Khuda Dekh Raha Hai – The End!

Ohkay so, this episode marked the ending of Khuda Dekh Raha Hai. All of a sudden I feel that the last couple of episodes took us back to the note at which the drama began because they were well directed, well executed & well-written. All the things the characters said in these last two episodes were realistic & made a lot more sense & again, it made me feel that they all went back to what they used to be.

Finally, Khalida realized her mistakes & asked for forgiveness. As much as I was happy to see her being apologetic, what made me feel a lot better was that even though Akhtar might’ve forgiven her for her disloyalty towards him, he chose not to forgive her for what she did to Zoya & I feel this is exactly what she deserved. At least, she tried to compensate & cut down the burden she had by giving Zoya a free hand at shaping up her life whichever way she wanted & that was something good to see.

I found it appeasing that each & every member of Zoya’s family treated her with love, care, attention & most importantly restored their faith in her because this is exactly what she wanted after going through such a rough phase in her life. I have always liked Zoya’s character because, like I used to say, I found her logical & this trait of hers was absolutely admirable, so for that, I was glad to see her moving on pretty quickly because even though she tried really hard, she couldn’t bring herself to form a connection with Adnan, so it was imperative that it didn’t take her very long to rekindle the feelings for Junaid that she had been trying to prevent from surfacing.

Even though we didn’t get to see Sana a lot in this drama, I found her character good too. She was dignified enough to walk away from something that she knew wasn’t meant to be for her, but just as much as a high opinion I have of her, I wish I could say that about Junaid too because what he did was very disappointing. I really didn’t like Junaid’s approach in this whole scenario because even if I forgive him for using Sana as a stepping stone, what I won’t forgive him for, is the inconsideration he showed by asking Sana to back out from this wedding all by herself? If he would’ve been a gentleman, instead of asking Sana to do the honors, he would’ve taken the responsibility & should have apologized for being unfaithful to her because he couldn’t bring himself to love her. Sana not only helped him in getting back on track with his career, she actually invested a lot of money in him, but Junaid didn’t have the decency to at least be courteous towards her & just because he was so immune of being at the receiving end, he once again expected her to take the bullet & let the whole world know that she was the one who didn’t want to get married to Junaid.

The ending scenes were done nicely for sure, but as much as my eyesight helped me, I could clearly see the difference between the personalities of Zoya & Sana, so how was it possible that being just a couple of meters away, Junaid couldn’t reckon that it wasn’t Sana who was sitting on the bed? Anyways, Zoya & Junaid got back together & happy times are rolling in, finally!

I really feel that the team of Khuda Dekh Raha Hai partially redeemed itself by giving us a better ending, but I still wouldn’t forget mentioning that if they had cut down on the negativity by say at least 50%, this would’ve been a much better drama & I would’ve recommended it to a lot of people. I feel Khuda Dekh Raha Hai had a great & rocking start, but the whole divorce drama really sucked the positivity out of it that even if I try to remember it in good words, it won’t be possible. I really believe when the writers know that they would literally have to destroy the story & also the characters to reach to the 20 episode mark, I think they should back out & shouldn’t follow the demand of the channel to drag a drama. I can’t begin to imagine how good this drama would’ve been if it had 16 episodes because then they wouldn’t have only achieved their purpose, they would’ve made the viewers happy too.

All the actors enacted their characters aptly. It was good to see Agha Ali playing a decent role after a long, long time & he seemed pretty comfortable in Junaid’s role, so he should pay heed to it & opt for more such easy going characters in the future too. It’s a no secret that Sajjal Ali can convey the emotions very strongly, but I feel she should stop opting such heavy roles & should try out something different, something lively, where she is not someone’s wife & she doesn’t end up being a divorcee. As much as I liked Zoya’s character & as much as I would give Sajjal Ali the credit for acting it properly, I still would say that I do not condone the chumminess & the unreasonable contact with her co-stars that she tends to agree to in every other drama just because it happens to be the demand of the script. I really feel, she has lost a way & she needs guidance. My sincere advice to Sajjal Ali is that she should definitely do some self-policing before accepting such bold scripts left, right & center because she has proved herself as an actor, it’s a high time she gives us something good & decent to remember her by.

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