Koi Chand Rakh Episode 4 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Koi Chand Rakh was strictly alright but then I am glad that they didn’t really drag Nishal-Zain track & got done with it in this episode. I used the word alright for this episode because as much as I wanted to, I didn’t see the depth in the situation which both Nishal & Zain were facing because I feel not enough time was given to establish their feelings to an extent that I as a viewer could feel the gravity of the situation!

Zain got to know who Rabail actually was & Nishaal also found out that Rabail was getting married to the guy she just fell in love it. Zain wanted to do something about it after he heard from Nishaal but then I really didn’t get how & when did Nishaal fall in love with Zain so much that she just couldn’t wait to get married to him? It seemed like she couldn’t accept the fact that the guy who was chasing her could belong to someone else so she just wanted him for the sake of it. Zain also solely held Nishaal responsible for the misunderstanding but then he himself didn’t do his part of research but yes, it can be given to him that Nishaal kept on fooling him & kept him under the impression that she was Dr. Rabail, so his reaction was somewhat justified!

To be honest, Zain’s excuse of not wanting to snatch away his family’s happiness would’ve seemed plausible if in the initial episodes they had shown him sharing a very very strong bond with his parents. Zain clearly told Nishaal that he didn’t want to disappoint his family because of her & all of a sudden I wondered when did this happen that Zain was ready to put his family above everyone else because I was under the impression that he had a strained relationship with his parents & he was someone who only believed in his having things his way no matter what. This is Zain’s marriage that we’re talking about & he chose not to do anything for the sake of his lady love? That’s quite unlike him!

To be honest, every time I hear Nishal label Rabail as an ordinary girl, I end up rolling my eyes. As far as I know, Rabail is polite, intelligent, considerate & educated enough to be a doctor & hmmm does anybody know what does Nishaal do apart from using foundation probably 5 shades lighter than her skin-tone & going around aimlessly using the same Dr. Rabail’s identity that she sees as an ordinary girl? Jokes apart, what does Nishaal actually do to think that she is better than Rabail in every aspect? In general also, I am not sure why did they cast Ayeza Khan for this role because it has been emphasized again & again by Zain’s mother, sister & even Nishaal that Rabail is an ordinary girl because in comparison to Nishaal the character as well as the actor, I find it totally unbelievable & unconvincing because for me Ayeza/Rabail are definitely heaps better!

Well, I feel bad for Umair. It is unfortunate that his parents especially his mother is so manipulative that she wants Rabail to take all the responsibility & lose respect that Umair has for her for the rest of their lives. Rabail surely is paying a huge price by first getting married only to step away from Umair’s family & life & secondly by shattering his trust to such an extent that he will hate her. Rabail has been someone whom Umair has always looked up to, he has always seen her worthy of his respect & has also loved her because he shares this level of understanding, so it will be hard to see him losing the direction after facing this heart-break & seeing Rabail as someone who played with his feelings!

The note at which this episode ended was interesting. Zain is sorted & after getting to know Nishaal clearly, he knows what he is doing is right. Obviously, this is Zain’s way of punishing Nishaal for fooling him & then insulting him but I am sure he will later realize that he made the right decision by getting married to Rabail. Anyways, all the actors did a great job but Imran Abbas was on another levelll! Too good!!! Looking forward to the next episode definitely because of him. Please share your thoughts!

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