Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 Episode 38 Story Review – Flashback Galore

Ohkay so, in the middle of flashbacks, non-stop annoying Alaaps of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & repetitive scenes, all that I could gather while watching this episode was how Farhad’s health was deteriorating. It is sad to say that this drama has reached such a stage where none of it makes any sense anymore. If we try to find logic in Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3, we’ll be left empty-handed, therefore it’s best to just take it as it comes. However, given the kind of sensibilities all the viewers have, it is natural for anyone to find it hard to curb the urge of finding common sense while watching this drama too.

Flashback Galore

Farhad is revered by so many people & the two who have recently become his followers are Jageerdarni Jee & Sikandar, therefore I found it absolutely ridiculous that no one was there to prevent Farhad from leaving the hospital. He had good medical assistance at his disposal, but still, he chose to leave it & go to the Mazaar in order to suffer more? It just does not make sense. While watching his health deteriorate, instead of feeling sad or bad for him, all I saw was how this was nothing but a self-inflicted misery.

It was absolutely baseless that while the policeman was recording Farhad’s statement, Dilawar was standing right there as if he didn’t do anything. Although he did say that he wanted to confess but then again, why was he so comfortable when the policeman was around. Also, it seems Noora was always quite vigilant, therefore he is nowhere to be seen now. Farhad obviously did not have that much of security, so for him to approach Dilawar after he got caught wasn’t such a big deal. This entire aspect has been tackled so poorly that it once again proves how the focus of the director was just on the execution & not much on whether things were realistic or not!

Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 Episode 38 Story Review - Flashback Galore

Jageerdarni Jee’s plea forced Mahi’s mother to think things through but I wish there was more to her instead of wailing over flashbacks. This was one such episode where I actually found it hard to concentrate while watching, therefore seeing the number of flashbacks, I knew getting a glimpse or two every now & then was enough. Also, all thanks to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s shrill alaaps, the fraction of times when I did feel like paying attention, his screams snatched it away!

All the happenings since the last 4 – 5 episodes were enough to be decently covered rather wrapped in 2 episodes, but they chose to drag it only to reach the 40th episode mark. It is unfortunate that as much as I would’ve liked to, I just couldn’t enjoy the philosophical conversations of Dervish & Farhad in this episode & also the ones that have been happening for a few weeks. Those would’ve been intense & profound moments of each episode but sadly the essence is lost amidst unnecessary dragging, loud background music & the slow pace!


The preview of the next episode clearly showed that Mahi too isn’t going to survive. Farhad is bound to lose his life but Mahi will also die. Mahi’s father would never agree to Mahi’s marriage to Farhad. While watching this episode, I once again thought to myself what was so special about Farhad that everyone was ready to put everything at stake for him? I feel even when at this stage of a drama a viewer feels this way, it clearly goes to show the lack of depth, soul & essence in a lead character. Farhad’s journey has not touched me one bit & I have also stopped feeling any kind of sympathy for Mahi as well. Here’s to hoping that this drama comes to an end soon. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3. Also, don’t forget to share random observations – mine was Dilawar’s rings, us ne apne se ziyada bhari rings pehni hui thin. The biggest advocate of Mahi’s love for Farhad – Miss Sahiba has gone mute after getting slapped by her husband? The most useless shot of this episode was seeing Mahi run for 3 seconds in slow-mo, all decked up & dressed to the nines? What for? No one knows except the director. Also yes, Romana was informed about Farhad’s condition but why didn’t anyone bother to contact Farhad’s family? Farhad ko khud bhi abhi tak apni ma ki yaad nahi ai.Β & oh yes, this makes me think Romana is still relevant, lol!

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Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 Episode 38 Story Review - Flashback Galore

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  • LOL the memes had me laughing so hardπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ On Point review Zahra! The only thing KAM3 did was ruin the franchise for us. I would even take KAM2’s second half over KAM3 any day.
    Every character in this drama has been pointless. Naheed, Sajal, Feedi’s parents, Sahiba, Noora, none of them served any purpose. Just glad that this is getting over now.
    PS: What will you be reviewing next? IeL or Dobara?

    • Thank you so much PP. I so agree, they ruined Khuda Aur Mohabbat for us. This doesn’t qualify to be in that category at all. Chalo, they are still the side characters, I can’t even believe how poorly the main characters have been written & executed by the director. Pointless!

      Fatima will review these dramas, I am waiting for Tumhare Husn Ke Naam. :)

  • Plszzz review Ishq-e-Laa Highly recommend, trust me its X100 better than Kam S3 plsss ishq e laa review, first episode came out so far. Outstanding performances by Azaan Sami khan, Yumna Zaidi and Sajal Ali Plszzz it wont disappoint

    • Thank you so much Wahaj for your recommendation. You’ll be getting to read the reviews of Ishq e Laa soon, Fatima will review it. :)

  • You are absolutely right. When I watching this drama I noticed it is drived by sanjay leela film Devdas. Iqra do her worst job. I just want to ask where is khuda in this drama.if last season madi will become a religion person. And the end of drama is same like end of Devdas. When SRK dies in film and ash is running.

    • I absolutely agree, there is no element of Khuda in this drama. I am amused the writer & director thought showing a guy sitting on a Mazaar would be the element of Khuda in this script. Yes, you’re absolutely right, the story of KAM3 is heavily inspired by Devdas, this is what the writer said himself.

  • The main drama of this drama was that Farhad would form a special bond with his Creator, but this did not appear to be the case.

  • Wo chahti tu 10 hafte baad drama dekhna chor bhi sakti thi lekin us ne fazool mei apna aur dusro ka wakt barbad karne ko tarji di. You can finally move on.

  • Good review, funny indeed
    The book itself is very short and the drama has been dragged out to long.. Romeo and Juliet makes you cry within 2 hours and so does Titanic.. This took like 39 episodes

    Farhad still has not shown power of the his Wilayat or Tassaruf if the Dervish has bestowed these upon him.. He himself has left, maybe to another realm.

    The author should have shown progression of Salik and how he progresses through Sulook with the power of love to reach Sainthood, but…

    • Thank you so much Shehzad. You’re right, this drama has been dragged to the limit. I believe if they had sped up the pace of it, ye itna bura shayad na lagta.

      He himself has left, maybe to another realm – lol! May be he is busy directing someone else’s life there.

  • V poor. No good direction no dialogues ajeeb drama hi he. Aesey hi itney achey actors ne apna name bdname kia. Devdaas ki tarah litakr door ki taraf dekh raha he wo bhi mazaar pe

    • Yes, last scene Devdas ke end jaisa hi hoga. Ye hamain pehle hi bata dete, hum 3 hours ki movie dekh lete 39 weeks barbaad na hote hamare.