Naml Episode 28 (Aabzeedan) Review – Patience tested!

I am sorry to say that it disappointed a bit because this episode promised to reveal the person who is going to be murdered  and I totally understand that, because of the length of the episode they just divided it so that it could occupy the required space in the digest but all this wait ended on the same note, matlab after reading the episode and all the happenings, the question…who is about to get murdered remains the same? That’s not fair… Apart from the slow pace, I don’t have any objection because it is still very interesting and gripping and the episode on the whole was quite nice.

I have to start with Aabdaar bibi so Zumar was right, she just changed the technique of approaching Faris, there is nothing more to be said about this character because all the good hopes went in vain after this episode. Aabdaar’s  baddua will come back to her and my guess for the ‘Person to get murdered’ will be Aabdaar or Javahirat! Yeah Javahirat could be the one if Hashim could go to this extend with Zumar he could definitely kill Javahirat after knowing the truth of his father’s brutal death.

Naushervan Kardaar… I don’t know I feel, I  have a soft corner for him after his attempts to be a good person and his convo with Zumar highlighted the fact that Naushervan is far better and considerate than Hashim. I just hope he confesses and Yusuf’s forgive him. Don’t kill me guys for this because I know you love Saadi but maybe he needs a chance. :)

So, Aabzeedan was actually for Naushervan, I mean seriously…this was that deep! Hashim is cunningly genius…Ahh I just love the smartness of the characters in this novel, he explained the whole business scenario and quite well made clear to Naushervan that he could read the personality as well…Wah Hashim!

Out of frustration, I want Hashim and Aabi to get married and ruin each-other’s life….Sachi, they  both deserve each-other. Hashim’s hospitality towards Aabi and her fabricated lies and edited pics with the caption sent to Faris was all pointing at one thing that they both have in common.. “Disgustingly Selfish”. Zumar & Faris shared a very candid couple time which is as we all know full of humorous tantrums and I loved the way Zumar investigated about Faris consuming drugs…Haha

Saadi and his helpful nature did put him in trouble but at the end it all serves him in a good way so that boy told everything about the CCTV footage they had in the airport but it all went in vain because of Makaar Hashim he brutally used the character assassination technique to ruin this important witness.

I am actually feeling sad for Faris, although I think I should be frustrated at him, for all the wrong choices he made because of Aabdaar but I am feeling sorry for him and Yes maanna parega Aabi your manipulative skills are beyond my expectations par Kardaars se dosti ka asar tou hoga na! …I will give 10/10 for her manipulative skills but Thank God Faris escaped!

Faris Taheer Ghazi once again proved that he is still a genius, Hashim is not afraid of Faris but he wanted to hurt him so bad that he played this game and used Shehreen for this but Mr. Sherlock Holmes got suspicious and finally escaped. The writer tranquilized us by highlighting the death of Natasha so we all thought the person who was about to die was from the past but Nope! By the end of the epsiode all namlians again got anxious.Good work Nemrah!

Very little coverage for Haneen even Javahirat had more content in this episode than her. Hoping the next episode will surprise us by bringing Haneen’s hero in the light…let’s hope for the best, wesay she is stable now she doesn’t need a hero to be strong but I want to see her complete and that completion comes from a true companionship if the writer had planned something like this..!

For Ahmer Shafi, the tables have turned down and he is in big trouble but Mr.Helper Saadi manages to get in his flat and uses her best weapon i.e her manipulative speech to convince the kidnapers to arrange a meeting with their boss…lady boss… right?  Who is she? Javahirat can’t be the one because now she is not that powerful at all… Guess please.

And the Mystery prevails…..!  Who was that lady in the white dupatta, Javahirat has so many enemies and I am sure she will be the last witness after which Kardaars will eventually be eliminated from Yusuf’s life or most probably from this world too!

Yet another suspicious character….that Chashmish Man still a mystery! Who was that ghar ka banda…..Still no clue!  And please someone remove my confusion about that court murder…Hashim was going to murder someone na…did I miss something?

I just don’t want to even write about it but I have to, how come a person could be this much cruel …..Hashim Kardaar. PLEASE DIE! …He was turning that lift into Aabzeedan so that red fish was Zumar….fingers crossed, Let’s just hope Faris rescues her as soon as possible!

All in all I liked this episode, and all the tracks were handled tactfully apart from the pace of the episode but I am hopeful for the next two episodes.

They definitely are worth waiting for!

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