Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 21 Review – Perfection!

Ohkay so, I am so so so glad that this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat gave me what I was looking for & that were some beautiful & heartfelt conversations between Hammad & Sarah. Yes, obviously Isaac had to be there to spoil the episode but then again, he reminded me of that ‘clove’ which shows up in your morsel & the best you can do is shove it at the corner of the plate & enjoy your meal because few things are just there to add some flavor but are not necessarily meant to be enjoyed, however, I will thank Syed Mazhar Ali/Isaac for making me laugh out loud while watching this episode & I will tell rather show you guys the sight which made me laugh at the end of this review. Anyways, what a magical episode it was & what beautiful performances by both Imran Abbas & Kubra Khan. I think both Imran & Kubra should take a bow for portraying Hammad & Sarah’s characters to perfection because I am a 100% sure that no other actors could’ve achieved what they have through their phenomenal & flawless performances! :)

So, I must say I pity Isaac even more, like Ishaaq se Isaac to ban gaye lekin apne andar ka desi murgha nahi maar sakay. Seriously, to see him being overly concerned for his daughter just because she chooses to hang out with Hammad is quite amusing. It looks like just because Isaac was so infatuated & fascinated with the American lifestyle, he gave Sarah quite a lot of freedom to make her own choices but ever since her choices are not in accordance with Isaac’s he has started showing signs of being a typical desi father who would prefer getting her married to a goon but won’t allow her to befriend someone he detests. Also, Isaac is full of contradictions, like he wouldn’t mind sending Sarah to New York with Zeeshan who is probably quite khaufnaak & khatarnaak but when it comes to Hammad he shows how small minded he is, probably just as small as a clove is!

So, Sarah has definitely developed some feelings for Hammad, that is why she not only grew curious but decided to discuss her concerns with Hammad personally too. Obviously, for Hammad to recall his past is still quite painful, that is why he hesitated in telling Sarah everything but when she couldn’t curb her curiosity, she decided to speak to Rebecca about it. I actually felt relieved that Hammad had already told Sarah that there was no place for love in his life anymore, because then Sarah didn’t immediately believe the lie Rebecca told saying Hammad is in love with me. Sigh! Her wishful thinking. I really think even after so much of attempts & efforts, when Hammad isn’t reciprocating the similar feelings, so Rebecca should back off!

Just because Sarah has started feeling something for Hammad, she wanted to know him better, it was more like she wanted to put a finger on what it was that set Hammad apart from the crowd, what is it about him that made him so unique & special & luckily, they both got into a conversation where Hammad decided to share everything with Sarah. It was quite interesting hearing their different perspectives about the movie that they just watched because Sarah was speaking on the basis of something which she felt but what Hammad said came after his personal experience. I don’t blame Hammad when he speaks about love in such a manner that it is something which only brings sadness to one’s life, because even after being so sincere, he has been through so much & ended up losing his beloved, so it would take a lot for him to get convinced again that love doesn’t necessarily bring grief & sorrow with it & now that Sarah’s on it, I am sure she will bring him out of this misery!

I loved the conversations that Hammad & Sarah shared, which started off by discussing the movie, then it came to love, then Hammad’s past, about Imaan, her hijab & her death which definitely convinced Sarah that Hammad who himself is so broken & shattered wasn’t capable of doing something which her father accuses him of. Ever since Hammad has come to the US, he hasn’t spoken to anyone about Imaan, may be that’s why he felt that the burden was becoming overbearing, so he decided to share everything with her. I must say, so far my favorite scene of the entire drama after Hammad & Imaan’s last meeting & the platform scene would be the Church scene where Hammad cried hysterically because he held so much inside him for so long & now he finally found a ‘friend’ he could rely on & who was ready to listen to him, wasn’t judging him & most importantly was trying to understand him a little better, it was just beautiful. I will say that in that scene even though both Hammad & Sarah were on a different tangent, the chemistry of Imran Abbas & Kubra Khan was simply beautifullll, I can’t emphasize on that enough, I loved that entire scene so much!

I love the emotional transition of Sarah so far, where she acknowledges the fact that Hammad has proved her wrong so many times by showing her a completely different picture of what Islam is & how Muslims are like. To see Sarah understanding Hammad more & not believing the lies her father has been feeding her all her life anymore is so satisfying. I must say, the way Sarah spoke highly of Hammad’s likeness for Hijab made me feel that may be, she will bring herself to try it too just to please Hammad & more than that, to actually understand the reason & the wisdom behind it. I can’t wait to see all these changes that Sarah will bring in herself because she has stepped on a right path & now she just has to go with the flow.

Once again, just when I was smiling ear to ear after such a beautiful scene, like I usually do after a very wholesome & delicious meal, the clove; in this case Isaac showed up to make his presence felt that he is also a part of this dish, anyways, I loved that Hammad gave him such a perfect reply & showed him his right place. It was quite amusing that Hammad let Isaac know that he didn’t care a dime about his hatred or his agendas & honestly at this point, even I don’t because I know that this is all that Isaac’s character has got to offer, so it’s better to ignore him a clove! Anyways, I am really happy with this episode & I enjoyed it thoroughly. Every single frame, every single scene, every single conversation, even the flashbacks, just everything was perfectttt & it worked. Imran Abbas & Kubra Khan should definitely take a bow for doing justice to Hammad & Sarah’s characters & making us connect with them on a whole new level. Kubra Khan I must say looked gorgeous in this episode especially. I can’t wait for the next episode already. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

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PS: Thank you so much Sir Isaac for this!

Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 21 Review - Perfection!

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