Lashkara Episode 12 Review – Intense!

Ohkay so, this episode of Lashkara opened up a new chapter in Bubbly’s life which was based on emotional struggles & depression that she was going through. It was interesting to see how this subject not only got introduced but was tackled & elaborated.

Bubbly was still struggling to cope up with what just happened – everything that Sunny did & despite knowing that it was Nikki behind all this, she chose to stay quiet. Bubbly’s only concern is Feeka, she just doesn’t want to hurt him therefore she didn’t even bother explaining anything to Nasreen as well because she feared that she might not actually believe her. Bubbly who was flying high with all the love & support that she was getting was now finding herself falling deep in a bottomless pit & sadly, that gave an opening to something that she was unaware of – depression.

Bubbly struggled hard but what pushed her to the limit was a declaration from Nikki about Tipu who committed suicide because of her. I almost guessed it right in the previous review as it was obvious that Nikki had this grudge against Bubbly because of someone & that happened to be Tipu who lost his life. It is unfortunate that Nikki had to go through it but what’s worst is that just because of her hatred for Bubbly, she is choosing to ignore the fact that Feeka is madly in love with her & she means the world to him. Nikki lost Tipu & she has firsthand experienced what it does to you, so it is ridiculous of her to overlook that everything that she will do to Bubbly will affect Feeka the same way as well. Yes, Nikki wants Bubbly to feel the pain of losing someone but then why can’t she be considerate of Feeka?

It was obvious that even Nasreen knew Nikki was behind everything that happened, may be that’s why she politely requested her to leave Feeka & Bubbly alone. Nasreen also subtly touched upon the past telling Nikki to let it go but then, I guess she was going easy on Nikki as being a mother she knows how troubled her child is. Nikki herself confessed that she cut her wrist for Tipu so obviously Nasreen is smart enough to connect the dots. Nasreen is not openly telling Nikki off, neither she is giving Bubbly that satisfaction to think she is not guilty but I feel if there’s someone who can fix everything, it is Nasreen!

Feeka’s concerns for Bubbly were so nicely portrayed, he just couldn’t understand what went wrong for Bubbly to become like this as on his own, he was doing everything to please her but still it wasn’t enough. To be honest, it is beautiful how hopelessly in love Feeka is with Bubbly & it is nice to see their equation where Bubbly’s personality works in perfect harmony with Feeka’s simplicity & gullibility but it has its cons too because these traits of Feeka scare Bubbly as she knows that he won’t be able to grasp everything & he will not think rationally if he will find out what happened that night. It is nice to see Bubbly still smiling for Feeka & loving him for who he is but also, it turns out she is suffering because of him too as she knows that she won’t be able to make him understand everything!

Sunny was spot on, he did figure out that it was Nikki who did everything but then, who is going to believe him & even before that who is going to hear him out? Sunny lost all the chances he had to fix things & now he lost his freedom too. I so hope he finds a way out to do right by Bubbly because she needs it. Kulsoom & her assumptions are going to cost her a lot of shame later but then I liked how Saima was able to see through Bubbly’s act & she could feel that something was just not right. Obviously Saima couldn’t say much but because she has spent her entire life with Bubbly, she knows her too well. I just hope in the middle of all this, Bubbly finds some support, she gets encouragement to fight Nikki because she has to hold onto her love, her husband, so she better bounce back & do what needs to be done!

I love Lashkara for everything that it has offered till date – intense acting, meaningful dialogues, captivating scenarios, it is amazing how a drama that started on such a different note has taken such a turn. If we put it in simple words, Lashkara is showing us the hardships a girl faces in her husband’s home but then the treatment that has been given to this script makes it a unique drama. I am loving the acting of all the actors & I can not wait to see what’s in store for us. Please share your thoughts.

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