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Khuda Mera Bhi Hai Episodes 1 to 3 Review – Interesting & Fast Paced

After watching Mann Mayal I vowed to skip any drama which starred Aisha Khan but here I am watching and reviewing a play in which Aisha Khan plays the leading role. I must say that she has redeemed herself by choosing to play a strong role in Khuda Mera Bhi Hai and so far she has done complete justice to the character assigned to her. It is always refreshing watching dramas which attempt to achieve a higher purpose especially when they manage to do so with clarity. So far only 3 episodes of Khuda Mera Bhi Hai have gone on air but they have proved that this drama is off to a strong start mainly because of the variation in characters, the strong female lead, addressing an issue which isn’t addressed very often and also because it is putting some powerful messages forward with utmost precision. The very first scene of the first episode pretty much summed up Mahgul’s character. When she asked Sanam’s husband how he would feel if his wife hit him like that and later on the way she made sure that Sanam does not go back to that man went to show that she was not the sort of person who would compromise when she is supporting someone who has been wronged. Her stance was clear and her personality introduced perfectly in these three episodes. Her conversation with Zain about her own personality in the previous episode and whatever she said to her mother in law in this episode showed she was outspoken and uncompromising when she knew she was right.

Although Mahgul is a strong woman but at the same time she is caring, loving and sensitive. She is practical but not heartless or insensitive, these aspects of her character’s personality make it more likeable and human at the same time. Mahgul’s relationship with her mother Savera (Saba Hameed) has also been established well in these three episodes. Both these women are free of any kind of insecurities. Mahgul’s mother has no shame in admitting that she still loves her husband even though she chose not to live with him any more because he was already married and never told her. He also hit her when she confronted him and that is when she decided to part ways. She is another strong woman who knows what she needs to do to protect herself but at the same time is still in love with her husband and never took divorce from him. The viewers haven’t been introduced to Mahgul’s father yet. Saba Hameed fits like a glove in the role assigned to her, just the way she always does.

Zain Hassan’s (Syed Jibran) side of the story started with Zain landing in Pakistan from New York. He is the son of Mahgul’s employer (Mehmood Aslam), who is exceptionally fond of Mahgul. Zain’s mother Arshi (Irsa Ghazal) however does not like Mahgul at all and for now she is playing the zalim Samaj. Mahgul however is not the kind of bahu who would let such a mother in law influence her in any way. Zain takes his time knowing Mahgul, ultimately falls for her and the attraction is mutual. Syed Jibran and Aisha Khan’s on screen chemistry has made Mahgul and Zain’s track more interesting. Zain and his brother Zahir (Imran Ashraf) both do not agree with the way their mother looks at things. Their father too does not agree with his wife but he respects and loves her. Zain has been shown as a mature and responsible person.

Tonight’s episode in particular was fast-paced. Zain and Mahgul did not just get married but they also had their first baby and with this latest development, the real story will start. The last scene of tonight’s episode clearly suggested that this is going to be a story of an intersex child. The pace of this episode also showed that the writer did not want to waste time showing family politics but the main focus was Zain and Mahgul’s relationship. The way Zain took care of Mahgul during her pregnancy went to show just how special this baby was for him. The timeline was slightly confusing in tonight’s episode but overall it was an impactful episode with no filler scenes and it ended at a note which gave the viewers a reason to tune into Khuda Mera Bhi Hai next week.

So far this drama is completely free of clichés. The biggest cliché the writer has managed to avoid is class difference. Usually in dramas the biggest issue is that either the boy or the girl is not from the same class but here Zain’s mother has an issue with Mahgul’s personality and not her status. While we have modern women like Mahgul, her mother and Sanam, we also get to see Zain’s mother’s character who has shocking double standards. She is modern and strong headed yet she insists that such a woman can never make a good wife. The production values of the play are impressive and so is the picture quality. The director has kept the pace of the drama steady till now and has kept all the scenes short and to-the-point.

How many of you have been following this play? Please do share your thoughts about it.

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