Kun Faya Kun Episode 2 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – A Good Episode:

Ohkay so, this episode of Kun Faya Kun was good. The drama has started on a note where the family politics and family dynamics are being made obvious. Even though the first two episodes showed what we have seen before in quite a lot of dramas, the direction and acting of all the actors really are elevating the level of this drama.

Appa Jee Took A Stand:

Shama & Faseeha made sure to let Appa Jee know that she was being burdensome to her sons. I have said this before & I’d say this again, I am loving Appa Jee’s character & I am sure she is going to become the favourite grandparent of the Pakistani drama buffs in the near future. I actually thought that Appa Jee will take it all on her & she will keep things from Ubaid & Abbas but she really took me by surprise when she made it very obvious that it was Shama who insinuated all of this. I hooted for Appa Jee when she told Ubaid & Abbas everything but then it kind of broke my heart that despite knowing everything & wanting to do so much for Appa Jee, both Ubaid & Abbas were not in a position as their wives were a bit too controlling.

It was beautifully shown by the writer that Appa Jee did not even think for a second before coming to this decision & letting it all out because first & foremost she had this strong belief in Allah. Appa Jee could have ignored what Shama said if she had relied on her sons but Appa Jee made it very clear that she only believed in relying on Allah that is why it was very easy for her to let go of her sons. Even though Appa Jee tries really hard to instil this level of faith in Mashal too but by being a living example of it, she is teaching that to Mashal effortlessly!

I loved the way things unravelled in both the households where both Shama & Faseeha were shown their right place but fortunately for them, the fate is in their favor right now but karma will obviously get back to them. I kind of enjoyed that the scenes, especially of Shama’s household had that comic touch to them, like Shama overdoing it & then forgetting all about it & having food while chilling with her daughter. She really is mean & she is unapologetic about it. Faseeha is mean too but she is still subtle about it whereas Shama is all out & she is funny!

Hashir & Mashal are the only sane ones from the younger lot, even Armaan is too but the remaining three; Burhan, Areesha & Bisma are hopeless. Hashir & Mashal’s interaction was sweet. Appa Jee has a support system in the form of Hashir but again, she knows Faseeha is eventually going to make sure he stops helping Appa Jee out that is why, she wasn’t really keen on letting Hashir help her. Mashal & Appa Jee’s scenes were heart-touching & I am so glad we’re getting to hear some meaningful conversations in this drama where Appa Jee continues to guide Mashal & make her understand the importance of having strong faith in Allah.

Areesha & Bisma didn’t have much going on for them except to show how mean & shallow they both equally are. Burhan is no different too. To be honest, I know both these girls are just negative but their scenes had cringe written all over them. Also, I found it interesting how all these girls were reflecting the kind of influence they’ve had all their lives, Faseeha & Shama’s daughters being evil just like them but Mashal was clean-hearted like Appa Jee.

Closing Thoughts – Nargis Rasheed; The Star of This Episode:

Overall, this episode of Kun Faya Kun was quite engaging. I must say, the star of this episode definitely was Nargis Rasheed, I enjoyed her performance so much, she was phenomenal as Shama with every expression being so on-point. I really don’t say this in a negative way but if this is makeup & a deliberate effort of looking evil then Areej Mohyuddin has succeeded, like I could feel the negative vibes in her scenes, she has created that aura perfectly but I hope it is only projected for this drama. Zarnish Khan, I know is a very good actor but the amount of over-acting she has done is putting Sahir Lodhi to shame. I know Bisma is the ‘papa ki pari’ sort of a character & Zarnish Khan has given it the right kind of treatment as far as her styling is concerned but she actually could’ve refrained from the over-acting & it would’ve worked wonders. The amount of expressions she has given was actually making my eyes hurt, like it was hard to grasp all of that in a few second scenes. I hope her acting settles down in the future episodes. Imran Abbas did good but I want to see more of his character, I kind of giggled when he called Mashal his ‘chutki’ as we all know what’s in store for them. Alizeh Shah, though she might not be such an experienced actor but she is doing well as innocent Mashal. Nargis Rasheed was amazing in this episode & I know it sounds funny but I will be looking forward to her scenes in the episodes to come. I am glad they have not relied too much on background music, makes it easy to watch it without hurting your eardrums. The direction is great but I loved the aerial shots & different angles, camera work is brilliant. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Kun Faya Kun.

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  • Thanx zahra for nice review..episode was good..agreed nargis rasheed was star of episode..I enjoying a lot..Appa g character is so sweet..conversation of mashal and appa g reminded me alif Allah or insan.zarnish as bisma is good but yes,as you said overacting..