Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 04 Review – & Hammad Is In Love!

Ohkay so, this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat portrayed the feelings of all the characters beautifully. What I am loving the most about this drama is the way how they have elaborated all sorts of emotions through different situations & it is because of those emotions that we are able to understand the characters better with each passing episode. The thing I like the most about Khuda Aur Mohabbat is that it is a feel good drama & by the end of every single episode, you are left with a positive feeling about the entire journey, which is a bonus!

So, this episode showcased everything that Hammad felt about Imaan. To put it in simple words, Hammad only saw Imaan’s shadow & that was enough for him to forgive the rest of the world & get engulfed in her thoughts. Hammad experienced something that he had never experienced before & that is the reason he felt that his heart was telling him something that he shouldn’t ignore. Even though Hammad didn’t even get a chance to see Imaan, but just the glimpse of her forced Hammad to do some thinking & it was only because of her, that Hammad started growing out of all the things that connected him to the rest of the world. It was good that Hammad had his best friend Kamran to confide in but even Kamran couldn’t relate to what Hammad said because even for Kamran, it was hard to digest the fact that a casanova like Hammad would fall for a girl whom he hadn’t actually seen!

Hammad decided to accompany Sunny to Molvi Aleemuddin’s place because for him, the thought that Imaan was near him was enough to feel some sort of connection with her but Hammad never imagined that he would not only get to visit Imaan’s place but will get to see her for the first time too. It was actually quite sweet how Hammad cherished every single moment he spent in Imaan’s house because he could feel Imaan’s presence everywhere. I think it was something absolutely beautiful & then came the best moment of the episode when Hammad got to see Imaan for the first time, he now knew who was it that made him forget everything around him & how beautiful she is.

Shakir accepted the proposal for Nighat & decided to hold a Nikkah ceremony. The entire scene where Shakir tried to invite Amjad Raza to Nighat’s Nikkah was done so well & it made me feel for him so much. Shakir wanted Amjad to share the most memorable moment of Shakir’s life with him but for Amjad, Shakir was just an employee & helping him with a few bucks was all he could do. On the other hand, Hammad accepted his invitation because he valued his relationship with Nighat & more importantly Shakir too. This is what sets Hammad apart from the rest of his family that he not only treats everyone with respect but also with equality too.

Once again, at Nighat’s place, Hammad came across Imaan & this was the first time he faced her. As much as Hammad was confused about his feelings, he was getting more & more chances to fall in love with her. It wasn’t her beauty that Hammad fell for because the way he explained his feelings about Imaan in front of Kamran was enough to tell how pure his intentions were & how high regard he had for Imaan.

Overall, this episode was a great watch. Imran Abbas surely is carrying the drama on his shoulders. Sadia Khan has improved a lot & I wish to see Imaan’s character getting a little more coverage. The rest of the cast has done a wonderful job, I especially enjoy watching the scenes between Shakir & Hammad, there is so much of respect with which they both treat each other & I find it absolutely heart-warming. The direction of the drama is surely great & so is the pace. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

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