Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 Episode 31 Story Review – Poor Character Development

Ohkay so, this was yet another slow episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 which followed the same pattern as all of the previous episodes. This one ended on an important note too but the fact is, the importance of that particular event will fade away because waiting for one particular development for an entire week doesn’t really seem to be worth it.

Sir Jhoom Jhoom JayeEeeeEeee AAAaaaAAAAAaaaAa

In this episode, Farhad got a promotion & he took the place of Dervish. It is safe to say that a change of clothing turned out to be the only reason which resulted in his promotion because if we look at his personal growth, there seems to be none. I think during the time Farhad was observing mourn vrat for almost 10+ episodes, the director had plenty of time to work on this particularly important aspect of Farhad’s character & journey by showing what he was thinking or feeling. Sadly, during that time, the focus was so much on the rest of the characters to make sure that they were madly concerned about Farhad, that the director lost that golden opportunity. At this stage of the drama, I can certainly say there is absolutely nothing to Farhad or his journey that makes me understand him or his feelings. Supposedly a character who happens to be the hero of the drama has shown absolutely no growth, there is nothing in his journey that has evolved based on solid reasons. It is amusing that just because W&D Dervish handed him a black suit, shawl & a turban, that immediately elevated his status to some spiritual being who was now worthy of everyone’s respect? It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever!

I never really thought I’d say this but Sahiba happens to be the worst character in this drama. This character is solely responsible for messing up with Mahi’s mind & thought process & she herself seems so confused that she continues to inflict that confusion on Mahi as well. In the initial stages of the episode, Sahiba showed concern about Mahi & also bragged that she wanted to do something for her ‘happiness’. However, as the episode progressed, Sahiba was now concerned that everyone else is going to find out that Mahi was unhappy & it won’t be good for her therefore she should wipe her tears away. I really wanted to see some sort of substance in Sahiba’s character & assumed there was going to be some but at this stage of the drama I stand disappointed, yet again!

In this entire episode, Mahi acted with her lenses because she didn’t have many dialogues to say. It is amusing that in this entire drama, the supporting cast gets so much screen-time & dialogues that makes me wonder whether the writer forgot to work on the actual & main characters. When we look at Farhad, the people around him have always hyped him up & looking at the people around Mahi; they have always made decisions on her behalf, leaving her speechless – most of the time. Mahi’s reasoning was that just because Jageerdarni mistook her tears as a ‘yes’, she couldn’t say ‘no’. Wow! I think it would’ve been so refreshing if it was Mahi who would’ve made the decision without getting pressurized by her family members. Mahi has earned it during the months where she observed Iddat, that if she had presented her reasoning, Jageerdarni would’ve understood.

Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 Episode 31 Story Review - Poor Character Development

For a person contesting in the upcoming elections, Nazim Shah seems too ‘faarigh’. Chalo, it is good that at this stage of the drama, he has got something special or interesting to do because apart from giving ‘tao’ to his mustache, I haven’t seen him doing anything purposeful throughout the drama. All of a sudden, Nazim Shah has become this person who does things stealthily, whereas he has been always the one who was very vocal & out-there with his approach towards things. All of sudden he is interested in Farhad & the reason for which he has become this Fakir at a Mazaar? Why now? I wish they had told Dilawar to come too because the guy at least deserves this much information, based on the buckets that he filled with his tears mourning Farhad’s loss!

It was nice to be reminded of how Farhad’s mother, father, brother & sister looked because I had actually forgotten their faces. It is interesting to note that after the departure of W&D Dervish, Farhad got exposed to Nazim Shah & was also found by his family. I guess the Dervish had written the script till his role in the drama & now that he is out of the picture, Farhad has become a public entity with everyone finding out about him. W&D Dervish has disowned Farhad it seems & this is why he is not here to tell Farhad what is going to happen & who is looking for him. The way Noorah also told his assistants that if they find out Farhad, they have to be silent about it made absolutely no sense? All of sudden so much hype about something so simple where all they have to do is go to him & ask what happened that made him come to this Mazaar. I am glad that just when Farhad was having yet another acid reflux after overeating at Jageerdarni’s Haveli, his mother spotted him. She will now do gharelu todka to help her long-lost son.

Farhad Who?Β 

This episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 highlighted all the things that are wrong with this drama, especially the way lead characters have been tackled by the writer & the director. I don’t remember seeing a drama in a long time where there was so little focus on the actual growth & evolvement of the lead characters & the supporting cast was getting all the attention. It is like they do the talking for Mahi & Farhad all the time, which results in this major disconnect with them. Even if at this stage of the drama, there is nothing to pick up on what changed Farhad or what he is feeling, therefore I don’t know what to take away from his character or journey. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3.

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  • This episode was such a draaaag. I ended up forwarding most of it. It seems writers/director wrote them with the intention to kill any sort of interest the viewers have had.

    KAM3 should’ve been Mahi’s journey to spirituality considering the torture she is being put through. Everyone else making decisions/speaking on her behalf, who to marry, who to love etc.

    Sahiba has no intent speaking for her sister-in-law, but makes sure she gets more confused by the night.

    Farhad’s promotion to Darvish was insipid. It was literally just a costume change. It took them some 15-16 episodes, pehle hi karwa dete why waste so much time?

    I can ignore (*many*) flaws of the protagonist but his indifference towards his family especially his mother is not one of them. Just because he couldn’t get to be with the girl he literally met and fell for in total of 3 minutes, he didn’t look back once to his family. This is not someone you root for but thump with sandals instead.

    This is not entertaining anymore but more like weekly grind because you got to finish what you started.

    Thanks for the review Zahra.
    Happy weekend and regards,

    • LOL at Thump with sandals. I totally agree, right from the beginning there has been absolutely nothing that could make me like Farhad’s character. What’s amusing is that everyone around praises him so much that at times I get worried about what is it that they can see & I can not! πŸ˜‚

      I forwarded the mother’s crying scene, can’t take it anymore. I am afraid the drama has crossed 30 episodes & is still not at the verge of wrapping up. I agree, I am also watching because I started & invested so much time in it.

      Thank you so much LKH for reading the review & sharing your insights, I had fun reading your comments. 😁

  • Sahiba’s character has substance, because Farhad Jageerdarni ki baat naheen maan raha tha, jesay hee Sahiba ne kaha k khana kha ker jao Farhad razi hogaya. Koi mazaq thorraee hai Ms. Sahiba.

    Aur moochoan ko tao de ker apney aap per rueb dalne wala us ka beta Nazim Shah, he needs to contest for Nazim seat in Bahawapur before going for general election.

    Farhad ne haveli main khanay k liye ruk ker mazeed maza liya apnee mehbooba ki mahal ka. Kitnee dida dileri se aankhain bharr ker ghair muhram ko takay ja raha tha, usoolan to ye msg dein k kisi buzrig ki mazar k ihatay main reh reh ker is k andar sharm o haya aagee hai, aur Mahi kitna bhee is k qareeb ho, ye dhutkaray aur nazar ko neecha rakhay… Yahan to muamila hee kuch aur hai.

    I miss chanda bibi this time to add insult to injury… . Sahiba, Chanda bibi, Farhad ki maa, etc.. in barree umar ki aurtaon ko jitna graceful dikhana chahiye, utnee hee tabahi phelai hai dramay mein. Central characters ki development naam ki koi cheez hee naheen. Ab main ye dekhna chahta hoon k jis tarah Farhad ki maa taqreeban ajeeb hogaee thee, woh aik dam theek hojaey gi betay ko dekh ker.

    Drama apne tabah kun asrat k sath jari hai, is doran hum aap k reviews ko zaroor enjoy kerte hain. :)

    • Shukriya appka reviews parhne aur appna tabsra hum sab se share karne ke liye. Appki baat bilkul theek hai, chalain aur kuch nahi yehi dikha dete ke Farhad mai kuch sharm o haya aa gai hai but wohi baat hai, wo to waisay ka waisa hi hai, sirf huliya aur kapre badal gaye hain. Abhi tak utna hi ziddi aur garam deemagh ka hai, not any quality to like him. Aur hasi is baat pe ati hai ke 31 episodes se log sirffff Farhad ki tareefon ke pul bandh rahay hain lekin pata nahi, mujhe to 1 bhi tareef justified nai lagti.

      Chalain is drama se ye to andaza hua ke sirf kapre change karne se bhi appko izzat dar gharanon mai acha maqam mil sakta hai. Kya aspect hai “Khuda” ka is drama mai, bhai wah!

  • Sir Jhoom Jhoom JayeEeeeEeee AAAaaaAAAAAaaaAa πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚
    OMG can’t stop laughing πŸ˜‚
    Farhad k mother, brother aur sister ne bi usi darbar pe ana tha jaha farhad hai aisa haseen itifaaqπŸ€”

    • Haan jee, bas Farhad mai kashish hi aisi hai ke bhalay hi wo Dervish ho, Dilawar ho, Sajal ho ya Ma, sabbb hi uski taraf khichay chalay atay hain. Albatta meinne wo scene bohat enjoy kiya jahan Farhad betha tha Mazaar par aur uske Abbu mazay se usay cross kar ke chalay gaye bina koi kashish feel kiye. 🀣

  • This drama is such a disappointment. I stopped watching after episode 12 because I didn’t like the slow pace, and the zero character development of the story and main characters. After watching some reviews of the drama on Youtube, it still seems like the drama is stuck in that same spot. When the drama started I was so excited because Feroze and Iqra are two of my favourite actors, but after watching some episodes of this drama, I wonder why the hell did they choose this script. This drama makes no sense whatsoever.

    • Hi Marium, good to hear from you. Thank you for reading review & adding to the discussion. I agree, it is unfortunate that the drama has turned out to be such a disappointment. The story in general doesn’t make sense & then executing it with such a slowww pace with no growth of the characters makes it even worse. Both Iqra & Feroze have performed brilliantly but because the characters of Farhad & Mahi are just so ordinary, kuch baat nahi bani, maza nahi aya!

  • Well i can say is review was good! But the problem is previous 2 seasons were also boring with same story ! And heroin of the drama had 2% dialogs only with punjabi accent! This time story is different but the same old dragging the story tactics remain constant!

    • Thank you so much for reading & appreciating the review. I get what you’re saying but I don’t think having a Punjabi accent is a bad thing. However, the first season where half of the story was covered was beautiful, the second season was definitely dragged as per Geo TV’s pattern, but it still made an interesting watch, minus all the flashbacks. This one is too commercial with a story fit for 15 episodes which has been stretched so much with zero focus on the main characters’ development.

      • Hi guys

        Again i will disagree with the reviewers comments about “promotion” of Farhad.. Unfortunately just because something doesn’t make sense should be seen as illogical. This is how Sufis train if you ever tread this path.. Obviously there is more to add but then would turn into a lecture
        . Lol

        But i do agree that is drama.. They are absolutely milking it.. More of a advertisement for clothes industry.. Lol.. Good use of colours, clothes etc

        Sabiha wants Mahi to say no but she can’t even stand up to her own husband.. Lol.. So Mahi is actually doing what everyone would do under emotional blackmail almost.. Lol

        Maybe the ending will be what the Majnun said when Layla died.. If only i had loved the one who doesn’t die.. And when you love the Almighty and his Messenger upon him be peace… Its when you reach “enlightenment” something weird happens
        . Lol

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