Khuda Dekh Raha Hai – Episode 07!

I am so glad with the pace of this drama because all the episodes have been engaging & very interesting. I like how smoothly they are progressing the story & give us something new every single time. I like this drama for the fact that it’s very different from what we get to see on our screens usually which makes it a good watch.

To be honest, I hate Moeez & even Khalida for tricking Zoya into getting married to Adnan. I really thought this time Khalida will do justice to Zoya as well because she allowed Moeez to be with Sanam but sadly, it was Moeez who has his mother wrapped around his finger that’s why he knew exactly what to say & how to say it in order to convince Khalida that Adnan was a better option. Moeez is actually a spineless person who dreads losing Sanam just because she threatened to do so; therefore he thought it was his duty to follow her instructions & fulfil her wishes, which is why he sacrificed Zoya’s happiness over his wife-to-be’s. It was actually sad to see Moeez bringing up Junaid’s past again & again just because he knew Khalida will succumb to the tactic.

Even though I was sure about what Khalida used to do in the name of religion wasn’t right but she proved it this time that for her, it’s only her ego that matters the most & she is so blinded by the urge to save herself from humiliation that she chose to lie to her husband & her daughter to risk her future. Khalida thinks she can lie using ‘istakhara’ as an excuse just because she doesn’t want people to associate her name with a former musician. Yes, we saw how hard it was for Khalida to do that & how restless she was after she lied but the point is that she did & that’s all that matters, which makes her an unrespectable person.

I loved Akhtar’s approach on this. He knows how hard this must be on Zoya because of which he decides he will do an istakhara himself for her because he already feels something isn’t right & for all the obvious reasons because he himself believes that what Khalida says & does isn’t right & authentic. I hated seeing Zoya surrendering in front of Khalida because she trusts her mother more than anything & who wouldn’t do that? Zoya can never ever imagine that what her mother has told her actually is for her own benefit. It’s actually very sad that just because Khalida sides with Moeez more, she is ready to sacrifice her daughter in order to make him happy & Zoya can’t see that.

I am glad that for a change they have found a girl as Zoya’s friend who is good at acting because it’s like a norm in so many dramas that those girls who are chosen to play the roles of ‘friends’ happen to be talent & acting-free but I am glad Zoya’s friend is a decent addition to the cast of this drama. I liked how she understood what Khalida did but obviously Zoya cannot even think about doubting her mother as she can’t imagine Khalida would do something of that sort to her own flesh & blood. Zoya can’t imagine that Khalida can be so mean to ruin Zoya’s life just because of her own stubbornness & ego.

I feel Sajjal Ali acted really well in this particular episode. She actually portrayed how it feels to be heartbroken but smile in front of others just to make them happy. She is ready to let Khalida know that she’s happy with her decision & has agreed to it without any doubts & I feel this will mark the doom of Khalida because she lied to her own daughter. Share your thoughts on this episode please.

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