Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 07 Review – The Consequences!

Ohkay so, this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat has to be the best episode so far because it was not only well paced, but it was gripping & so captivating that for a viewer like me who knows the story, even I was hooked to it. I must commend the director for adding in all those details that were needed by the viewers to connect to the characters while still maintaining the pace of the drama, otherwise when this season began, I dreaded that all the events that were covered in this episode, might be covered in 3 or more episodes but I am really glad to see the pace of the drama is just so perfect!!!

So, Hammad finally had to face the consequences for going against his family’s wishes. Hammad told his family clearly that they need to propose Imaan on his behalf in front of Molvi Aleemuddin but little did he know, that his family would do things beyond his imagination. If Hammad would’ve had an idea that his family would worsen the matters, he would’ve never relied on them. Hammad actually assumed that his family would sit quietly after saying a thing or two to him but what they did was something that Hammad neither imagined nor expected. Amjad Raza & all the members of his family told Hammad how they were not thrilled with what he wanted but to prove a point further, they insulted Molvi Aleemuddin by conveniently blaming him & Imaan for trapping Hammad.

Molvi Aleemuddin has always lead a life based on the high morals & values, so for a man like him who has always kept his family under the shadows, to hear such demeaning things about his daughter Imaan was overbearing. Molvi Aleemuddin is emotionally attached to Imaan more than he is to anyone, so to hear Imaan’s name getting dragged & being spoken about in such a manner was something that he just couldn’t accept & tolerate. Hammad had no idea that it was not only him who’d have to bear the consequences but it was Molvi Aleemuddin & his family too who’d go through so much of pain, without being responsible for anything & without even knowing what their fault was. All this was just so hard for Hammad to accept that he ended up going to Shakir to seek help from him because he knew that Shakir was the only one who won’t turn a blind eye from him in an hour of need.

Then came the confrontation between Hammad & his family. Hammad was reminded quite clearly that he had no right to choose his life partner. His family made it clear to him that he wasn’t entitled to take such an important decision of his life because it had to be in accordance with their standards but Hammad took the opportunity to burst their bubble & he told them clearly that he was not going to budge. Amjad Raza being someone who has always played with numbers & who has always judged people on the basis of their social standing reminded Hammad of what he was worth without the tag of being Amjad Raza’s son, to which Hammad’s response shook everyone as none of them expected that Hammad would go to such an extreme where he would be ready to leave everything behind!

Hammad left his father’s place & his entire family to step into the practical world where he only had his love for Imaan with him. After walking miles while engrossed in his thoughts, he was reminded of Kamran’s uncle Siddique who worked in Railways & Hammad knew that he’d be the only one who could help him earn something with which he’d be able to support himself at least. Hammad has nothing left in his life, he has left everything behind, right now he might not even have a plan about what he wants to do in his life, but there’s only one thing that remains constant & that is his love for Imaan!

This episode was beautiful in so many different ways. The reaction of Hammad, his nerve to take a stand for what he thinks is right, the purity of his intention & the purity of his love for Imaan, each & everything was conveyed beautifully. I loved loved loved how the director kept on adding different shots & merged it into different scenes, it just added more depth to the situation that was being conveyed. Also, the scene where Abdullah while talking to Molvi Aleemuddin was thinking about Imaan was done really nicely. Abdullah also loves Imaan but he can not bring himself to say it. I think this season is a lot more visually appeasing & is a lot more gripping because of the way it has been directed, it shows how little changes can make such a huge difference. I liked the addition of new characters too & I can’t wait to see how they will add more flavor to the drama. Imran Abbas surely elevated the level of this episode with his phenomenal acting & so did every other actor. Can’t wait to see the next episode already. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat!

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