she discusses how Hanan used to assault her but that’s about it because the way she humiliated Hanan & destroyed Beenish’s life is not at all justified & that makes her deserving of whatever will happen to her after marrying Adeel. Yes, initially it was Hanan’s fault for hitting Uswa & doing all those things which planted a seed of hatred in her heart but unfortunately, after that Uswa couldn’t really bring herself to give him a chance to explain or redeem himself & later the level she stooped to get rid of him was Uswa’s mistake.

Honestly speaking, just when I was thinking that Asma should tell Beenish to do something for herself & her daughter, I was pleasantly surprised to see it happening. Asma told Beenish to do a job because that way she will support her family & will get a chance to invest her energies into something constructive rather than just sitting at home engulfed in her thoughts leading towards self-pity. Also, Hanan has been trying but he can not take a break because he feels burdened by the responsibility he has of Beenish as well as Hoorain so if Beenish gets a job, it will be a relief for Hanan of some sort.

To be honest, even though they have shown that Bakhtawar is paying the price of wronging Beenish & to some extent Uswa as well, I don’t find Nazish’s attitude towards her justified. She has just stepped in Moeez’s life & home so to see her having so much of grudge against Bakhtawar to mistreat her to such an extreme doesn’t really make sense. Yes, this is a result of Bakhtawar’s arrogance but to see someone random putting her through hell seems unconvincing!

Maria tried to warn Uswa about Adeel but as usual Uswa didn’t want to pay heed to whatever Maria said about Adeel. In Uswa’s opinion, she knows Adeel a bit too well to believe he can cheat her plus she blindly trusts Adeel & his version of the stories he has been telling her that is why Uswa thought Maria had something against Adeel for no good reason. Adeel is troubled & he keeps on inviting troubles his way too, it would be interesting to see how Uswa will react when she will actually learn the truth about Adeel & his past. Obviously, she will be regretful & unhappy but I want to see how she will react & what her thought process would be.

Closing Thoughts – Waiting To See Uswa’s Downfall:

Overall, this episode of Khud Parast was as usual as a decent watch. I wish they had shown Bakhtawar paying the price by her ownself, like her own sufferings & things going wrong in her life, because now to bring in an outsider to punish her has lessened the impact of her track & doesn’t sit well with me, so much so that I actually now want Hanan to come & save his mother from Nazish. Can’t wait to see Uswa’s downfall not for any other reason but because she hasn’t regretted ruining so many lives till date, so I want to know how will she ever realize it, let’s see. The acting & the direction has been amazing so far. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast.

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