Khud Parast Episode 6 Story Review – Unnecessary Lies

Opening Thoughts – Unrealistic & Unnecessary Situation:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khud Parast was done well but the twist that the story took wasn’t convincing as the situation was unrealistic & seemed forced.

Uswa’s Immaturity: 

Uswa is struggling hard & she can not adjust because she has a whole lot of issues with the way things work in Hanan’s house as well as how Bakhtawar has a control over everything. Uswa is depressed & she has lost that spark, that is why everyone who meets her reminds her of that. Uswa’s mother is still optimistic & she thinks Uswa will be able to change things for the better but with the kind of input she is giving, chances are slim!

Uswa knows that Hanan can’t stand lying. Uswa has already seen how Hanan can over-react when things are not in line with his perspective so for Uswa to actually go ahead with the lie that her mother fabricated about Uswa’s pregancy was sheer stupidity. Yes, Uswa knew that she will be caugth but then again, what was the need to lie especially relying on such a thing which was bound to be revealed sooner or later? Even though the writer might have relied on this scenario to make Hanan look bad or Bakhtawar cold-hearted but this entire situation was so unrealistic & forced that for me Uswa & her mother were wrong here not Hanan or anyone else.

Adeel is hovering around Uswa reminding her that she doesn’t look happy! Does Adeel’s character has anything else to do or he is just there to add more problems to Uswa’s life because I am sure when Hanan will find out about Uswa still being friends with Adeel, he will react again.

The conversations that Hanan & Uswa had were nicely written. Uswa has a lot to change, she has so much to make Hanan understand too because so far he only follows what Bakhtawar has taught him. It does look like Uswa will finally start saying a thing or two to Hanan about Bakhtawar directly which will further create issues for her but it is much needed to bring a different side of Hanan’s personality forward.

Closing Thoughts – Strong Acting & Direction: 

Overall, this episode of Khud Parast was decent. They are taking things forward at a decent pace but I guess they shouldn’t really rely on unconvincing situations much because the story on its own has a lot of potential to make a good drama. The acting & the direction like all the previous episodes was perfect. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast.

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  • Please do not say that Uswa was wrong. She was not, she is afraid of them and was caught up with something out of her control. Saying that Hannan was not wrong, is not something you should publish – that is extremely demeaning to any woman to say that a man is right to hit a woman in front of this mother another insult. No matter what the situation is, a man should never hit his wife. If this is something tha tis okay to you, keep it for yourself. Remember that lots of people read your review. I read it myself, expecting you to condemn this for the boarder population- so that girls know this is never okay!!!

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