Koi Chand Rakh Episode 25 Story Review – Bunch of Bipolars

Opening Thoughts – Inka Sabun Slow Hai Kya?

Ohkay so, this episode of Koi Chand Rakh seriously had me thinking ke in characters ka sabun slow hai kya? Why are all of them finding out the details & truth now after so much time has passed? Rabail just found out that it wasn’t Umair who showed his letters to Zain & Zain just found out that Nishal exagerrated everything. When Umair found out that Zain & Nishal were about to get married, why didn’t he immediately contact Zain to tell him the truth then & there?

Bunch of Bipolars:

Zain’s reactions to that letter has to be the most OTT thing of this drama, yes OTT-er than the makeup of all these actors combined. After Zain was done reading the letter, he immediately started loathing Nishal which had me thinking seriously if Zain was bipolar or his mother dropped him knocking his head on the floor when he was young because of which he was unable to pull his act together? What & why was Zain hating Nishal for? Zain started behaving as if Nishal hadn’t maligned his heart against Rabail, he would be leading a happily married life with her. How conveniently Zain was putting an entire blame on Nishal while completely forgetting that he was the one who was going all utawla in Nishal’s pyaar as well so he cheated on Rabail with his eyes wide open. He can not & should not blame Nishal for being a bad husband to Rabail. Yes, Zain did not find the happiness that he thought he would after getting married to Nishal but he better not use what she did in the past as an excuse to escape & find a way out of this marriage. It was ridiculous seeing how easily Zain forgot that he was an equal culprit too!

Another bipolar who made an appearance in this episode was Nafeesa who was blaming Nishal once again & started showing signs of sympathy towards Rabail. Did Nafeesa also forget that she facilitated this behaviour of Nishal & encouraged her to do what it takes to make Zain hers? Flawed & unbalanced characters & situations like these make the actual culprit look innocent & the rest like the actual culprits who do not own their mistakes & try to bail out scot-free as if they never once did something wrong. Also, how is it possible that none of them say final greetings before hanging up the phone? Nishal said she wanted a baby after hearing that Nafeesa put the phone down & so did Nishal? Allah Hafiz nahi kehna ata?

Everytime I hear Rabail, I am amusingly reminded of the bizarre face Zain made while dissing her philosophical conversations & dialogues. I get it, Rabail is intelligent & serious but why is she such a bore? Why can’t she reply to a simple question simply & not make it sound like kisi Urdu nazm ki tashreeh? Her philosophical dialogues forced me to turn to my phone because that was far more interesting than bland Rabail’s heavy falsafa. It is good that she has this confidence in herself that she can lead her life without the support of a man like Zain but so much falsafa bhai! Also, why didn’t anyone of them change clothes? Rabail went to do grocery, met Zain, came back, took Gulshan to the hospital, came back & the day was still bright & they all were in the same clothes. Did they suggest that so much happened the same day?

Zain decided to apologize to Rabail. I mean if it wasn’t for Umair’s letter, Zain would have never admitted his mistakes & now because he got a validation from another guy about Rabail’s piety, he decided to give her a status of his wife again? How shallow & selfish I must say. Good that Rabail didn’t budge but I am sure she won’t be able to stay firm because after a couple of praise-y words from Zain, Rabail was interested to hear more that is why she was like Aur? Duh!

Closing Thoughts – Imran Abbas Can Do So Much Better:

I have said this before but I will reiterate that whosoever is the makeup artist should be fired for life. What he did with Asma Abbas to make her look unwell is unforgiveable. Also, not to forget the fluctuating intensity of her dark circles that vanished one moment & the next moment struck like a storm around her eyes? Imran Abbas looked ghostly in some scenes & Ayeza Khan looked invisible due to the amount of Ivory paint stick that was painted all over her face. I think the editors love the OST way too much that is why they make sure to slow down the entire scene to let Rahat Fateh Ali Khan complete his stenza over & over again. It seriously gets on my nerves & I am not a big fan of the OSTs sung by RFAK anyways because when repeated they tend to become annoying & that is happening with Koi Chand Rakh’s over-used OST as well. Anyways, as someone who has spoken to Imran Abbas through her reviews during Khuda Aur Mohabbat & Yaar e Bewafa days, as someone who genuinely & truly respects Imran Abbas as an actor & as someone who sees him as this big star of our industry, after watching him in this episode, I am forced to genuinely ask…Imran Abbas ye appne kya kiya? Uf! He deserves to act in bigger better dramas, this doesn’t match his calibre honestly. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Koi Chand Rakh.

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