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Tere Mere Beech – Episode 17!

Ohkay so, this was another filler episode of Tere Mere Beech. I guess 16-18 episodes were enough for this drama & to see them reaching the 17 episodes with so many fillers in between is no fun but I am sure the team has to touch the 20 episode mark & what for, the selfish reasons are best known to them. The story has nothing left to offer now because all we see is a shattered girl who is dealing with so many psychological pressures but there is no solution or way out that’s being shown & I seriously think they should wrap this drama up because it is now getting impossible for me to keep my interest alive in this show!!!

All this while, I thought Zahida’s character was useless but she proved me wrong today. She, her scenes & her caterwauling came in quite handy because it reduced the show time of the episode for me & I succeeded in covering the 40 minute episode in just about 20 minutes because I wasn’t interested in her mourning & nor was I looking forward to getting my ear drums damaged because of her screams, so yeah, she wasn’t so useless after all. I must say I hate this trio of Zahida, Nadia & Sadia to the core, not because they are useless but because they are so involved in the self-righteousness that they really know how to make it all about themselves. When Hareem was with them, all they did was treat her like a stranger & someone who was a reason behind all their problems but now when Hareem vanished, Sadia & Nadia realized that she was their ‘sister’ because of which they were crying buckets for her. Sadia all of a sudden felt that she should’ve stayed back with Hareem whereas she couldn’t wait to go to Nadia’s place to get rid of her. Then comes Zahida, who pretty much followed the footsteps of Nighat because when Hareem was with her, she couldn’t stand her & held her responsible for all the mishaps, she pampered Sadia more & now when she was separated from her, she remembered how much she loved her? These three ladies don’t really make much sense & honestly speaking, I was happy that Hareem was out of their lives but I am sooo disappointed to see that Hareem will be reunited with them in the next episode probably!

The only good thing about this entire drama is the character of Hareem & the transition she is going through. I can’t help feel for her so much because she has lead such a disturbed life & now when she was crying in regret & was hurt because she was blaming herself for Nighat’s death, I couldn’t help but curse Nighat even more because she failed as a mother when she lived & has only become a dark memory even after she has died too. Look what Nighat has done to this poor girl where she only gave birth to Hareem to use her as a punching bag & as someone who had to take all the responsibility for Nighat’s bad & selfish parenting. Nighat never really made any effort to do Hareem’s upbringing & every single time she only taunted, cursed & abused Hareem mentally. I feel for Hareem so much because now when her mother had died due to her own burdened soul, she thinks she is responsible for her death, which is so unfair & so overbearing for such a young girl!

I liked how Hareem took her time in trusting Shela completely. She kept on fabricating one lie after another but she really had to give in & the credit goes to Shela for being so patient & understanding towards Hareem. Isn’t it amazing that a complete stranger sensed that something was definitely wrong & Hareem was overburdened but her own family members never really gave a thought about it & used her as a punching bag. I really think Shela shouldn’t let Hareem leave so early because she has just started working on her & I am sure if Hareem will live with her, she will become a better person & she will become emotionally & mentally stronger too.

The preview of the next episode didn’t really entice me. I am not looking forward to this forced reunion which wouldn’t do any good to Hareem. At least Shela & Nasreen’s presence in Hareem’s life & their guidance was much needed & was a perfect breather but I’d be disappointed if Hareem goes back to that psycho-ward so soon. Looks like Fahad is going to come back too & I hope now Hareem relies more on Shela to bring peace & harmony in her marital life. I am sure Shela will guide her properly! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Tere Mere Beech.

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Zahra Mirza.

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