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Aabro – Episode 14!

Haye tauba! Itna emotional episode. :/ I controlled a lot but the last scene where Afsheen slept without drinking milk & Ali & Aabro fed each other did the trick & it got too overwhelming for me that I cried! :/ I seriously now feel for Aabro & Ali because I think they really have apologized enough, they have suffered enough & they have redeemed themselves by accepting everything that their family members threw at them because they both were genuinely apologetic & wanted to make things right.

I now think the time has come when Zubaida should experience something totally miserable in her life to understand how unfair she has been. Yes, she is mad at Ali & Aabro & yes, she had the right to let them know but to ignore an infant & treat her as if she doesn’t exist is totally wrong. I really think they have taken it a bit too far because both Zafar & Zubaida are shown as moderately religious people who had certain limitations that they always believed in, so I feel really disgusted to see them turning a blind eye towards Afsheen to this extent where they don’t even have an idea that she cries because of hunger pangs!!! I somehow don’t really like the continuous reminders of how Zafar & Zubaida are ‘namazi’ because in a very negative light it makes us question the fact that how come religious people like them can be so cruel & inhumane that they can’t bring themselves to forgive their own child? Yes, they can always draw a line & keep him at a distance but to deliberately torture & taunt Ali & his wife doesn’t really go in harmony with the fact that Zubaida & Zafar are God-fearing people? I don’t know why but I have always observed this trend in our dramas where they make sure to show those characters in a negative light who have something to do with the religion & even in Aabro, I feel the ‘focus’ on namaz is unnecessary because the namazis themselves are acting like hooligans!!!

I seriously lol’ed in disgust when I saw Fauzia thoosofying fruits in her mouth while sitting on a ‘bed’. I think the award for the most laziest character ever in the history of Pakistani drama goes to Fauzia. Like ye bed pe bethne ke liye paida hui hai? Or else, sirf aur sirf ‘bethne’ ke liye paida hui hai? She was seen sitting on her bed ample of times, then she was seen sitting on a sofa, then on a chair while dinning & then at the backseat of Abid’s car. I seriously think she should get her spine checked. Anyways, I really thought that after all this while, she will start feeling a thing or two for Aabro but to see her agreeing to her mother’s negative thoughts was distasteful. Fauzia can see to which extent Aabro gets ill-treated by both Zubaida & Tayyaba (naam to dekho harkaton se totally opposite wala) yet she thinks Aabro deserves this? I expected that may be after a little while Fauzia will also grow a little sympathetic towards Aabro but nope, she chooses to stay comfy in the vicinity of her bed & does not think about displaying a little bit of humanity when needed!!!

Aabro doesn’t only work throughout the day for herself & her family but she is taking care of all the household chores allotted by Ali’s family to her too. Aabro thinks this could serve as her redemption & she will be forgiven but no, she really has thought too high of Ali’s parents to be expecting forgiveness from them because they both are unreasonable, inhumane & dheet. They as parents have seen their son suffering enough but they have grown a thick skin where nothing that Ali & Aabro would do will change the way they feel for them, which is disgusting.

I felt sad seeing Sakina being insulted so badly. Zubaida doesn’t really treat Aabro as her family member so she shouldn’t have concerned herself with the guest who came to meet Aabro. The way Zafar encouraged Zubaida & patted on her back for insulting Sakina was disgusting too. Yes, I have used the word ‘disgusting’ enough already but I can’t explain how disgusted I feel after this episode. Sakina really is doing so much to provide some sort of support to her daughter but now Ali’s mother wouldn’t even allow that. It was quite amusing that she had kept quite an eye on the things Aabro & Ali had while completely ignoring the fact that it was Sakina who helped them & it wasn’t Ali who arranged the stuff for Aabro. It was so funny that 4 months passed but neither did Zafar’s shalwar kameez change, nor did Fauzia’s orange suit, Zubaida’s white suit & Tayyaba’s tortoise suit change too. Also, I really thought that Tayyaba’s character will be subtracted but looks like she still has some eye-brow raises & taunts left to offer.

I really think both Aabro & Ali have redeemed themselves by accepting their fate & also accepting the fact that they hurt their parents & that is why things are being hard on them. It is good to see them growing conscious of their past mistakes & trying to rectify the situation but I still feel they have done enough & it’s time for them to have some relief. I also felt a lot for Aabro when she saw how Fauzia was being treated like a royalty. It was good that Aabro wasn’t jealous or anything but she only compared her condition with Fauzia’s & felt sad that she didn’t get the attention that Fauzia was getting, which was something natural. I really really like how Ali & Aabro are both sticking together in these tough circumstances. Aabro understands what Ali is going through & so does Ali understand what Aabro has to put up with all day long. I really think this aspect of the drama is really nice that both Ali & Aabro are sticking with their decision & are growing more & more considerate towards each other as their patience is being tested. Somehow, they both are a perfect match because no one else would’ve lasted the pressure the way they both did by supporting each other. I am glad that even though this drama is just a guilty pleasure & not the sort that will leave an impact but they have showed something that we never get to see in our dramas & that is that a couple is not thinking about escaping from the tough circumstances but are staying by each other’s side & fighting whatever comes their way in a hope that they will find a way out of this havoc. This is exactly the sort of solutions we need to see in our dramas where dusri shadi or extra marital affairs is not on the characters’ mind & they are just trying to fight their own battles like a team. That’s the only good thing about this drama!

The preview didn’t suggest that things will get better for Ali & Aabro but I really hope that Ali gets a decent job, at least decent enough to afford a flat for his family so they move out from this hell-hole ASAP. I must say Farah Shah has nailed Zubaida’s character, I love her expressions & the way she acts. I had a good laugh when she goes like ‘tumse to mujhe yehi umeed thi Abid, then roles her eyes & sarcastically asks Ali, aur tum kya do ge?’. LOL! She really is a phenomenal actor & I think it’s only because of her acting that Zubaida’s character can be tolerated on-screen. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aabro!

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

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