Koi Chand Rakh Episode 3 Review – Definitely Improving!

Ohkay so, this episode of Koi Chand Rakh was interesting & I felt like that more after I saw the ending of this & the preview of the next episode. I am glad that from coming across as what seemed like an unconvincing misunderstanding, the writer took a turn & opened up the reality on the characters.

Nishaal spoke to Rabail about Umair & Rabail knew what she had to do in order to convince Umair to go abroad & pursue his education. Rabail knows Umair in & out, so it is very much understandable that Umair sees a life-partner in Rabail for himself because they both have this level of understanding. Also, Rabail knows Umair more than he knows himself, so it is justified that a guy like Umair wants to settle down with a girl like Rabail who he knows will always guide & understand him. Rabail told Umair that she will wait for him so he should leave & do what his parents expect from him. It was sweet that only this much of assurance was enough for Umair & he agreed to leave with this satisfaction in his heart that Rabail was going to be there for him when he will come back. To be honest, even though it is too early to predict anything & it is pretty much a done deal that Zain will fall for Rabail eventually after their marriage, I wouldn’t mind seeing Rabail ending up with Umair, but let’s see how things roll!

Zain on the other hand was pretty excited that Rabail (Nishal) accepted his proposal. Their interactions were interesting & it was amusing to see how Zain kept on pestering Nishal. Zain obviously thought that Nishal was his wife-to-be while she still being unaware of the fact that Zain is the one who has sent proposal for her, that is why he enjoyed following her around whereas for Nishal, he was just an annoying guy who was bothering her. I will say, their interactions were interesting & a breeze to watch solely because of Imran Abbas, he made Zain look pretty charming plus effortless acting made it all look real but I can’t say that about the girl playing the role of Nishal. Her acting was hard to watch & it seemed too forced & effortful. It looked like she concentrated more on keeping her curls & white-washed foundation intact because in all honesty there was nothing attractive about her, neither her personality nor her acting. Also, I wish she had worked hard & harder on her dialogue delivery because that’s another story!

Well, Zain’s family already started making assumptions about Rabail & started questioning the approach of her family towards such a sensitive matter like their marriage & its preparations. Rabail didn’t come to the forefront therefore Nishal had to take the responsibility. Well, Umair was enough of a reason for Rabail to say yes to this proposal but after she heard everything Nishal said to her mother, it definitely convinced Rabail to quietly accept this proposal & walk out of their lives respectfully.

Zain’s persistence definitely impressed Nishal & not openly though, she most certainly started taking him seriously because obviously, Zain did everything he could to draw her attention towards him. Zain thought he had gone to the right place to meet his wife-to-be & Nishal thought he surely was serious about her that he just so casually came to her place to meet her parents but then both Zain & Nishal had to come to senses because he found out who Rabail actually was & Nishal found out that Zain’s the guy Rabail is going to get married to. I am glad they didn’t just drag this misunderstanding too much & got over with it quickly in order to move the story forward.

Overall, this episode was definitely better than the initial 2 episodes & I certainly had a good time watching it. Also, decent direction definitely plays a part in making this drama worth tuning to. I am glad Imran Abbas got a chance to perform & there were more of his scenes. Muneeb Butt has succeeded in making Umair look very innocent & cute. Ayeza Khan as Rabail is convincing too. I wish someone else had played the role of Nishal, at least someone who could act confidently. It looks like after Pukaar, Koi Chand Rakh also happens to be such a drama where the entire team was obsessed with very fair characters because even though a couple of actors are naturally very fair like Ayeza & Muneeb, the amount of white wash on everyone else’s face is unreslistically too much. Anyways, please share your thoughts.

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