Khudgarz Episode 13 & 14 Review – Brilliantly Executed!

Ohkay so, another week, another very interesting & convincing episode of Khudgarz. The reason why I loved watching this episode was the fact that the writer didn’t leave any loose ends because just when I would think something wasn’t taken care of, the writer made sure that wasn’t the case.

Aairah was suffering. The girl who believed in herself was now doubting everything around her. It was suffocating to see everything going wrong for Aairah where Hassan was winning against her & Aairah being someone who keeps everything to herself was keeping every little detail bottled up. Aairah thought resorting to sleeping pills would be fine but sharing everything with someone wasn’t. Unfortunately, Aairah was left alone, she didn’t have her father, she didn’t have Junaid, no one that would at least listen to her & assure her that they believed in her.

Munawwar made some declarations the moment Junaid came back & even though Junaid decieded to do what Munawwar asked him to, like attending the meetings & fulfilling his duties, he didn’t believe a single word that was spoken against Aairah. For the first time, Junaid gave Munawwar a reality check that no matter what, he can’t deny the fact that Hassan can go to any extreme to prove himself right.

To be honest, just when I was getting ticked off by Salma’s helplessness, the writer surprised me pleasantly by showing that Salma decided to stand up for the right too, despite not having much authority. I love the direction & the scriptwriting of Khudgarz for the fact that the viewers are given a little backstory, just when needed. Munawwar never really treated Salma as his wife & he always made sure to let her know that he was only fulfilling his responsibility, due to which in the very early stages of her marital life, she got to know that she will never be allowed to have a voice or any authority. I liked the fact that the writer showed no matter how much mistreatment a woman puts up with, when it comes to her children, she does what it takes to protect them. Junaid got to hear the truth from Salma & because she knew that both Aairah & Junaid were wronged, she not only sympathized with them but decided to support them as well. I loved it when Salma told Junaid to go to Aairah without paying heed to anything else because she will now take care of everything. It was nice to see that no matter how little she could do, she decided to retaliate to show Munawwar that she won’t keep quiet & won’t put up with his attitude!

I really don’t know what to say about Inayat. Even though I had an idea that he will lose his child but still seeing it happen was heart wrenching. It was sad that in the middle of all this, Inayat was a victim as well where Hassan framed him & used him in such a way that he couldn’t say no as he wanted to provide the best of everything to his wife & child. Sadly, Inayat ended up paying a huge price & what’s worse is that he was at the verge of telling everything to Salma but Hassan stepped in!

Abeer provided Aairah with the support that she needed in such a dark phase of her life. Abeer was doing exactly what Aairah did for her & it was nice to see Abeer being by her side. For obvious reasons, Abeer grew suspicious & felt that Aairah was keeping things to herself. Just when I wondered when will Abeer find out about Aairah’s relation with Hassan, that aspect was taken care of as well. Who would know Hassan better than Abeer? She knew that he was the reason why Aairah was suffering so much & decided to let Aairah know that she knows about Hassan now!

To be honest, seeing Junaid getting stuck in one situation after another was hard for me to digest initially. Also, I was unhappy with the fact that both Aairah & Junaid lost contact with each other whereas they always used to stay in touch through the phone so not sure why their timing wasn’t matching or why they were hesitant in calling when they needed each other the most. Even though Hassan kept telling lies but both Junaid & Aairah chose not to believe him despite having some doubts because they knew what Hassan was capable of. I literally sighed with relief when Junaid finally came to meet Aairah & that’s when I realized how amazingly this drama has been directed & how amazingly all the charcters have been written because while watching this episode, I was feeling uneasy seeing Aairah & Junaid struggling & when they both met each other, I felt happy. This shows how convincingly this script has been executed because of which I as a viewer have formed a connection with the characters & seeing them suffer was making me feel suffocated as well!

It is sad that Inayat paid a price for what he did but I so want Munawwar & then Hassan to be facing the consequences too. Even though Munawwar got a little warning from his employees about Hassan & his activities but still that cold hearted fellow chose to doubt & question Junaid, more like trying to turn him into a culprit while being totally aware that his son wasn’t a saint as well!

Hassan thought he scored a win against Aairah & Junaid. All the reasons he gave showed how sickly twisted he is; full of complexes & jealousy. I am sure he won’t be able to get away with everything so easily but since he has Munawwar’s blind support with him, he feels powerful at the moment!

Overall, this episode was phenomenal like all the previous episodes of Khudgarz. Yasir Nawaz surely has outdone himself & I am impressed with his precise approach towards a script like this where he knows how he has to execute certain things & most importantly when & because of that reason, everything is making such an impact, which is amazing. All the actors; Mansha Pasha, Amina Sheikh, Sami Khan & Syed Jibran have outdone themselves. Also, because Salma chose to speak up, I will say Shaheen Khan did a good job too. Please share your thoughts about this amazing episode of Khudgarz.

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