Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 11 Review – Beautifully Overwhelming!

This episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat was absolutely & incredibly beautiful. This particular episode was a blend of so many beautiful emotions which were portrayed extremely well especially because they were related to Hammad & that is the reason why I found myself getting overwhelmed a couple of times. What I loved watching tonight in Khuda Aur Mohabbat was the realistic approach with which the emotions were conveyed; Hammad’s own emotions & the emotions of those people who are related to Hammad through the relation of love & respect, absolutely brilliant. Even though we saw a lot of flashbacks in this episode & for some people, it might make the pace of the episode a bit slow but to be honest, I didn’t mind it at all, for me, when something works, it just works & that is the reason why I am absolutely in love with this drama because everything is working, be it direction or editing or acting of all the actors. For me, Khuda Aur Mohabbat has turned out to be a completeeeee package & for that I thank the entire Team of Khuda Aur Mohabbat, thank you, well done & congratulations on exceeding the expectations that the viewers had with you guys & this project! :)

For me, the best bits of this episode were the conversations that Hammad & Najma shared, that was first time I found myself getting overwhelmed because Hammad could see the beauty of honesty & truthfulness in each & every single word that was coming from Najma. Najma does not have a child, but she has formed such a unique bond with Hammad that she has started considering him as her own son, which is absolutely beautiful & that is the reason we saw that Najma herself couldn’t hold her tears back seeing Hammad in pain. I loved the comparison that they showed between Hammad’s mother & Najma, yes, the fact still remains that Hammad’s mother might love Hammad more & she might be worried for him too, but the one who understood his pain, saw his sufferings & realized what he was going through like a mother should, it was Najma, that is why even Hammad couldn’t hold back & ended up sharing each & every little detail regarding Imaan & what he feels for her. Hammad & Najma’s conversation about defining the feelings Hammad has for Imaan was absolutely heart-touching & was so beautifully written. Hats off for the dialogue writer to come up with such meaningful & deep dialogues to add more charm to all the conversations.

Shakir’s concern for Hammad got the better of him & that is why on his family’s persuasion, he ended up contacting Ghafoor to find out where Hammad was. Nighat was right, she had to tell Hammad everything about what was transpiring in Imaan’s life as she felt it was important for Hammad to know. I absolutely love seeing how after regaining some strength, Hammad went to meet his colleagues. That scene was quite special too where Hammad was received with such a warm welcome. I absolutely love the warmth everyone has towards Hammad, there is something just so beautiful about it, because it goes to show that these people might not luxuries to offer to Hammad, but all they have is all sorts of emotions, which is exactly what Hammad needs. For Hammad to say that he didn’t want Ghafoor to treat him differently went to show how dignified he was & how he believed in equality. Hammad is trying hard to form an identity of his own & that is why the last thing he wants right now is to be treated differently because of the tag of being Commissioner Amjad Raza’s son, which is something that he has bid farewell to.

Hammad ended up meeting Nighat & found out that Imaan was going to get married to Abdullah. Even though that was a short scene but I liked the conversation between Abdullah & Tonga owner, it was like for the first time we were getting introduced to Abdullah in a different light & were getting an insight into him, putting the facade of him being a religious preacher aside. I know that particular conversation didn’t tell us much but for a change, it was nice. Anyways, as expected, Hammad couldn’t take the news of Imaan’s marriage well & it ended up taking a toll on Hammad. That scene once again was just so beautiful, heart-wrenching at the same time & overwhelming too. I hate to see Hammad getting defeated again & again & again. ‘Ye ma’amla hukum ka nahi, arz ka hai’, Hammad was still hopeful all this while but he got a final verdict, he got to know that his request was refused, it was rejected & there was no way that it will ever be reconsidered & that is something that Hammad couldn’t bear the burden of.

I absolutely loved seeing how each & every single person, Siddique, Najma, Shakir, Nighat, Ghafoor, Kheru, all of them were concerned about Hammad & that is why, Najma & Siddique decided to contact someone from Hammad’s family to at least help him in one way or the other. Kamran & Ebaad came to meet Hammad & it was actually quite nice to see Hammad getting a chance to explain himself once again. All he wants is his family to apologize to Molvi Aleemuddin, for insulting him & for accusing him of devising a plan along with Imaan to trap him. Hammad knows it is something that his family wouldn’t ever do, that is why he hasn’t even thought of returning back to his old life or his family!

It was impossible to not fall in love with a person like Hammad, who has gone to such an extent for his love, to prove that his intentions are pure, to prove to the entire world that what he feels for Imaan is something that can not be described in words, that is why as the episodes are passing by, we are getting to see how Imaan is falling deeper & deeper in love with Hammad too. Imaan sympathizes with Hammad & feels burdened seeing him suffer, but the reason why she sheds tears is because she is in love with him & she can not confess. Imaan felt like her heart would explode after all the details that Nighat shared about Hammad & that is only because she loves him but she can not say. Imaan hates seeing Hammad suffering so much because of her & may be that is why, she will end up fulfilling Nighat’s wish of having a conversation with Hammad only to tell him to stop punishing himself & to return back to his old life & his family.

Overall, this episode was absolutely beautiful. I love how realistically all the emotions have been portrayed. I must say, even though the dialogues have been a strength of this drama, but in this particular episode, each & every single dialogue was beautiful, it was meaningful & it had a depth to elaborate the emotions each & every character was going through. I loved the acting of all the actors in this episode too, like each & every character in this drama or story has a meaning, has a reason & contributes to the story in a very unique way. Najma is a friend, a mother & a confidant to Hammad, Siddique is like a father-figure to him, Ghafoor & Kheru are his well-wishers & are friends, Shakir is another father-figure who is concerned about Hammad’s well-being. It was absolutely beautiful to see how Hammad has touched each & everyone’s heart & life in such a way that their heart bleeds when they see him in so much of pain. I’d appreciate if someone will tell me the name of the actor playing the role of Shakir, because I find his acting just so beautiful & realistic, he has so much of pain on his face whenever he sees Hammad punishing himself, I just love each & every scene that Shakir & Hammad share. The actress playing the role of Najma has done such a wonderful job too, I love how she is authoritative for Hammad’s own good, she is like a sister, a friend & a mother to him which is heart-warming.

Now coming to the star of the episode, it was undoubtedly Imran Abbas, it is absolutely amazing how his eyes speak, I found myself shedding a tear or two when Hammad cried holding a hand of Najma as he found someone to rely on emotionally. In that particular scene, Imran Abbas stole the show. His eyes are just so expressive & even though I have said it before, I will say it again, there was no other actor who could’ve done justice to the character of Hammad the way Imran Abbas has done. Thank you so much Imran Abbas! Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat!

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ps: My request to all the fans of Khuda Aur Mohabbat; I seriously want you guys to go to GEO Entertainment’s FB page & request them to upload Khuda Aur Mohabbat as soon as it ends & upload it in a better quality because seriously, all the fans deserve to watch Khuda Aur Mohabbat in HD! :D

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