Lashkara Episode 10 & 11 Review – Phenomenal!

Ohkay so, these 2 episodes of Lashkara changed the course of the story convincingly. I am not sure how Lashkara is doing in terms of popularity or ratings because I don’t actually follow the related pages but I totally believe if there’s one drama that actually deserves appreciation as well as recognition, it is Lashkara, because it has all the elements that make it worth watching like good story, amazing characters, flawless acting & direction!

Well, Nikki played her part well & did everything that snatched away Bubbly’s happiness, peace of mind & most importantly her position in that house as well as her respect in Nasreen’s eyes. Sunny was just doing what he thought Bubbly was telling him to do. I seriously feel for Sunny a lot, he had already been in hot waters because of his love for Bubbly & once again he lost literally everything – from his pigeons that he was so passionate about to now his freedom which he is entitled to. Sunny was just being impulsive & he thought things through but all in wrong direction & it was sad seeing him & Bubbly falling prey to Nikki & ending up becoming her victims!

I really hope Nikki wasn’t in love with Sunny in the past & seeing his love for Bubbly, she developed this hatred for her? This could be a possibility behind this resentment that she has towards Bubbly but I am sure there’s more to it. I just got that feeling after seeing her overall behaviour with & towards Akram because it is very clear that she not only doesn’t respect him, she doesn’t love him either. It is too obvious that Akram is more like a burden to her & she just puts up with him unhappily, even though he does exactly what Nikki says to please her but still, she has not given him any status in her life which again brings me to my point that may be she was in love with someone who was in love with Bubbly? Or it could be just on the basis of jealousy? We’ll have to wait & watch.

Well, Sunny reached Bubbly’s house & she just didn’t know what she should do. It took literally 1 sight of Bubbly & Sunny together for Nasreen to believe that Bubbly was guilty of cheating on Feeka. I so wished & assumed that she’d give Bubbly a benefit of doubt but what she saw & heard clouded her judgment. It was sad that Bubbly could not prove her point & she could not really convince Nasreen that she had nothing to do with Sunny. Kulsoom did feel that Bubbly was in trouble but because Muneer thought she was just being paranoid, he brushed her concerns off. May be because Muneer underestimates Kulsoom or fails to see her as the sort of a mother who might be so instinctive, may be that is why he thought it was all in her head, but I liked that situation because no matter what happens or how happy & settled a child may seem, parents are always worried for them & it was depicted perfectly in these episodes.

Nasreen took away everything from Bubbly, she distanced herself from her but even she knew that Bubbly was Feeka’s weak point, she was his life, she meant everything to him & she was all that Feeka ever wanted, that is why she couldn’t do anything to Bubbly. I loved how it was elaborated that Bubbly lost all the confidence she had while Feeka was still fighting for her & taking stands for her. Bubbly despite having such a strong support of her husband couldn’t really take pride in it because she now felt like a culprit every time she faced Nasreen. I am glad that Bubbly chose to fight Nikki, even though she didn’t say anything to Nasreen, she just knew that Nikki was responsible for everything that happened & kept on reminding Nikki that she will face the consequences for all that she has done. Even though Nasreen left Bubbly because of Feeka, I so hope Feeka doesn’t doubt Bubbly ever because she won’t be able to handle it & most importantly how Feeka will react to it is another story!

I liked how in the middle of such a complicated situation, they gave us those cute Feeka Bubbly moments where they were just being newly weds, totally in love with each other. It was heart breaking to see that sadness & that fear in Bubbly’s eyes because she wanted to cry for help but was too scared to harm Feeka with the truth. It was phenomenally elaborated that Bubbly kept on sinking in depression because she now had to put up an act in front of Feeka that everything was alright but in reality it was not. Bubbly also had to live in fear that it would take only 1 statement from Nikki & it will ruin her life. I want to see how Bubbly will fight all this because I am sure she is capable of doing that!

I can’t wait for the upcoming episodes. Saba Hameed, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Imran Ashraf & Ushna Shah have made this drama what it is & Saba Faisal, Noor ul Hassan & the actors playing the roles of Nikki & Akram have supported them phenomenally as well. The way they have elaborated the emotions is beyond amazing because while watching them you actually understand what they are going through. Everyone associated with this team has done an amazing job. I will commend the writer & director for bringing in those fractions of reality on screen in such a convincing manner because if you actually take a general look at the overall story & setting of this drama, you do feel it is a bit far from reality which actually makes it a fantastic drama material. Lashkara is just amazing. Please share your thoughts!

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