Khuda Dekh Raha Hai – Episode 14 & 15!

Well, when the writer of this drama himself commented on this thread, he spoke about how he was showcasing some reality using Khalida’s character & there was some message he was trying to convey too but I am sure he must’ve forgotten to mention how he was going to change the course of the drama to make it so appalling & disgusting using Zoya’s character.

Zoya has clearly gotten a divorce but even her mother chooses to ignore it as if she was talking about something nominal. Of all the people, Khalida should be the one to know her daughter in & out, so how can she take it all so lightly when Zoya uses such a heavy word in her conversation? Zoya has also told her repeatedly how Adnan drinks but Khalida chooses to let that all slide through her mind as only she knows what’s running through her empty head. Khalida knows what Zoya is like & who she is, so when she uses a word like divorce, it obviously wouldn’t mean that she is using it out of the blue? There would be some reasons behind it so why it is that Khalida didn’t pay heed to it at all & got back to her routine life without even thinking about it for a second?

I don’t know why but I feel the writer was heavily impressed & inspired by Samira Fazal’s Chup Raho because to see Zoya becoming Rameen again is absolutely sickening & oh the similar soundtrack was a seal on the reminiscence. I really want to question Sajjal Ali myself about how does she allow all this to happen to her? Isn’t she tired of playing such characters or doesn’t she have a sense of some self-policing? To see her being abused, ill-treated, manhandled & literally exploited in every other drama is getting beyond control & looking at this petite girl, I actually want to know how does she get this level of confidence? Isn’t she tired of becoming Rameen over & over again? When I talk about the drama, I usually stick to the characters & only speak about the actors when I want to talk about their acting, but for the first time I am actually questioning the actress; Sajjal Ali loud & clear about her choices because I really think she is making one bad choice after the other & this has to stop because it is so obvious that she has lost the plot completely & I don’t think she can get a leeway by just saying that she only played a ‘character’ & all this was a demand of the script.

I know the writer often reads the reviews of this drama so I want to know what was he trying to portray by mocking the concept of divorce & by treating it so casually? Do these writers get briefings to write a story like this or this is something that they themselves conceive through their imagination because to see dramas like these is nothing short of a punishment & makes me question the mentality of the people behind such projects; be it the producers, or directors or even the writers?

When Khuda Dekh Raha Hai started, I really thought this drama would break the norms & give out a very nice message because the initial episodes were tackled intelligently but to see it come to this point, I see my expectations going down the drain & turning into fury because I am absolutely disgusted to see whatever they have tried to show here. What about Iddat? What about protection of a female? Anyone can divorce his wife & claim that he didn’t do it & people will side with the guy? A woman will see her daughter in law being literally molested right under her nose & she would choose to close her eyes? How stupid & horrific is that & to be honest, the team of this drama had the audacity to shoot & run it on the TV? I really want to ask the channel & the producers & the writers & the directors about how far are they going to go to earn some petty ratings? All this cheapness is actually for the sake of ratings so like seriously, is the TRP so important? Isn’t there any sense of morality left in these people? They claim that they want to show the reality but they should be ashamed to dramatize it & exaggerate it for commercial purposes.

I am absolutely disgusted to see what they have shown in Khuda Dekh Raha Hai which somewhat started as a family drama. I really hope the writer comments & answers all these questions or if not, then refrains from writing more such scripts because these disgusting dramas have to & must stop. Please share your thoughts about this!!!

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