Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 15 Review – Simply Beautiful!

OMG!!! What a beautiful & powerful episode this was of Khuda Aur Mohabbat. I am once again in loveee. I will thank the team of Khuda Aur Mohabbat & especially Imran Abbas for giving us yet another beautiful episode laced with so many emotions that were conveyed flawlessly. This episode surely was depressing, but not in a bad way at all because that phase of depression was conveyed beautifully & realistically at that. I am so so so glad that they didn’t take much time & transitioned to another phase seamlessly. This has to be one of my favorite episodes of Khuda Aur Mohabbat because each & everything was just so convincing & shown in such a manner that I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV screen. I am so glad that they didn’t overdo anything & made everything quite relate-able & realistic also, the perfect pace of this episode was an added bonus. Thank you so much once again Team Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

It was good to see Abdullah at least trying to take a stand for the right, for the sake of Imaan’s well-being but unfortunately he remained unheard because his logic & reasoning was nothing in comparison to Molvi Aleemuddin’s inflated ego. Despite seeing how his daughter Imaan was suffering & was at the brink of losing her life, he still continued to push his luck where he wanted to prepone Imaan & Abdullah’s wedding thinking it will serve as a distraction & diversion for Imaan. Even though in the previous episode, Abdullah didn’t leave a good impression because I thought he was thinking about himself first but he totally redeemed himself when he tried to plead Hammad’s case in front of Molvi Aleem. Everything that Abdullah felt & said went to show that even he couldn’t stop himself from admitting that Hammad’s love was bigger than any other emotion anyone else has ever felt for Imaan. Abdullah knew that this is the only burden that overtook Imaan’s heart & soul & sadly, being a very sensitive person, Imaan was succumbing to it.

Usually when I see the scenes which include a lot of crying & mourning, I forward them because I find them a bit too depressing but this was done just so perfectly & convincingly that I shed a tear or two with them when they bid farewell to Imaan. Even though that entire scene belonged to Imaan & Hammad because they came across each other for the very very last time but one thing that stood out the most for me was Molvi Aleem’s expressions when he saw his daughter smiling while looking at Hammad, it was like he realized at that particular moment what Hammad meant to her & how Imaan had the same love for Hammad in her heart, but he was unable to do anything because it was too late. Abdullah definitely was the hero in this entire situation where he felt so much for both Hammad & Imaan that he didn’t want them to deprive of each other’s presence anymore, even though he knew that Molvi Aleem wouldn’t be happy with what he was about to do but for the first time he didn’t care much about anything & all that he had on his mind was the small interaction that he wanted Hammad & Imaan to have with each other before it gets too late & everyone is left with regret & only regret. I felt so so so bad for Hammad because the moment Molvi Aleem could see the intensity of Hammad’s love for Imaan, it was when she was on her death bed & probably taking her last breaths, sigh!

To be honest, after Imaan died, I literally had no idea what they were going to show, even though I was eager to see what was going to happen but I had no idea & honestly speaking, I was pleasantly surprised with the way they showed Hammad’s depression & how his mind was reacting to what he just witnessed. Imaan was the center of Hammad’s universe & now she was no more, so it was absolutely natural that he went into shock & was unable to cope with what just happened in his life. Hammad never could imagine living a life without Imaan being a part of it, so now, when his unimaginable nightmare came true, he couldn’t take it anymore. Even though Hammad knew that Molvi Aleem was a hard nut to crack, but all this while, the thing that kept him going was his hope & faith that may be, may be one day Molvi Aleem will realize what Imaan means to Hammad & may be he will allow them both to be together but Imaan’s death was something that he never had imagined & sadly, this is something which Hammad is going to live with for the rest of his life.

The reactions of all those people who love Hammad were just so heart-touching & realistic. Hammad’s mother, Kamran, Ebaad, Ghafoor, Kheru, Shakir, Siddique, Nighat, Nighat’s mother, all of them were worried for Hammad because they not only felt his pain but were finding it hard to see Hammad in such a condition. For the first time, Molvi Aleem prayed for Hammad because after losing his own child, he could understand what Hammad’s family & friends must be going through. All this while, I kept on sighing, wondering how different things would have been if Molvi Aleem had accepted Hammad’s feelings for Imaan, how different things would have been if he wasn’t so egoistic & how different things would have been if he hadn’t put religion & societal norms at the same pedestal! Sigh!

Hammad recovered but he still is unable to accept what has happened, its like he has lost the will to live, that is why he isn’t even trying to get back to normal. I loved how they showed what Hammad was going through because everything seemed just so realistic, believable & convincing, but it is good to see that even Hammad’s parent gave up & allowed others to make the decision for Hammad’s well-being, it showed that even they, to some extent hold themselves responsible for what has happened & what their son Hammad has been through. Hammad’s parents actually underestimated the love Hammad had for Imaan, that is why they never could have imagined that their son will be pushed to that limit where he will lose the will to live. It is good that Hammad is actually surrounded by the people he relates with, the people who came into his life when he had nothing, those people who stood by him through thick & thin & those people who have formed genuine relationships with Hammad, because all these people will help Hammad in bringing him back to life, even though it will be a long ride but they will make it happen because they connect to Hammad on a very different emotional level, the level which even his parents can’t come to!

I loved this episode, like they say, they saved the best for the last, last in regards to Imaan’s journey because it was conveyed beautifully. The direction of this episode was brilliant & I am so glad that due to our feedback, they are making some changes, which actually makes me, as a viewer feel very special. For the first time after a lot of episodes, I didn’t mind the flashbacks because they befitted the situation really well. I know Hammad’s journey will include flashbacks of Imaan from now on but I wish they keep them limited, like how they were in this episode because then it wouldn’t get overbearing. To be honest, even though I was a little put off with the off-synced audio of this uploaded episode in the beginning but just because this episode was so good & engrossing, I didn’t even pay attention to it. It is actually amazing that the actors have done such a brilliant job that the laziness of the uploaders can be ignored but I must say, the people responsible for online uploads are actually killing the charm of such a beautiful drama & it is sad that where the entire team especially the actors have done so much of hard-work in bringing the best version of this love-story to the viewers, the uploaders of Khuda Aur Mohabbat are a bunch of lazy people who don’t even bother about what they are putting up online, it is absolutely sad & unfortunate.

Anyways, the heroes of this episode for me were Abdullah, for the way he tried to help Hammad & Imaan, Humayun Ashraf has made Abdullah’s character far more special, realistic & east to relate to, Imaan for that very heart-wrenching but beautiful expression when her eyes met Hammad’s eyes for the last time, like it was one such expression that had to be “perfect” because it is going to be remembered till the end of this journey (or probably even after that) & Sadia Khan surely delivered & last but definitely not the least, the hero of the show; Imran Abbas, for making us feel Hammad’s pain every step of the way. The scene where Ghafoor is trying to have a conversation with Hammad, but he just sits there expressionless with tears in his eyes…another absolutely brilliant moment of this beautiful episode. Special thanks to Imran Abbas, Sadia Khan & Humayun Ashraf for breathing life into these characters & making this journey just so special, memorable & unforgettable. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

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