Kisay Chahoon – Episodes 17 and 18

Hmm, I am not so sure I like the way the story is progressing and the track it seems to have moved on to now. I think the whole reason I found Kisay Chahoon so charming was that besides Ameer’s delightful character it was not a ‘heavy’ watch. Nobody was dying, no saas bahu plotting, doosri biwi, the works. And keeping faith in that, I am hoping that what Hamza and Mehru are up to is nipped right in the bud – like right now.

Mareena survives her suicide attempt and emerges as crazy as ever. I should not even be making fun of her anymore as it appears she really does need medical help. Hamza has managed to convince his father in law that Mareena should seek professional help. I have to say I really do not believe there was even an iota of concern for Mareena in Hamza’s desperation for her father to help her. I believe he just wants to be rid of her now. When Mareena is leaving for the US and asks Hamza if he will miss her and he says of course, it made me laugh and say ‘jhootay, dil mein laddu phoot rahay hain’.

For all her craziness, Mareena is not naïve. The cells in her brain that are devoted to Hamza (which would probably be about 98 percent – 2 per cent I would say are devoted to making sure those horrendous clogs are always by her side wherever she is) are always in overdrive. She only agreed finally to accompany her father when he assured her Hamza would be ‘watched’ 24/7. And her parting words to Hamza were priceless because now if he threatens to leave her she will not only kill herself (yawn) but get this – Hamza ko bhi maar day gee. Ha!


Enough of Marina. The main development in these two episodes – Mehru meeting Hamza. I do not understand why Hamza asked to meet her. I do not understand why Mehru agreed to meet him. I do not understand why they actually went ahead and met each other. And I am glad I do not understand. I am all for ‘dil knows no logic’ and all that but not when both Mehru and Hamza are married and meeting without telling anyone else and when they have that much history between them.

I found all of Hamza’s conversations with Mehru annoying and lame. Mujhay achay dost ki zaroorat hai. I need a friend. All I want from you is friendship. Or wait, did it not used to be ‘fraaaandship’. This guy is worse than a teenager with his perpetually inclined head and now this ‘fraandship’ line that probably even teenagers of today do not use anymore! It is so clear that trying to be ‘friends’ with Mehru will lead to nothing but disaster. Who is he kidding? On a lighter note, when he said to Mehru that Mareena has made his life hell I did say not true, I think uss nay Hamza ki zindagi rangon se bhar di hai….kahan woh oversized plaid shirts when he was a tutor and kahan yeh silky colourful shirts which automatically blend with his surroundings! I know I know, I have also become very impressed (not!) by Hamza’s amazing dress sense.


And Mehru. She knows she is playing with fire too. She told Hamza that now they have no relation between them, not even that of friends or cousins but when Maryam confronts her she says he is still her friend and cousin and there is no harm in meeting him. I felt so awful that Ameer had to find Hamza in his home and hear what Mehru said about how her father has agreed to budge from his stance but not before ‘ruining’ one daughter’s life. He must have started to think before this moment – as did I – that Mehru had made peace with her circumstances and was not unhappy. I was quite disappointed by his reaction though. In any other drama, the guy in Ameer’s place would have thrown a fit and I get Ameer is different but sometimes I think this ‘sharaafat ussay lay doobay gee’. Mehru will announce I am leaving you for Hamza and he will say theek hai Mehru ji bas aap khush rahain, talaak ji mein nay daini hai ya aap nay?’ Uff!!

The preview for next week shows that Ameer has gone to visit his mother and Hamza and Mehru are having an argument in her house. So here is what I think could happen next:

a. Hamza and Mehru will keep meeting and Hamza’s mother will have a public showdown in front of both their families and Hamza being the spineless brat that he is will leave Mehru to fend for herself where Ameer will step up and emerge the hero in Mehru’s eyes.

b. Marina will ‘trick’ the Amreeki doctors into thinking she is fine and come back and discover Hamza is meeting Mehru and kill him and herself.

c. Ameer will see Mehru and Hamza meeting and when he asks her about it she will announce she is leaving him.

d. Hamza and Mehru. Ameer and Maryam. Ameer and Mareena. Hain?

Sigh, the possibilities are endless. I hope the next few episodes are not devoted to Hamza-Mehru meetings and that the story moves forward and things begin to wrap up now. I have also had more than enough of Mareena’s Hamza obsessed scenes and am getting a bit sick of them. I feel Ali Abbas has done an amazing job portraying Ameer’s character and I truly hope we are not meant to feel bad for Hamza being ‘trapped’ with Mareena because I find nothing good at all about his character. And this trying to reappear in Mehru’s life and insisting it is only friendship he seeks when his dialogues suggest much more makes me dislike him even more!

I repeat myself when I say I wish Mehru to end up with Ameer and that is solely for Ameer’s sake. Can I just mention here that in one of the episodes this week and then last week – the director managed to throw in one scene which had me grinning like a fool. I loved Ameer’s expression when Mehru asks him to take her to ‘samander kay kinaray’. Why oh why can she not just focus on Ameer and forget that wretched Hamza?


What did you think of these episodes? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Kunwal Javid



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