Khuda Dekh Raha Hai – Episode 03!

Ohkay so, it was a very interesting episode of Khuda Dekh Raha Hai because the story moved forward swiftly while it stirred curiosity simultaneously. We got some more insight into our characters & I absolutely love how they’re revealing the cards for now. The episode was based on to-the-point, short & a lot of scenes which made the pace, perfect.

So, Junaid actually loves Zoya a lot & that’s a done deal because he is ready to leave everything aside just to be with Zoya. He is ready to become someone she wants him to be. Junaid is very good at what he does & he is passionate about music too but deep down he really thinks all this isn’t worth it in comparison to the peace & happiness he feels when he is with Zoya. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation Junaid & his friend had because they both were right in their own way. Junaid really feels Zoya is all he ever wanted but his friend thinks that Junaid is only being impractical & emotional. His friend understands the potential Junaid has & he believes that Junaid’s passion will take him to places because people love him which is why he thinks Zoya’s only an obstacle in Junaid’s success. For now, Junaid really can’t see anything else because he wants to prove his love to Zoya but I really want to see for how long will it last because once the novelty will wear off, I really feel Junaid might regret his decision of leaving his career for his love-life.

They took us a on a ride through Khalida’s character. We got to see a little more shades of her in which she really seemed meagre in comparison to what she poses to be. Khalida really sees herself as someone who has a command over what she does & that is why she thinks she has a right to decide things for people but she is just like any other regular human being who has no control over their desire & end up committing sins. As per what she portrays, Khalida should be a very humble & easy-going person, she should be someone who knows the art of forgiving but in reality she is rigid, stubborn, inconsiderate & judgmental. She really thinks Zoya is better than Sanam because she wears a dupatta & when asked about the issues she had with Sanam, she only responded in a way which showed that she was judging Sanam for quite petty issues which didn’t suit the woman of her stature; considering how religious she is.

The scene in which a girl comes to cuss at Khalida was very intense & interesting. Certainly what the girl said was a truth & it perfectly pictured the hell that must’ve broken loose in her & the groom’s household. They both loved each other & decided to get married but their dream turned into a nightmare only because of Khalida. The frustration & agitation of the girl was portrayed aptly because no matter what Khalida says, she really doesn’t understand that it took only one statement of hers to ruin someone’s life & she really is incapable of seeing the intensity of such decisions. Undoubtedly that incident forced Khalida to do some thinking & she spent some restless nights but what emerged as her one of the reasons of her worry was shocking. Khalida clearly has some baggage that she is trying to hide using her piety as a facade or she is trying to earn some forgiveness because she might have gone against her mother’s orders. It is pretty evident that Khalida allowed some worldly desires to rule her for a moment when she was young & now she is in a deep regret, maybe that’s why she never really had a relationship based on respect with her husband.

I like Akhtar’s character. He tries to knock him sense into his wife every chance he gets but sadly he knows he isn’t dealing with such a person who would take his word seriously. Khalida is quite opinionated & believes she is right but it was good to see that she was shaken after what the girl said to her & maybe that’s why she agreed to Moeez’s engagement with Sanam because she doesn’t want anything to happen to her family & her children.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode. Seems like Imran Aslam has also made an entry as Sanam’s brother Adnan. I am sure things won’t be easy & smooth for Zoya because seeing how pushy & dominating Sanam is, she will definitely try to talk Zoya into marrying Adnan as it’s obvious that his first choice for a life partner would be Zoya. I am eagerly waiting for the next episode, please share your say about Khuda Dekh Raha Hai as well.

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