Khuda Aur Mohabbat S02E02 Review – A Feel Good Drama!

Ohkay so, this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat was pretty good. Even though knowing the story beforehand is a drawback for those who have watched the first season, but what makes this season worth a watch is the fact that it is a feel good drama. I have started to appreciate the detailing the director has added this time around because that way when the story will progress, we will get a chance to relate to the characters more & more.

This episode gave us an insight into all the characters & their perspective about love & life in general. We have Hammad, who doesn’t believe in the emotion of love, that is why he makes fun of his friend who says that he is in love. Hammad is a non-serious & an irresponsible sort of a person which is only because he has lived such a comfortable life till date. Hammad has never developed a sense of responsibility because his life never demanded him to be responsible in the first place. Hammad lives such a life where everything, every luxury is just a call away from him, that is why this comfort has shaped up his character like that, but what I liked the most about Hammad is that he may be non-serious, but he most certainly is not immature. Hammad is also not someone who runs away from his family, in fact he holds his relationships close to his heart, that is the reason why he is seen being connected to each & every single family member of his, starting from his father to his nephew Sunny. Another great quality that Hammad possesses is the fact that he takes care of every single person around him, that is why he tells Emaad that he will be sending some presents for Shakir & Nighat, which he should hand over to them without informing their family about it. It shows that Hammad might not want to be in Pakistan for long, but it doesn’t mean that he has forgotten all those people who he spent a chunk of his life with. I must say, I like how they are developing the characters & giving us some more details about them with each passing episode.

While Hammad is someone who finds the idea of love funny, we have Imaan, who actually finds beauty in every emotion one feels. She is a very subtle character & is quite introvert, but she does have a personality & she does have emotions that she likes to keep to herself. Imaan can be labelled as a dreamer because of which she loves her books & stays lost in them. Sunny seems to have become a part of Molvi Sahab & his family’s life, that is why he is getting influenced by them. Sunny loves spending time with Imaan & Haya too & their scenes were done beautifully.

Abdullah has arrived & on Molvi Aleemuddin’s request, he chooses to live with them. Abdullah likes Imaan too, that is why he feels content by being connected to Imaan & enjoys being surrounded by Imaan’s belongings. Aleemuddin has started depending on Abdullah too, that is why slowly & steadily he has started to involve him in the matters related to the Masjid he takes care of.

Hammad finally decides to come to Pakistan but that is only because he feels like & not because he got influenced by his mother or father’s requests. Hammad is someone who does what he deems fit that is why now when he felt like, he came to Pakistan to spend some time with his family. Amjad wants Hammad to take care of his business so that he can be focused on his political career but Hammad doesn’t fancy the idea. I must say I really liked the bond Hammad & Emaad shared, it’s like whenever Hammad wanted to know all the latest happenings in his family, he would speak to Emaad.

Overall, this episode was a good watch. I must say the precap of the next episode made me hopeful because looks like they are not going to slow down the pace a lot & will keep moving things forward, which is definitely necessary, otherwise I felt that may be a lot of detailing will compromise on the pace of the drama in general. All the actors are doing a brilliant job, it was good to see Imran Abbas getting more coverage in this episode & getting to showcase his amazing acting skills. Sadia Khan looks beautiful as Imaan but I wish even she gets more coverage & dialogues. The entire scene where Hammad is questioning the cupid & the door of Imaan’s room opens was quite filmy & interesting, it’s like they have added the quotient of telepathy between the two which is something definitely unique. I had a good time watching this episode & I hope you guys did too & oh before concluding the review, I would like to mention that I loved watching the scenes which Sunny was a part of, finally we have a kid who actually looks & acts like a kid – innocent, cute & definitely not pakka hua. On that note, this is it from my side, please share your thoughts about this lovely episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

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