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Kisay Chahoon – Episodes 25 & 26

Aap mujhay jaan se bhi maar dain gay na tab bhi nahin choron gi aap ko – epic! I have watched lots of dramas over the years but this has to be one of the best dialogues as far as believability and dialogue truly matching the character goes. Because I do believe, even if Hamza killed Mareena – she still would not leave him and would find a way to haunt him – oops, lurrve him and be around him! Ha!

So, Ameer our miskeen majnu is moping around at his mother’s house, waiting for what – Mehru to sign the divorce paper? Ameer’s ‘bechargi’ is beginning to annoy me – correction, it had begun to annoy me a few episodes ago and is just getting worse. We felt for him when he married Mehru and she was nasty to him and when she asks for the divorce but really hanging around with a long face is worrying his mother now too and he should probably try to begin to come to terms with the end of his marriage – or whatever it was he and Mehru had.

It appears that Hamza’s mother Shakra went to bed one night and had a soul/heart swap and woke the next morning a different person. Her change of heart is brought upon by the guilt that Hamza has suffered enough, physically and mentally and ‘deserves’ Mehru now. Mehru’s mother although a bit taken aback at first, seems to agree that this is the best thing for Mehru now and has suddenly grown a backbone and takes a stand against her husband, insisting that this is in the best interest for Mehru and that is that.

Mehru. Mehru needs to stop talking to her mother. Her sister. Definitely Hamza. I would say her father, but they rarely talked. And Ameer has switched off his phone so she can not talk to him either. She needs to connect with her own head and decide Hamza? Ameer? None of the above. And spit it out. Convincingly! Why was she meeting Hamza then? To ask him why his mother spoke to her mother about their rishta. Then why not ring him? Surely she could ask him that over the phone. Yes, I am beginning to believe she may not feel for Hamza now but then why this constant need to meet and talk to him to show people that oh look I meet him, you can talk about us all you like but in my heart I know I have no feelings for him and that’s all that matters, so there! Sounds weird, doesn’t it? I think so too!


Hamza apparently is quite clear that it is Mehru he wants and he wants nothing to do with Mareena anymore. Mareena however seems to have also undergone the same spiritual transformation that Shakra went through. She has not turned over a new leaf entirely, the way Shakra has not either – half baked spiritual transformation if there ever was one – but she has started to do more than scream, yell and flounce. I did find her sitting on the ground outside Hamza’s house such a silly scene though. Hamza however minces no words nor actions in showing Mareena he wants her out of his room, his house, his life.

I do believe parents want what is best for their children. I am a parent myself and sometimes a child can not see yet what an adult can sense is in best interests of the child. But when your grown adult son or daughter is so very clearly miserable over a decision you find appropriate – surely emotional blackmail and force is not the way forward? Mehru’s father did not like Hamza and he forced Mehru into marrying Ameer. Now, Ameer who is so clearly in love with Mehru is being emotionally blackmailed by his mother to remarry – and that too Mehru’s sister! When their father was strict about Maryam not continuing her studies, she did not cave in and was more firm than Mehru by taking a stand and moving out to Mehru’s house. Surely he can not believe he can coerce her into this marriage? He does say he does not believe in imposing the decision on Ameer and Maryam but I do not see any of them jumping at the opportunity. Except – next week’s preview suggests Maryam has a very different reaction to what we would have expected. I can not help but wonder though if she is calling Mehru’s bluff to see how she reacts. Either way – I find the whole Ameer-Maryam rishta to be in poor taste.

I am past caring about Hamza and Mareena now. Despite all her psychiatrist appointments and moving into Hamza’s house I would find it hard to believe that Mareena would find peace in her new home and life.

I understand a drama needs to be stretched into 20 some episodes to make it a drama for the story is quite simple and if they were to race through it then we would not have a drama! But still – I feel it should be wrapped up now and hope the drama ends next week. Ameer, Mehru, Hamza, Mareena – are all beginning to annoy me now and need to sort out their lives asap!

Are you all finding the recent episodes as interesting as the drama initially was or thinking it is time for it to wrap up now? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Kunwal Javid

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