Koi Chand Rakh Episode 27 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Bad Direction:

Ohkay so, with this episode of Koi Chand Rakh, the story got wrapped up a bit & the base for finale was set. Honestly speaking, while watching this episode tonight, I actually wondered that may be the story of the novel on which Koi Chand Rakh is based on wasn’t that bad, what made it a bad drama actually was the execution, direction & the acting of some of the actors. The director is the captain of a ship & Koi Chand Rakh drowned solely because of the director & that is why we get to experience so many glitches in every other episode!

Zain Ain’t Getting His Apology Accepted:

Zain was apologetic & he continued being apologetic throughout the episode. Zain had made up his mind that he wants to reconcile & patch things up with Rabail but now Rabail is past that stage where she could even think of giving Zain a chance. Even though I am not as keen on Rabail’s character but I totally support her decision of not giving Zain another chance just because he is sorry. Zain can not have things his way, he can not get the best of both worlds where when he wanted to, he left without any explanation & now again when he wants, he is pushing his way back in Rabail’s life. It is good to see Rabail standing her ground. It shows that when a loyal person like Rabail is betrayed & tossed away, the damage is irreparable & that is why despite all the pressures from Zain as well as Sobi, Rabail is not ready to give Zain another chance!

Nishal lost her child because she tried to commit suicide. It is unfortunate that Zain’s love has driven Nishal crazy to a point where she is now harming herself. Everything aside, be it Zain’s guilt or regret or the suffocation he feels while being with Nishal, I just don’t get how come Zain is steering clear from the responsibility he has towards her? Zain wants to make things work with Rabail, that’s fine but he should realize that he can not just completely ignore Nishal especially when she is in such a mental state. It was rich seeing Zain blaming Nishal just so easily whereas whatever Nishal has done or has been doing now is only because of Zain & the love she has for him. Zain is regretful, that’s fine but he can not only hold Nishal accountable for whatever wrong decisions he has made in his life because he was not a toddler to begin with!

Closing Thoughts – Jaan Jaye Par Makeup Na Jaye:

Overall, the direction of this episode was again quite bad. Also, it seemed that no one in this team grasped the concept of continuity – change in the length of shirts, change in the patterns of shirts, changes of hairstyles & stuff like that showcased poor continuity & lack of attention to detail. It shows that by now the director as well as the actors had pretty much lost the interest in this drama & they wanted to finish it off quickly, that is why they were just pushing through. It was funny that Nishal sneaked out of the hospital room & when she reached her house, that is when Nafeesa woke up which almost looked like she was sleep-walking. What a mindful parent I must say. I think it is actually very cute endearing of a fact that the actor playing the role of Nafeesa is so bad at acting, I am being honest, I find it cute. Anyways, it is amusing how Asad & Nafeesa have nothing else to talk about than just comparing Nishal & Rabail. Makeup as usual was hideous. I must say I also want to meet one such doctor in my life who looks so rosy, pink & glamorous. The doctor who came to give Nishal a reality check was just as made up as Rabail. I guess it runs in the hospital. Also, I want to see one such person suffering from depression that has her nails painted red & eyes painted shimmery pink. Amazing. Chalo, I guess if not for anything else, the team of Koi Chand Rakh should be applauded for paying so much attention to at least one thing i-e makeup. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Koi Chand Rakh.

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