Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 Last Episode Story Review – A Predictable End

Ohkay so, finally Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 came to an end with a very predictable ending. Now that this drama has ended, I still feel the unnecessary dragging was what made this drama quite taxing to watch. I do understand the perspective of the writer Hashim Nadeem but it is unfortunate that while being elaborated by Syed Wajahat Hussain, the essence of the story, as well as the soul of the characters, got lost. It is unfair towards the writer that when he pens down a 22 episode script, the channel and the producers decide to turn it into a 39 episode drama. This clearly shows that the pace was kept slow and a lot of dragging had to be resorted to in order to fulfill the desired number. This is exactly what took away from Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 and despite being such a big-budgeted, technically well-directed drama, it didn’t turn out to be an unforgettable one. There is no denying that Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 definitely got a lot of viewership but it fails to be the kind of story like how Khuda Aur Mohabbat 1 was, which is still remembered to this day!

The Tragic End

Peerni Jee ended up convincing Kazim Shah to agree to Mahi & Farhad’s marriage. He decided to go ahead with it and allow that to happen. It was definitely nice to see a father succumbing to the love he had for his daughter. It would’ve been so nice if they had included a dialogue or two with the father acknowledging all the sacrifices Mahi has made. Yes, he did speak about how his ego got the better of him before and how Mahi obliged but he should’ve spoken about Mahi’s struggles too.

Nazim Shah did not leave any stone unturned to show how cruel he was. However, I am glad that in the end, he wasn’t the one who shot Mahi because of the way he left silently, I thought Mahi would die after getting shot by her brother. Although they didn’t turn it into the honor killing, which I am glad about, all the things that Nazim said about Mahi & women, in general, suggested just that. Those dialogues were distasteful and although they just wanted to show the kind of mindset men belonging to such social setting may have in general, these dialogues sounded more like a reinforcement. They should’ve definitely worded this conversation a bit better for sure!

Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 Last Episode Story Review - A Predictable End

So, Kazim Shah let Mahi go but on his own terms where he wanted to cut ties with her. Well, I also feel a part of him knew that Mahi will be fine because she had Jageerdarni’s support but I am glad he took his decision on his own and didn’t allow his son to influence any of it.

Well, Mahi and Farhad finally met and all this while, I was wondering why wasn’t Dilawar doing anything – like calling Farhad’s family because he had actually met Farhad’s brother in the past. Why wasn’t Dilawar or Sikandar doing anything to take him to the hospital and just letting him suffer and succumb to the wounds? Once again, the way things turned out was a bit unconvincing but then this is exactly how most of the situations in this drama have been. They have been winging it and not thinking much about how things should be made convincing or at least logical. They have always left a window open for what-ifs & why nots!

So, Farhad and Mahi saw each other and died. It was sad but wasn’t something unpredictable. I definitely saw this coming & I just took it as they showed. Usually, there happen to be some characters that when they die, you do feel empty – like Kashf, I remember thinking about her character for days after the last episode ended but this one just seems like a drama that has just finished with nothing for me to take away from it. Sad that they both couldn’t be together but good that either one of them didn’t survive to bear the loss & mourn it for the rest of their lives!

Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 Last Episode Story Review - A Predictable End

Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 was a pretty straightforward story. There should’ve been some depth in the characters and some layers to them, but sadly that didn’t turn out to be the case. Even now when the drama has ended I am wondering what was it that made Farhad’s journey spiritual? It was absolutely not explored. Some conversations that he had with the Dervish seemed more like lectures with Dervish just giving him an insight into what the spiritual journey is but Farhad on his own never truly walked on that path. He was still very much in love with Mahi and she was still very much the center of his attention. His love for her never really turned into the love of God or anything like that. The director definitely deserves credit for making Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 larger than life visually and creating that ambiance. The production value was definitely visible in every single frame but I feel stories like these need to be told in a simplified manner – exactly how Khuda Aur Mohabbat 1 was executed. Also, because it was shown in such a simpler manner, the essence of the story and the soulfulness of the characters was far more visible than Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3.

Great Performances

Feroze Khan definitely acted well as Farhad and it won’t be wrong to say that he definitely fit the character seamlessly. He did give his best shot. Iqra Aziz has never looked this stunning in any of her dramas before. I wish Mahi’s character was explored a bit more, some monologues, some thoughts that ran through her mind – usually it was always Mahi giving replies to Sahiba and being in denial of her love for Farhad. It is sad that the main characters were shown to be so one-dimensional, there was definitely a need for some more personality, some substance to them.

The rest of the supporting cast such as Sohail Sameer, Sunita Marshal, Hina Bayat, Junaid Khan, Tooda Siddique, Usman Peerzada did well. Saqib Sameer was disappointing with his expressions being so cartoonish. Shameen Khan was wasted and so was Momina Iqbal. Asma Abbas and Waseem Abbas definitely left an impact with their performance in those episodes that they were a part of. It actually makes me sad that Farhad’s family was not informed about his ailing condition when he was alive. The production value of Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 was something that has been never seen before. I am sure all of this definitely added to the visual impact it had on the audience but the story and the characters were weak. I can not believe that the first season of Khuda Aur Mohabbat ended at only 16 episodes and here we are today, at 39 episodes and still wondering about the journey of the characters and how it was realistic or made sense. Goes to show how far we have come in terms of commercialism.

I thank all the readers who joined in the discussions every week on the reviews of Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3. Please share your thoughts about the last episode as well as the entire journey of this drama.

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Zahra Mirza.

ps: It won’t be my review without a bit of fun so there you go:

Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 Last Episode Story Review - A Predictable End

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  • Finally!!!
    Thanks Zahrah for your excellent reviews (and patience)
    Kya tha yeh? Devdas aur Mohabbat?
    Is se behter “LAILA MAJNU (2018)” ya “ROCKSTAR” film, kuch bhi nahi to Devdas hi dekh lete hum log
    Actually we are also at fault here, we thought like first season, there will be lots of sufism here with dedicated second half, but aisa kuch bhi nahi hoa. It was all upto last scene ke farhad ko samajh aia ke “Ishq salami dene ata hai”.
    It looks like the last episode of some cancelled indian tv drama where tv channel asked the producer to stop shooting tomorrow :D so many loose ends. Why were so many characters to start with? Farhad ki family, maa itna tarapti thi aur baap, bete ko mazaar pe rehne dia sab jaan kar bhi.
    And there was an indication earlier that Taimoor was killed by Sikandar’s confidate? Usko bhi chor diya.
    And where is Derwaish? I hope not on some “hunt” mission for his next next season stalker (pss, lover).

    Khair, coming towards last episode. It was actually BRILLIANT and somewhat poetic (not sarcastically, but really)
    The whole family honor situation, their final meet and the artistic train station scenes that happen in “other world”, were all brilliant.
    I just hope that the final scenes were a lot more dramatic, rain, Mahi running despite her illness and when they were about to “meet”, they died. But jo bhi tha acha tha.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts Sarmad. I agree, they had all the time to make things more interesting, realistic & intense but it seems bas director sahab isi cheez mai khush ho gaye ke filters laga ke achay camera work se mera drama bohat acha ban raha hai. Wo characters mai jaan daalna bhool gaye. I thought Hashim Nadeem ne kaha tha ke Devdasi dekhne ko milegi, ye nahi pata tha ke 3 hours ki jagah 39 weeks mai Devdas ko hi dekhne ko milega!

      The scenes between Mahi & Farhad were definitely nice in the last episode but wohi baat hai, episode itni slow paced thi ke ghar se car, car se mazaar, mazaar se Farhad tak janay mai 10 ghantay lagana aur uske peechay Rahat Fateh Ali Khan ka tarapna…jaisay kisi ne pair pe pair rakh diya ho, it was testing my patience. Also, someone please ask, although Sikandar said waqt bohat kam hai, Mahi aur Jageerdarni ko pick karne baad wo Romana ke ghar bhi gaya tha usay pick karne? :D

  • I am not sure what I feel about this drama, even after it has ended. I was watching it to see it end and that took 39 episodes!!

    The makers focussed so much on making it visually pleasing that the entire essence of the drama was lost. I still am on the same page, where I felt no emotional or ‘mohabbat’ wala connection between Mahi and Farhad….aur ‘Khuda’ connection ke to kya hi kehne! It was just a plain story which was stretched beyond limits.

    There were good performances for sure, but the unnecessary stretching took away even that aspect of the drama. I am still confused why Farhad’s family was conveniently side tracked towards the end of the drama. They were completely forgotten.

    I was also surprised to see the thank you note for the viewers in the end, which said thank you for making this drama a blockbuster….was this really a blockbuster? I know it did get views on youtube but is that enough to call it a blockbuster drama when actually it was a pain to sit through an episode at times. I actually watched few episodes in fast forward mode.

    • Thank you Sheetal for sharing your thoughts. Trust me, this is exactly how I feel about this drama. It has ended & I don’t even feel a thing for both Mahi & Farhad. I failed to develop any liking, any connection with them, only because they were shown so superficially that it always stayed with me that I am watching a drama. Usually when a story is told in a convincing manner, you do forget that it’s just a drama but that didn’t happen with KAM3.

      Yes, Farhad’s family was such an afterthought. Forget about others, even Farhad himself didn’t remember any of them, not even his mother, so bizarre!

      Yes, even I was surprised at the thank you note. I do agree that it did get a lot of viewership but it really wasn’t a blockbuster that everyone would talk about. If there was a blockbuster actually that everyone looked forward to & discussed it weeks after weeks with it making waves with each passing episode, it was Mere Pass Tum Ho. Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 was just a visually appeasing drama with a week story told in a slowest sloth pace!

    • It was shocking to see it’s blockbuster just because of viewership. Ab kya yahi standard reh gya ha blockbuster hone ka

  • Thanks for watching and reviewing this for us. My only thought on this episode ‘Ek tha raja, ek thi rani. Dono mar gave, khatam kahani!’
    They really shouldn’t have called it Khuda aur Mohabbat.

    • Thank you so much Sam. Oh appne to bilkul sahi kaha aur baat hi khatam kar di. Waqay hi, iska naam Devdas bhi rakh dete to bhi koi gham nahi tha as puri story hi wo thi. Khuda Aur Mohabbat ka koi element is mai nahi tha.

  • The makers just used the brand name – Khuda aur mohabbat, took 2 big stars as lead and huge production value and made it a blockbuster how the makers of Mere paas tum ho did, just like that drama, this drama was also very average. Firstly there was no Khuda in this story at all, secondly no soul, such stories need to be simple and larger than life production cannot help. thirdly the dragging made the drama unbearable, every episode I ahve watched just for 5 or 10mins. Neither the story nor the characters and performances connect the way the first season and the characters and performances and the ending of Hammad/ Iman did with the viewers. Also cant understand how can people connect this with Romeo-Juliet, heer-ranjha…or even devdas, in those stories, both the lead were madly in love but are seperated, here Maahi is not in love with farhad, and they tried a lot to convince us but failed completely, that was the biggest drawback.

    Wasted opportunity.

    • Hi Tiger, I completely agree. If it wasn’t for Sahiba putting thoughts in Mahi’s head, Mahi would’ve never even bothered thinking about Farhad let alone love him. This is exactly what I have felt throughout the drama, that they should’ve simplified it. This kind of grandeur fits a 3-hour movie like Devdas, but was a waste for the 39 episode drama. We all connected with Hammad & Iman because they were actually special & their story was told in that manner. The more they turned this concept commercial, the more it lost its charm. I remember this is what happened with season 2 as well because they decided to make it grand. However it still worked because of Hammad & Iman’s love story. This one was taxing to watch with the main leads having absolutely nothing to offer!!!

  • I am just glad that it is over. We should have had a zarday ki daeg the way we had at Sanam’s end.

    I so agree with you about feeling nothing about the leads’ deaths. Didn’t have any impact Iman/Kashf’s deaths had.
    I laughed out loud when Feedi was doing and they added a loud ‘Haq’ in the background😂
    What a waste of resources and such talented actors. I feel bad for Sunita Marshal the most. She does not deserves role like these!

    • Also they should have made it a spinoff franchise instead of a sequel and titled it ‘Mazaar aur Mohabbat’

    • OMG, I laughed at that Haqqqqqq too. Simply shows how superficial these characters were. I felt absolutely nothing for both of them. Mahi ko to fazool mai mara takay Khuda Aur Mohabbat 1 se thori si ending different ho sakay. I also felt bad for Sunita Marshal, but stopped feeling that way when her character started looking dumb. I wish she had done something about it!

      LOL @ Zarday ki daig, you still remember that, hahaha. :D

  • I honestly thought Mahi only passed out and survived lol…i thought they mimicked season 1 ending where the guy passes out when the girl dies. Oops, oh well, good riddance, glad it’s finished!

  • Chalo accha hua ye bakwas, ghatia, chwel, shuda Farhad bhi apne anjam ko puncha Wase ye Mahi Kis khushi mein maar gi hai.Farhad ke marne ki khushi mein ya drama khatam hune ki khushi drame ka na sar na par bout hi illogical aur senseless drama tha Hashim Nadeem ko is ka naam khuda aur muhabbat nai rakna chea tha jo novel mein story hai wo Hamad aur Iman ki hai phir ye story kahn se ayi ya naam hi aur Muje itna afsos huta hai ye naam use kerne per.aur Farhad ki kia baat kern Farhad ke aaba ko chea tha ke us ko Mazaar se gasset ker ghaar le jate aur kamre mein band ker ke khub us ki marhmat kerte jab us ka hush tekane ay jte tu kisi kaam per rakwa date 😊liken apni nigrani mein😁😃sochu tu sahi ye banda baje is ke ke apne parents ki gareebi khtam kerta apne behn, bahi ka kuch sochta zindhagi mein phali ameer larki dekhi aur wahen apna janza nikaal lea.itni buri story aur direction thi ke muje kisi ki acting convincing nai lgi Iqra theek thi lekin Froze khan ki acting tu fake lgi us ka udas rana dukhi hune sab drama sa lga muje jase aap act ker rahe hain muger asa hai nai.yaad hai Zahra Imran abbas ne kesi acting ki thi Hammad ke role mein tabi tu hum sab itna yaad kerte hain pehe khuda aur muhabba ko. Aur hum kitna dukhi the Iman aur Hammad ke na milne per. Yahn tu koi feeling hi nai ayi ager Farhad aur Mahi apni puri famliy ke saath bhi maar jate tu bhi kuch feel na huta. is se zehda dukh tu gaali ke kutte ke marne ka huta hai

    • Zahra wase is drame ki views pata nai kase itne ay ge koi bhi itna dekh tu nai rah tha meine bhi thora bout tv per hi deka hai itna slow tha ke koi kase dekh sakta hai views bhi fake hi hu ge drame ke tarha.

    • Dead flop drama of Pakistan TV industry. Wajahat tried top copy sanjay leela master piece devdas but he failed. I just want to asked one question where is khuda in drama. This title is a spiritual but unfortunately bad script and unnecessary characters destroy this titles

      • Absolutely, no concept of Khuda was explored in this drama. Oh yes, now that you say that it makes sense. The ending of Farhad was inspired by Devdas, this was made clear by the writer but it seems the director himself decided to get inspired by the actual movie & copy that style.

    • Thank you so much NR apni raye ka izhar karne ke liye. Appki aik aik baat bilkul theek hai, Farhad kya tha aur kya ban sakta tha lekin pata nahi samajh nahi ai abhi tak ke us mai aisa kya tha jo har koi uska deewana ho jata tha. Aisa lagta hai Mahi aur Farhad ko khud nahi pata tha ke wo kya hain – aur unki story isi liye supporting characters ki betukki tareefon ke through agay chali gai jahan wo log har waqt inke naam ki tasbeeh karte rehte the.

      Uf, Khuda Aur Mohabbat 1 ki to kya hi baat thi. Mujhe bohat afsos hua tha ke Imran Abbas ne 3rd season kyu nahi kiya, well I am glad he didn’t become a part of this overly dragged drama.

  • This drama, what can I say 39 WEEKS uffffff………………
    Cant producers understand what they are doing, a drama written for 22 episodes and then stretched 17 episodes. We cant say they stretched for money and views. This is bullshit, so unjust with the whole team of drama, writer, director and the viewers. If u have stretch it then do it for max 3-5 episodes not 17 episodes. All i can say is good luck for achieving most viewed drama and highest rating. Feroze khan brilliant acting as well as others, direction was top-notch. story idk somewhat okay

    • Absolutely. If the writer had written 22 episodes, they could’ve stretched it till 26 episodes or so but taking it to 39 episodes is absolutely unfair. Feroze Khan’s acting was definitely convincing – the drama on the whole is so forgettable & superficial, didn’t even like the characters of Farhad & Mahi.

  • Wonder full analysis Zahra always.!!.
    Yes I agree the essence and soul was missing in the story which is back bone of original Novel Khuda aur Mohabbat… The spiritual part was also mismanaged not so much convincing….. Director grip and focus on story was also disoriented it was more on production value than character development of Farhaad and Mahi …
    I would suggest to Geo TV Rather wasting resources on KAM3 they should had dramatized Novel Abdullah of Hashim Nadeem… Based on similar theme of Sufism and Spiritual Journey… That’s master piece of Hashim Nadeem…👌

    • Thank you so much Asad. Yes, I think when the drama began, a lot of readers who have read Abdullah did say that Farhad’s character was inspired by it but then I also saw some disagreeing with them. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Hashim Nadeem can do complete justice to the concept of both Khuda Aur Mohabbat, as we all have seen in the original season but this one was definitely poorly executed by the director. His lack of vision was quite visible because he took the commercial route, whereas such stories do not need this kind of treatment. I am sure the writer never wanted this to happen to his script. It should’ve been directed by someone else – someone without the commercialism as the focal point of his direction!

      • Lol..

        I think characters were way to shallow..i mean Mahi and Farhad can do entire episode without saying a word just on facial expressions.. Lol and trying to hard to make feelings for each other,… Very poor acting i think..

        This story should have been like Peer E Kamil, that is similar about love..

        The crazy thing about this episode is Farhad was left to die, he could be still alive in hospital.. Mahi just falls down like in every episode.. Personally i don’t think they died… Lol.. Season 4..should come out as continuation..

        As for the spiritual aspect, minimal and poorly executed.. Zikr, Suluk, Kashf qubur.. The Saint of the grave hardly is mentioned, no history,

        Although Zahra has done a solid job on the reviews, not as long scripted as the drama.. Lol

        • Hi Shehzad, thank you for sharing your insights. I agree, their characters had actually nothing to offer, because of which their stories were poorly executed. Kuch hota to dikhatay na.

          Season 4…oh no, the idea of it is so daunting. Also, the way Hashim Nadeem has blamed the producers, it seems Geo Channel is bidding farewell to the Khuda Aur Mohabbat series. Or may be they will once again try to recycle the story using some new writer…but yes, we now know what to expect from the current lot of producers & channel heads – overly dragged, big-budgeted dramas with poor storyline!

  • You summed it up all. It was an acid test of viwers patience. Well, we know Hashim Nadeem is philosophical about love but this time Farhad’s love doesn’t make sense. He cursed Mahi upon rejection and she lost her husband. There is a video on youtube titled: Farhad ki baddua lug gayi.
    This makes the whole drama so problematic. I wish Hashim Nadeem should have discussed this idea with a sane person before executing.

    • Thank you so much. Yes, Hashim Nadeem’s idea of love is different, but I am sure if there was a different team of drama-makers like producers & directors dealing with his script, they would’ve come up with something that Hashim Nadeem would’ve agreed with. This one was pure commercialism – which didn’t really do much & was not the kind of treatment a story like this deserved.

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