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Opening Thoughts – Clichéd:

Ohkay so, this episode of Koi Chand Rakh was just alright but I couldn’t help rolling my eyes on the clichés that it promoted but there was a positive approach towards the birth of a baby girl which was nice to see!

Baby Girl Gets A Warm Welcome:

Rabail had a girl & Nishal was over the moon as she thinks she’ll reign supreme after giving birth to a baby boy. I didn’t know that apart from doing nothing & just makeup, Nishal’s real business was that of fortune telling because she is so sure that she will have a baby boy, wow! I don’t really understand Nafeesa & her expressions though, I just don’t want to use that word but she always makes me feel she is c*********d. Nafeesa’s reaction was weird just like her, she seemed alright while telling Umair about Ujala’s birth but she also seemed preoccupied with some thoughts, I am sure she too must be wondering about the day when Nishal will have a baby boy & Nafeesa will become more arrogant!

Zain’s reaction when he found out that Rabail had a girl was sickening. He was obviously confused at first but he did seem frustrated that a girl was born. Zain did however feel for Rabail but then Nishal’s brain feeding just didn’t let him forget about the promise that he had made to her as well as Rabail therefore he thought it was again the right moment to let Rabail know that she can choose to leave whenever she wanted to.

I was pleasantly surprised with Gulshan’s attitude towards Rabail & Ujala. I actually thought she’d be disappointed to know that a baby girl was born but she seemed happy & decided to keep them both in her home with her. Sobi as well as Zia were happy too but yes, their romance on the side was cringe++, but it was nice to see them doing everything to make Rabail feel valued & loved. Umair also came to see Ujala but Rabail like always felt it was necessary to insult him. Rabail herself just can not put Umair’s feelings for her aside that is why she always judges him even when his intentions are only to make her happy. Did Rabail actually think that Zain would’ve never gotten married to Nishal if he hadn’t found out about the one-sided love Umair had for her? At this point of the drama I can not believe how dumb Rabail is & because of that I can not take her seriously too! Zain clearly told Rabail that he was in love with Nishal right from the beginning but Rabail thought to treat Umair as a punching bag because he is a soft target for her. It seems Rabail knows she can not show attitude to anyone else so she treats Umair like he is some doormat & now she was again blaming him for what Zain did to her! RIP Brains!

To be honest, for how long our drama writers will continue to give such clichéd solutions to mental health issues? If someone is mentally unwell, our writers show that the entire family suggests they should get him/her married. Similarly, in Koi Chand Rakh, I actually thought the writer took a step in the right direction by showing that Nishal went to see a psychiatrist & she was ready to seek medical assistance for her issues but the doctor sahab had no other ilaaj for her other than having a child? Seriously, how does this logic work? Depression can be cured with a child? Nishal is a depressed person who has no control over her emotions & the doctor wants her to have a baby that will demand every ounce of mental, physical & emotional support from Nishal who is not even in a state to take care of herself first!?!?! The diagnosis was right but the solution was ridiculous! Well, it seems even Zain feels trapped & burdened but then he signed up for it so it serves him right!

Closing Thoughts – Truckload of Makeup:

This episode of Koi Chand Rakh was alright but overall this drama is a flop. I think after this project the entire cast should really take a step back & think about the direction they want to give to their acting career because working in dramas like these is not going to get them anywhere. Imran Abbas & Ayeza Khan especially need to think thrice before signing dramas like Koi Chand Rakh – however these work well for likes of Areeba Habib. Also, whoever has done her makeup should throw their entire makeup kit away because she not only looks green but also that purple/pink eyeshadow on the entire undereye makes it look like she has some sort of disease. Extremely bad makeup job. Also yes, in the hospital scene Imran Abbas’s highlighter was on-fleek (ahem ahem) & Ayeza Khan looked rosier than ever after going through such an intense phase such as labour, how unrealistic. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Koi Chand Rakh.

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