Koi Chand Rakh Episode 24 Story Review – Surprisingly Good Episode

Opening Thoughts – Better Than Previous Episodes:

Ohkay so, surprisingly even though I have no reason to feel this way but I found this episode of Koi Chand Rakh a lot better than the previous episodes & even I am confused as to why am I feeling this way! May be because there was not much rona dhona & also because now they showed how Zain & Nishal had their set of problems too, which was low-key satisfying to see.

Some Progress In Every Track:

Rabail finally learned to move on & not only that, she has a support of her mother in law as well who loves her & respects her too. Gulshan has definitely surprised me & it is good to see a mother in law who can hold her son responsible for everything wrong that he has done. For Zain to not see or meet Ujala actually is unacceptable behaviour but he is too busy pleasing the twisted love of his life that he ain’t got time for his daughter but then I am sure Ujala is better off without having a father like Zain in her life!

Where the rest of the characters made sense in this episode, including Nishal, Zain seemed out of order. At first he decided to go to the party thrown in Ujala’s honor & the moment he entered, he stared advocating the rights of Nishal & started whining about how he couldn’t stand Rabail? Matlab itni ziyada foundation to aisay lagai thi Zain Abbu ne jaisay Ujala ke saath khushi mai 50 selfies leni hon but when he arrived, he immediately started acting like a party pooper! Also, what was so new that he couldn’t speak about with Gulshan over the phone that he had to come all the way to tell her that he was upset at his mother for bringing Rabail back in this house? Zain’s character is poorly written & his sudden behavioural flips make it hard to take him seriously, also the bucket-load of foundation doesn’t help his case either!

Zain took a stand for his psychotic wife Nishal & decided to estrange his entire family for her. Chalo, at least I thought it was good to see him being firmly decisive about something but after the scene of coming back from a holiday with empty suitcases, Zain’s attitude flipped suddenly once again, leaving me confused about his actual intentions. Nishal only said she wanted to visit a doctor but Zain rolled his eyes & gave her a piece of his mind, matlab all this right after they came back from a holiday & did Nishaal suggest that they returned after 11 months?

Rabail moved on & she seemed pretty content with how things were unfolding. It was good that Rabail finally let go of the grudge she had against Umair because he got a chance to explain himself. Also, I must say even though Zia & Sobi are used as fillers in this drama but they are like those fillers that go wrong & botch up the entire face. Matlab becharay dono hi completely useless hain!

Closing Thoughts – Full of Surprises:

Like I said, I don’t have any special reason to feel this way but I still found this episode interesting after weeks of tuning to Koi Chand Rakh but then I also don’t have much nice things to say about it – bohat nazuk surat e haal hai. Even though they haven’t shown a proper solution to Nishal’s problems but the conversation has been happening in the right context where Zain tried to make her realize that most of her issues are self-created & based on the hatred & negativity she has garnered in her heart for everyone. The acting of every actor was pretty good in this episode & even the direction was better too. This episode surely was full of surprises. Random but funny, I couldn’t stop noticing how different & darker everyone’s hands looked as compared to their faces…the amount of whitewashing in Koi Chand Rakh is too high. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Koi Chand Rakh.

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