Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 16 – Epic Journey So Far!

Ohkay so, it was yet another interesting episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat. Everything that they have shown so far makes so much of sense & is a realistic portrayal of what one goes through when their beloved passes away. Also, it just doesn’t stop there because all those people who are related to the one suffering want to do everything to bring them out of their misery & this episode showed that beautifully as to how Hammad was making himself suffer & how his friends & family were trying to do everything to bring him back to normal. This episode had a very beautiful conversation to its credit & that turned out to the highlight of this episode for me.

So, Hammad’s family finally wanted Hammad to come back but just because Kamran & Ebaad could understand what he was going through, they decided to support his decision every step of the way. Hammad knew he lost everything & he was in a lot of pain, that is why he was trying to cope up with it his way & unfortunately, Hammad knew that being with his family will only make his heart ache more because deep down he still blames his family & Imaan’s father for what happened. Hammad got to read the last few words that Imaan left documented in a letter for him & he couldn’t believe that he will get Imaan’s message not after her marriage but after her death. Hammad’s reaction while reading that letter was so heart-wrenching, it depicted how helpless he felt & how depressed he was that his beloved was no more.

I loved seeing that Hammad didn’t have to compromise on his pride or his promise to return to his family. It was his family, especially his father & his mother & also Molvi Aleemuddin, who had to come personally to request him to return, while admitting that Hammad won, his love for Imaan won. Hammad couldn’t help but remember Imaan’s words where she understood that in order to return, he might have to take his words back & it might put a dent on his image showing that he couldn’t stand by his decision but it wasn’t the case. I loved that right till the end, it wasn’t Hammad who showed any eagerness in returning to his old life but rather, the parents of both Hammad & Imaan had to walk towards him to bring him back. My heart sank when I heard Molvi Aleemuddin admit that Hammad proved his pure intentions & his purest form of love that he had for Imaan because I just kept on wondering that he was a little too late & how different things would have been if he had accepted his defeat & Hammad’s success before Imaan died!

So, that one such character who has left such a great impact in Hammad’s life, he is probably the favorite character in this drama after Hammad for most of us & he is the one who till date has only 2 scenes to his credit, he was back in this episode & yes, I am talking about the traveler who met Hammad when he only had his love for Imaan but not the love of Allah in his life & now again, when Hammad had lost that love. That man knew that Hammad was a lost soul who needed some guidance & this time around, he again knew that Hammad was lost & he needed some direction. I think it is beautiful that without having any screen-time or any part in the rest of the story, that one character changes the course of Hammad’s life a great deal. He helped Hammad before & he was back to help Hammad once again. All the things that he told Hammad were absolutely beautiful & left a huge impact in Hammad’s life. He tried to make Hammad understand that he didn’t have to visit Imaan’s grave everyday to prove that he has her in his heart, which was right. Also, I loved how beautifully he conveyed it to Hammad that may be he has a bigger purpose in his life, that is why it was only Imaan who left this world & not him. I am sure now as the course of life will take place, Hammad will find a bigger purpose, a real purpose of his life & he will then realize what this traveler meant. I loved how their conversation ended on a very personal yet sweet note, it is good to see that Hammad also has another person rooting for him & wishing him well!

I found a little editing glitch in this episode & it was related Narmeen. When she met Hammad the moment he returned to his home, she spoke about her fiancé & compared him to Hammad but a few scenes later when Abrina & Narmeen are shown talking, Abrina insists that Narmeen & Hammad still stand a chance, where Narmeen clearly tells Abrina that her family can choose anyone for her but she won’t get married to Hammad because she can not connect to him & doesn’t think she deserves a guy like him. I think they should’ve switched the order of these conversations to make a point that despite trying, Abrina couldn’t convince Narmeen & then Narmeen moved on in her life by getting engaged to someone else. Also, I so so so wish they had chosen someone else to play the role of Hammad’s friend Reby, I think so far every single actor has performed really well but she is the only weakling in this drama, she showed her acting skills (if any) in Dhaani so I knew not much would’ve changed & I was right. Yes, they must’ve chosen her to fit the image of a Pakistani girl residing in USA because of her accent & stuff but I think Kanza Wayne would’ve been a better option because this particular actress can’t really act. I really hope she has some limited scenes in the remaining episodes!

Overall, this episode was interesting. It is good to see that Hammad himself is trying to be normal in front of his family but at the back of his mind he knows that he has one such place where he can go & pour his heart out without feeling guilty. Hammad understands that his family is having a hard time seeing him like that, that is why he doesn’t really display any sort of emotions in front of them. It was good to see Hammad’s parents finally acting like parents where they were concerned for him & were trying to walk an extra mile to make him feel better & bring him back to normal.

Ohkay, I think I have ignored it for a long time & even though the usage of those lyrics has been limited in this season but I think I really need to address that issue. I totally understand that they are showing some extreme form of love that any man can feel for a woman but I really think in order to showcase that, they shouldn’t violate the boundaries that shouldn’t be touched. I don’t usually use this word but I hate, yes I hate these lyrics & cringe every single time I hear them where it says ‘mere mehboob ki surat mai Rabb dekhoon to kya samjhoon…mera Qibla tu, Kaba hai mera, meri mannat hai’, like yes, we all are a fan of the love they have shown but to compare a mere human being to a Creator & to associate the symbols that are related to the worshiping of The Almighty to a human being is a big NO NO. I really wish they stop using that particular piece to showcase how much Hammad loves Imaan because you know what, we all know, by now we all are well aware of that & we have clearly gotten the message of love that you guys are trying to convey & yes, I admit that I am a fan of their love story too but there’s a thin line which shouldn’t be crossed just to show the level of the love one human being can feel for another. Anyways, I loved the scene where Hammad reads Imaan’s letter & cries helplessly & touches it because it reminds him of the fact that this is something that was personally sent to Hammad by her. All the actors have done a brilliant job & yes, I totally appreciate that lack of to & fro & the flashbacks in this episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

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