Khudgarz Episode 5 & 6 Review – Very Interesting & Convincing!

Ohkay so, the first 4 episodes of Khudgarz were interesting because the subject & the characters were getting introduced but these two episodes were of some other level & it is safe to say that this drama has now kickstarted. From direction to acting to dialogues & the way the scenarios were unfolded, every single thing was spot on & very very convincing & now I can’t wait to see what the team of Khudgarz has in store for the viewers!

Aairah & Junaid had a similar approach towards their relationship & because they both knew that there was no way out, the best they could do to make things work was to become each other friends as they could see that it would make things less awkward for both of them. Aairah’s opinion about not opting for divorce was convincing, it was like she knew that both Aairah & Junaid got married to save the family from becoming a laughing stock & now if she would go for divorce, it would defy the purpose for which they got married in the first place.

The way Aairah tried to bring Junaid out of depression & forced him to overcome his guilt was beautiful. She was trying to be his friend in true sense by understanding how hard things were on him, especially when she could see that Junaid kept his emotions & feelings bottled up & had no one to confide in. Junaid also opened up in front of Aairah as she gave him that comfort zone. At least after facing insults from Hassan, Aairah & Junaid knew that they both had each other by their side, as friends & as two people who were in the same boat!

After Aairah & Junaid’s bonding, the best thing that happened in this episode was Abeer’s desicion of seeking help from Aairah. The way Aairah instilled the confidence in her & the changes Abeer brought in herself & her approach were brilliant. I must say, I don’t remember any such drama in which depression was portrayed & dealt with so convincingly. It was absolutely perfect how it was shown that Abeer excelled at what she did in her professional life but when it came to her personal life, her past experiences shaped her character & those dark times had such a long lasting effect on her that she couldn’t deal with those emotions & ended up facing depression. Abeer’s track has to be the most interesting part of this drama because it touches such a sensitive subject in such a convincing manner. Abeer couldn’t be with her mother because her mom chose not to believe her & now when she once again she needed her support, she knew that her mother won’t be there for her.

Aairah tried to introduce Abeer to the idea of self-love, something that she had forgotten after being betrayed by her step father & by being mistreated by Hassan. Aairah was right in telling her that she needs to step back & take a good look at Hassan because at the moment she was unable to see his mistakes. Raheel’s supportive words also gave Abeer a chance to analyze that she was worth something as well & she was not supposed to act like Hassan’s doormat.

Aairah was deeply affected by Abeer’s story that is why she was introspecting but Junaid served as a good distraction. It was actually quite nice to see both Aairah & Junaid standing upto Hassan for each other & this is what touched Aairah the most because of which she for the first time felt the strength that this relationship carries & the special bond that a husband & wife share!

The emotional transition that Abeer had was so good to see. The way she distanced herself from Hassan actually showed that she was paying heed to whatever Aairah was telling her. A jog in the park & then watching TV peacefully showed that Abeer was now learning to live her life on her own & she was also learning that she didn’t need such a selfish man like Hassan to make her happy.

In the previous review I did say that I feel Hassan gets away with everything because of his parents & their leniency & what happened in this episode proved me right. Just because Hassan shed a few tears in front of his father, he started second guessing himself & felt that he must have wrong his biological son. Hassan has a victim mentality & he loves playing the victim that is why he makes sure to put this to his advantage & it works. It was so bizarre that Hassan’s father got Aairah & Junaid married to save family’s reputation & now he was thinking about their divorce only to please Hassan? He should’ve known better. After this, I totally believe that Hassan is not responsible for the way he is because it’s his parents & their failed parenting which led him to become someone who has anger issues & someone who wants things to go his way, always!

I must say, in the beginning I did think that the story of this drama will revolve around Hassan but seeing how every other character came to the forefront & has so much to offer definitely changed my mind. The focus on Abeer & her depression, Aairah & Junaid’s bonding & Aairah’s roleplay in helping emotionally weak people like Junaid & Abeer make this drama quite interesting & well thought out!

Hassan gets away with everything because the people he is related to, be it his parents or Abeer, allow him to do what he deems fit, that is why Aairah tried to make Abeer understand that no one will ever mistreat her if she wouldn’t allow that to happen. Just because no one has ever dared to confront Hassan, he feels he can treat people the way he likes & because he knows that there are certain people who love him & don’t want to hurt him, he exploits them to his advantage only to make himself feel better & make himself feel that he is worth something, because till date he hasn’t been able to cope up with the rejection he faced!

Overall, this episode was very engaging & very very interesting. The preview of the next episode already has me guessing because I so don’t want to see anything happening to Abeer. Raheel’s character is nice too because he empowers Abeer is subtle ways which she has now started noticing. Amina Sheikh takes the crown this week for such perfect acting. Mansha Pasha has outdone herself as well, she really has given Abeer’s character a perfect treatment. Sami Khan & Syed Jibran have nailed their characters as well. Yasir Nawaz surely knows how to get the best acting out of all these actors, that is why everyone seems to be doing such a perfect job. The direction of this drama is phenomenal too, it just keeps you engaged & doesn’t let your mind get distracted even for a second. Definitely looking forward to the next set of episodes. Please share your thoughts about these episodes of Khudgarz.

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