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Kisay Chahoon – Episodes 13 & 14

Right. So as if Mehru zeroing in on Ameer was not enough, now her father has chimed in too. I did not like how Mehru used Ameer as a pawn in her game against her father. I know we are beginning to get a bit annoyed by Ameer’s bechargi but that is how he is and obviously it seems he is going to snap out of it at some point but it did not happen in these two episodes.

I was willing to give Jabbar (Mehru’s father) the benefit of the doubt, thinking although the measures he took seemed a bit extreme and harsh, yet he had Mehru’s best interests at heart. His anger upon hearing Mehru has started to work was uncalled for. Even if I were to let that pass thinking he was upset because it was something that was not the norm in their family I could not excuse how he behaved with Maryam. Insisting that she leave her studies and get married otherwise move out was very unreasonable. Now whether he truly believes that is the best for her or he was doing another ‘Mehru’ on her I am not sure but Maryam called his bluff and packed her suitcase and moved into Mehru’s house. Can I just say here that I do not get how quickly women do their packing in dramas? There is always an empty suitcase available and everything packed, suitcase zipped within minutes whereas whenever we travel I have to hunt and empty out suitcases, then prepare lists upon lists with the mother of all lists pinned to the front door so I do not miss out anything!!! Ugggh!
Anyways, Ameer takes the verbal bashing Jabbar gives him and does not utter a word to Mehru. Although I did not like how Mehru used him to get back at her father and how she quizzed him but later when Maryam tells her exactly what their father said, her surprise made me believe that she did not mean for Ameer to be called all the names her father called him, rather she just wanted to hear how riled he was upon her news.
Her job turned out to be a nightmare. I am no perfect judge of character but that boss of hers really did seem sleazy daikhnay he say! I will just call him her boss and not bother looking up his name as I do not think he makes an appearance again. For all his 6 foot-ness, I found it hilarious that one dhakka from Mehru was all it took for him to fall to the floor and later he also got quite a beating from an outraged Ameer! I love how Ameer suddenly flares up when anyone says or does anything to Mehru like those guys in the street in the previous episode and now her boss.
My heart went out to Ameer when he tells Maryam that Mehru mujhay pasand nahin karti because he is not as smart as the shehr guys. Okay, even in my adoration of Ameer I will admit he is not dashing but – Hamza?! I could not believe my ears when Maryam said that. I wanted to plop down at their table and say nahin nahin, Hamza jaisa bilkul nahin!! But then, that ‘smartness’ is what Mehru was apparently in love with wasn’t she? Go figure.
Ah. Hamza. Rather Hamza ka pait and his appetite. Shakra in all her blustering announced that she would make all his favorite dishes within an hour and I am sorry to digress here but my mind started to drift – what can you make within an hour that would be classified as a delicious favorite dish. I doubt Hamza was a mac n cheese addict. But Mareena’s cooking scene did not need me to ponder over that for long. That chicken which was marinated with only dahi, zeera powder, ginger and garlic looked very unappetizing but hey, it would cook under an hour in the oven! Waisay for someone who looks hunted and keeps making it a point that each minute of his time is accounted for, I found it quite silly of Hamza to have left his phone in another room while Mareena was calling him at his mother’s house.
I will not comment on Mareena and Hamza’s scenes. Same old, same old. Except it appears they are bringing a poor baby into their mad mix. All that hue and cry over the baby announcement made me think of only one thing – birth control maybe and Mareena could have spared everyone the drama? Hamza seems to be concentrating on ‘reforming’ and daddying Mareena yet – will he be able to manage two children? Hmm.


It seemed like Mehru was beginning to melt when she smiles when Ameer beats up her boss. I am so glad we were spared any nastiness actually happening in her office for it would have truly spoilt the drama for me.

While Mareena and Hamza’s track seems to continue on its chaotic tone, I wonder if Maryam moving in to Mehru’s house will help Mehru discover any feelings she may have for Ameer? I have to say I am quite impressed by how natural Pari Hashmi’s acting is. Sonia and Ali Abbas were amazing as always except when her boss locks the room door I expected Sonia to do her asthma type acting but the expression on her face seemed a bit uncharacteristic pf her to me. Also, is it me (and I am no maulvi, really!) but don’t Noor Hasan and Iqra’s scenes seem a bit too close for comfort? I just find the scenes where they are sitting and talking and the focus is on their faces a bit awkward. The promo for next week suggests that Mareena takes measures to be rid of her baby whereas nothing seems to be changing on the Mehru-Ameer front. I do not expect Mehru to fall into Ameer’s arms next week but it would be nice to see a few more scenes showing how her feelings are changing for him rather than the same old attitude she has towards him.

Oh and what was with the weird ‘ha ha ha ha’ and ‘hay hay hay’ music that played when Hamza’s mother asks him if he is happy and when Ameer gets told off? The sort of music that plays in those bad shaadi videos when they show scores of close ups of the bride from different angles? Has it been played in the earlier episodes? I only just noticed it in the 13th episode. Strange. Anyways, what did you all think of these episodes? Would love to hear your thoughts.

I would just like to mention here that this is the last of my weekly reviews on Kisay Chahoon and the other dramas I was reviewing – Judai, Mera Yaar Miladay and Bhai. I am finding it a bit difficult to manage my time writing along with managing home, the kids etc. I really enjoyed writing the reviews though and am truly grateful for all the lovely comments of appreciation I received on them. So, thank you all and take care hainji!


Kunwal Javid

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