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Khud Parast Episode 7 Story Review – Repetitive

Khud Parast Episode 7 Story Review - Repetitive

Opening Thoughts – Repetitive:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khud Parast didn’t have anything new to offer but the fact remains that the direction & the acting definitely makes it worth a watch. The note at which this episode ended did however make it seem promising.

Uswa Needs To Stop Whining:

Uswa’s complaining & whining is becoming monotonous because she is unable to figure out what she has to do in order to fix the problems in her life. If Uswa says she loves Hanan then she should ease out a bit & go with the flow. Yes, the way Hanan treats her pushes her away & perplexes her but I think Uswa should analyze the situation & handle her husband a bit more tactfully.

Uswa’s attitude in front of harmless Beenish is actually amusing. Uswa thinks she has to prove a point & make tall claims in front of Beenish whereas the reality is that even Uswa knows she has zero control over how things roll in this household because it is Bakhtawar who rules them all, be it Beenish, Hanan or even Uswa.

Hanan is definitely a little confused. He is a kind-hearted person but it is his mother who riles him up only to get the kind of reaction she wants which makes her content & feel at peace. Hanan did try to make it upto Uswa after misbehaving with her which showed that he actually cared but then Uswa really didn’t think things through before misbehaving with Bakhtawar. It was obvious that after seeing such a sweet gesture from Hanan, Uswa actually misapprehended that she will get away with everything but it was a grave mistake that she committed. Bakhtawar, who despite not getting a lot of chances, was turning Hanan against Uswa but now Uswa herself gave Bakhtawar a reason to twist things against Uswa & target her unnecessarily. Unfortunately, Uswa will now learn it the hard way that she was in no position to talk back to Bakhtawar that too so harshly.

Closing Thoughts – Things Are About To Change:

Overall, this episode of Khud Parast was done well. I also liked the way Maria reacted, like she let Uswa know that her repetitive complaining & whining against her in-laws was not going to be entertained by her anymore. All the actors surely have done an amazing job in this drama. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast.

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