Khuda Dekh Raha Hai – Episode 10!

So, 10 episodes down & the drama is still going strong. What I like about Khuda Dekh Raha Hai is that it might not be a very commercial drama, but it has a different story which keeps on getting better & intense as the episodes pass by. You really don’t know what will come up ahead & that makes it a lot more engaging to watch.

Even though I don’t like Moeez & Sanam one bit but I like Sanam for the fact that she is giving Khalida a hard time. Khalida has spent all her life in a bubble where she was the authoritative one & ruled everything & everyone around her but unfortunately, Sanam is someone who is not used to being controlled, which is why she has set the limits straight away to make Khalida understand really well that she cannot dictate her & she won’t become a puppet.

Sanam’s attitude has forced Khalida to do some thinking & compare her to Zoya but then Khalida is being unreasonable. Sanam is an independent girl who comes from a very different set up & Zoya always respected the boundaries her mother set for her so for Khalida to expect Sanam to be like Zoya is a massive mistake on her part. Moeez seems pretty comfortable in his own orbit, he has gotten married to the love of his life, so for him, his life is complete & what Khalida says & does doesn’t really matter much.

Unfortunately, Adnan is just more like a nightmare for Zoya & for that Khalida & Moeez are to be blamed. Yes, Zoya’s submissiveness is also a reason for why she ended up like this but the whole blame goes onto her mother & brother for hitching her up with someone who she didn’t deserve. I liked the fact that Zoya at least tried to share things with her best friend because she wanted that an outlet to vent out her fears & her helplessness. The advice Zoya’s friend gave to her were definitely coming from someone who couldn’t relate to what Zoya was going through. She really thought that just by spending some time with Adnan, Zoya will be able to bring a change in him but things are easier said than done. Only Zoya knows what sort of a deep pit she has fallen into & she can’t see a way out of it. She is trapped & that scenario was illustrated beautifully.

So, Zoya’s father in law is only trying to use her as a cash cow. He really had this thing pre-planned which is why he was so persistent on getting Adnan married to Zoya. Just because of her presence he can see a good amount of money making its way into his bank account but then Adnan has some ulterior motives too. He knows that his father is counting on him & Zoya both, so he knows he has gotten a perfect opportunity to earn some benefits too.

Sanam may not like anybody’s interference in her life but then the way she interfered in Khalida’s life was a good contradiction on her principles & her rules. What she said was right but then it just didn’t make sense as to why she got so worried about what Khalida was doing was right or wrong. I was kind of relieved to see Adnan’s mother being a bit more courteous towards Zoya. She may be a materialistic or a commercial minded person but at least she has a soft corner for Zoya because she knows her son’s fault & for a change it was good to see her being conscious of what Zoya must be feeling & going through.

The preview of next episode promised a lot more drama & tension between the mother-son duo of Khalida & Moeez just because of Sanam. I really hope Zoya speaks up & lets her father know what she is going through because she really shouldn’t keep it to herself because that’s not the best solution to her problem. I am glad that we’re almost half-way through the drama & it still seems promising. Share your thoughts on this episode of Khuda Dekh Raha Hai please.

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